Sichuan nternet plus community service upgrade successfully

lives in a Internet plus era, the Internet has been everywhere in our lives. In order to further adapt to the social development trend of the times, to further promote the development of economy, Sichuan has implemented the innovation of community service ", and successfully upgraded the" Internet plus community service".

2016 in May 8th, sponsored by the Sichuan provincial production service industry association, Chengdu Electronic Commerce Association, Sichuan province " in the community group, Henghua Sichuan Huaxin community business school hosted the Sichuan business community and the people’s livelihood service cloud platform providers and Sichuan province; Internet + community service " O2O platform launch ceremony "successfully held in Jintang County of Chengdu city.

from all over the country more than 500 industry professionals gathered in Chengdu to discuss the "community service" and "innovation model Internet plus community service" upgrade successfully.

the launching ceremony in Sichuan province "Internet plus community service O2O platform development, business model, market promotion and application development as the theme, greatly in response to the national advocacy of" public entrepreneurship, innovation "development strategy, according to the wisdom of the city construction, city informatization, benefit people’s livelihood project etc. focus.

according to reports, the platform has invested about 80000000 yuan, after more than 3 years of development, the integration of a number of industry product manufacturers and the community service, to build a living mall supply chain, improve the Internet plus community service and product information service "business model.

Contains the

of the platform business model: Community cloud housekeeper, community cloud providers, electricity providers and other community online and offline O2O integrated service platform, the platform of community products, community service, community insurance, community information in one, based on the expansion of community big data, the use of cloud computing as the technical support, the formation of a community physical stores with network (Internet business platform) plus derivative (mobile Internet business) a super platform for business.

with the needs of the community consumption huge big data and products to the market for the industry, to change the product data, through community life through physical stores to Huaxin products directly to the community in front of consumers, eliminating the intermediate circulation, produce cost controllable development, the realization of products from the shop to the intermediate links the business transformation of consumers, truly affordable price.

let the financial information products provider, health information service providers, tourism information service providers, service providers and other types of Commercial Union replacement in the cloud platform, DHC, barter, with the industry in the market, a service for service, the final consumers in any consumer segments are able to get one "for business" consumer value in return, the realization of "free recommendation

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