Underwear national day how to promote more effective

promotional activities are carried out, but perhaps because the wrong way, a lot of the store’s promotional effect is not good, not to mention the promotion to make money. So, if you want to make the store more effective promotion, naturally also need to take the right promotion. So, lingerie store how to promote national day will be more effective? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, shopping malls counters: shopping malls counters are generally some second-line brand underwear, this type of underwear has a great customer base, personally feel that this type of counter some flash sale is better, because there are a lot of customers during the mid autumn day will go to a shopping mall, which brings a flow of people to the mall, if the National Day underwear businesses engaged in the limited promotional activities, it is easy to let customers have a "the village is not the store" feeling, naturally he will buy.

2, brand stores: Generally speaking, most people can not afford this type of high consumption products, in view of this, the business can be launched consumer loyalty cards, discount and other techniques, some people because of the high price and considering whether to buy, if you play a number of discount, I believe many potential customers will be attracted. What discount is not as good as the discount, direct point, less money is the most real. You can also buy one to send one to buy the autumn section to send money in the summer, you can also return cash coupons, you can stimulate them to come back. You give the cash voucher in his hand, he will not be wasted, for you to retain this part of the customer

3, there is also a common method used by most businesses promotions, it is special. During the mid autumn day is in the underwear business to the new season. We can use the special offer to attract popularity, special offer underwear is summer, of course, can be appropriate to add some special offer this autumn, attract people to consume more of the new autumn.

throughout the October consumer spending is basically in the National Day period, if you do not grasp such a time, for the operation of the store will naturally have a very negative impact. Because, after the National Day holiday, because consumers psychological fatigue, there will be a downturn in sales period (about 15 days or so, so maintain) the owner should make full use of the National Day holiday sales, in order to peace for the rest of the 15 day low. So, if you are the owner of a lingerie store, you want to make a big profit during the national day, you need to do a good job in the promotion.

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