Women’s clothing store in 2012 to make money

people say a women’s clothing store is a very profitable, because women earn money is the best, but with the arrival of 2012 people began confused, do not know the female clothing store is still popular.

a female clothing store advantage: today’s clothing consumption advocating personality, wear trend of leisure, diversification, personalization, " Hongkong " to " only this one " clothing, just seize the people " not with others with " vanity. Moreover, because you can travel on public expenses, the purchase of the fare is saved, so a lot of cost reduction, is a good business choice.

a female clothing store disadvantage: an obvious point, is the high cost of clothing, which had higher pricing, and love to buy clothing in the private shops, mostly holding cheap goods Amoy " " psychological, and market competition and because of the crazy price behavior that makes people see the same high priced clothing, will produce " spend so much money than to the mall to buy brand goods " psychology.



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