Hongkong land prices plummeted 70% per square meter of 10 thousand and 6 Beijing half of the six rin

According to media reports, from September last year, Hongkong, land prices have plunged 70%, only half of the level of Beijing’s real estate prices of the six ring of. There are rumors that Li Jiacheng’s net worth has evaporated more than 140 billion yuan.

2016 February 12th, Hongkong Land Administration issued a land auction notice shows that property prices have been passed down to the premium.

2 12, Hongkong lands announcement, after the Spring Festival with the first auction site in Tai Po District No. 221st residential area, the price of HK $2 billion 130 million sold to the China Overseas Land Investment Ltd, a subsidiary of the group, for a term of fifty years.

the land transfer area of 37696 square meters, the highest building floor area of 107100 square meters. According to the current exchange rate (1 Hong Kong dollars equal to $0.834), the floor price per square meter is 16 thousand and 600 yuan.

the auction block is located in the outskirts of Hongkong, downtown Tsim Sha Tsui straight-line distance is only about 15 kilometers, only about 17 kilometers from central. If you change to Beijing, about the equivalent of five rings and six rings. According to the Beijing Evening News reported on November 2015, Beijing six ring near the land auction, the floor price has been more than 30 thousand yuan, part has reached up to 40 thousand! In other words, about the same location of land prices, Hongkong less than half of Beijing.

2015 in the same year in September 2nd, in Tai Po No. 226th land auction, an area of about 17121 square meters, also designated for private residential use for 50 years, the lowest and the highest floor area of 36981 square meters and 61635 square meters respectively, the transaction price of HK $3 billion 30 million. Calculated in accordance with the maximum area, equivalent to 48 thousand and 870 yuan per square meter floor price.