Wine is a coup

it is well known that wine is made from natural fermented wine, which contains a large amount of grape juice. Wine not only beauty can also improve visceral function. With the growing popularity of wine for consumers, wine brands on the market are also more and more, how to identify the wine is also a coup, following with a small series to carefully understand:

1, red wine shake, take a bottle cap on the napkin, if the liquid has obvious water leakage, that red wine mixed with water. If the wine color distribution is uneven, there is sediment exudation, indicating that the wine against the pigment.

2, take a few drops of red wine on the paper, the alkaline water to the napkin. If the drops of red wine napkin discoloration, may be the true wine; conversely, some are fake.

3, take a small cup of red wine, look at the bright light, high quality wine will be clear and transparent and not muddy state

4, white wine should be slightly yellow with green or rod yellow, golden yellow, the overall ice crystal shiny. Where brown, indicating that the quality is poor.

5, red Wine should be red, purple or red pomegranate, overall ruddy crystal Shuo, crystal clear. Those who are dark brown, poor quality

6, a smell of Wine, Wine should have high quality grape fruit and fragrant bouquet. Fruit from the natural aroma of grapes, wine is brewed and stored after the formation of the aging time, the longer the wine, the longer the rich, mellow long

beauty is not only Wine zouqingfangyou gift, if you do not know how to distinguish between Wine is good or bad, it is easy to embarrassment, so choose a quality Wine brand is the key. The above wine differentiation techniques, understanding, I believe that consumers will no longer meet the purchase of poor quality wine.