How large is the profit space of professional breeding people

to the summer, people are very fond of the crayfish listed, many businesses see this food so popular, it has produced the idea of breeding lobster, but it is not very clear how much profit farming. Today Xiaobian for everyone to answer.

this year raised a total of 140 Mu Gong master crayfish, the best time of day can receive 2000 pounds or so, the light one day’s income is ten thousand yuan. With the market enthusiasm for crayfish increased year by year, a lot of folks are like Gong master the scale of farming, increase, crayfish production has also been rapid increase with the increase of the yield, but did not affect the sales of crayfish sihao.

6 money is about 15 yuan per catty, and about $8 is to reach the acquisition price of $25. The price of more than 8 of the money is higher, is the so-called better quality, the higher the price.


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