What type of hardware store business is good

do not look at the hardware store, if the operation of different products, different types of business, I am afraid there will be considerable difference. In our traditional ideas, the hardware category should be selling all kinds of hardware products, however, due to the vast hardware market is vast, so that the hardware store also has a lot of types. So, what type of hardware store business is good?

the first gold building materials stores, I will call it a century old shop".

stores in our daily walk during the visit, you will find some small hardware stores, stores the image that is very good, so a unique temperament. The door is a big brand door, and is the latest version of the VI identification system. The most distinctive is his post, you will find that there are many brands of posters in his bag for column: A brand stamped with the B brand, B brand stamped with the C brand, C brand is not smooth roll angle, the D brand has snapped up the paste.

in the shop to see this situation, you should take the initiative to go to the store to look at. You will find in the store, the store may not the most complete hardware category, but explosive goods major brands are essential, more features, hardware channels are generally existing materials lack or shortage, but in this shop, you will see all kinds of large brand promotion material in the scramble for position in the store, or the corner of the door, there may be no use of material in there.

stores in order to verify the true sale, you have to store again, standing in front of the store for 10-15 minutes, you will find the shop in the basic flow constantly, buy a tape, a switch, a good man to know, in this position, there is a store, which can solve the problem in our daily life.

in the end, you have to go to the store again, the boss rear end of such a sentence, that is, we call the "ultimate three questions," the first question: boss, how long did you open this store? Who are you?

you get the answer to such a shop no more than ten years, also in about five years. This is called by the time cost, settling down gold stores, business scope, knows there is such a store in this position, he became a real neighborhood community, it is also referred to as the "hundred years old".

second kinds of gold building materials stores, I call him "hydropower type" stores.

second compared with the first gold shop gold shop, store image significantly, in addition to door may be a brand door, basically no what brand posters, even if there is a.

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