How to open a restaurant to quickly profit

has been much of a concern for the franchisee of a good industry inseparable from the food and beverage industry, the market has a high demand for food, food and beverage industry has unlimited business opportunities. Many franchisees to see where the business opportunities, want to share a cup of soup. Open a restaurant to want to make a profit, you need to have a good business.

from the street for the city to the shopping center, from the city to the core business community business, catering industry and the business community has become a pair of twin brothers, the data show that the sky is now catering support community shops. However, many residents of the community also make eating miserable. Catering industry in the end how to build a harmonious community and the commercial development of Haikou, the public concern.   how to manage food and beverage shops in order to make the harmonious development of catering and community business? For this reporter interviewed the real estate industry and catering industry.

in addition to how to operate restaurants, the design space is not too small, otherwise it is not suitable for the catering industry is too small, operating businesses certainly can not achieve the discharge of oil, smoke, noise in the decoration effect. The bottom of the Bay generally only 12 square meters, is not conducive to the food and beverage, and independent business shop bays generally between 16-20 square meters, so it is suitable for dining.

the industry, do another mode is to build a street restaurant delicacy. Such as: Jinlong Road Food Street, the South China Sea Avenue food street, etc., this food will not be disturbing, but also the development of a certain scale. Haikou is now a lot of new projects in the community to spend a lot of money on commercial facilities. They do not only in the concept of independent business, and community pedestrian street, a street to delicacy, the concept of city pedestrian street added to the community, so as to avoid the influence of the residents before Deshang can also, forming characteristics, so that the residents in addition to simple shopping, in his spare time and a good place. In addition, community shops in the functional distribution, functional division is also important. To introduce the characteristics of food and beverage, the introduction of a large feature of the grade of food and beverage.


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