Shanghai to build entrepreneurs with teaching and E entrepreneurial camp

entrepreneurship education is the best way to improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs who can serve as a mentor to those who are successful entrepreneurs, therefore, Shanghai, Yangpu is committed to creating entrepreneurs to teach and IE entrepreneurial camp.

IE entrepreneurial camp is the people’s Government of Yangpu District, Tongji University, Shanghai Institute of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, Yangpu District science and Technology Commission, Tongji University jointly organized by the Communist Youth league. Each year, held three, each of the 50 teams, entrepreneurial camp will be oriented universities in Shanghai, the major parks, community comprehensive selection, the judges score the system, the winner can enter the camp.

entrepreneurship camp for a period of 2 months from the "basic knowledge training + business model training + financing combination mode. Entrepreneurship camp also attaches great importance to the government of Yangpu District and the Tongji University, Ding Huanhuan, vice mayor of Yangpu Party committee, the Yangpu focus on building the 4 business service system in the opening ceremony, is a talent introduction system, the two is the innovation incubation system, the three is the technology transfer system, the four is the intermediary service system, to create the best the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to speed up infrastructure construction, creating more space for innovation and entrepreneurship.

delta roadshow center will be held every 2 weeks during the project roadshow, every three months to start a period of entrepreneurship training camp, each month held two well-known entrepreneurs and industry leaders will share the theme of the salon, holds a ten Internet Entrepreneur Award, ten Internet entrepreneurs hold a cutting-edge, the Yangtze River Delta region innovation and entrepreneurship competition every year, the establishment of venture capital Chinese club, the establishment of innovation personnel training plan for college students to establish the Yangtze River Delta region, university scientific research achievement transformation platform.



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