Shanxi young entrepreneurs to enter the maternal and child electricity supplier innovation financing

electricity supplier entrepreneurship has become an entrepreneurial youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial youth in Shanxi province began to enter the maternal and child electricity supplier, market demand, policy help with the efforts of entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs do not worry.

3 21, in the Yingze District of Taiyuan e-commerce industry park, the growth of Angel Network began to achieve within the central city of Taiyuan when the single day delivery. The site is the only one in Shanxi Province Maternal electricity supplier platform, and the company just through the circle of friends to achieve a new round of financing, this seemingly unrealistic financing channels, local business platform and a series of innovation and development, are in Shanxi province after the entrepreneurial team do.

By the end of

2014, Fan Wei engaged in media work in response to Premier Li Keqiang’s public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call to leave the business. He called on ten years of maternal stores from home partner Song Haiqiang, persuaded executives do Hao Yongjian university students in the province well-known food chains, for many years the fans brother Li Chunchun master computer technology, set up the foundation of the team.

for financing through the circle of friends, Fan Wei explained, "this is an extreme personal credit financing mode all overdraft, serious investment is different from the traditional. But in fact, the protection of investors is also very detailed." Fan Wei said that if the enterprise bankruptcy, this round investors all the stockholder "s rights, he will repay the debt for their future income, and the details of writing equity agreement, in order to reduce the risk of investment.

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