What are the reasons for the failure of beauty salon partnership

with broad market space, you always choose to work for others, or their own career path, open their own different life? "Do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier," most technicians have a boss dream, the foundation is not thick enough? Choose a partner may be a good choice, but in fact because of failure of the venture partner Former friends become enemies with each other. case also see with partnership venture beyond count, what are the pit? What are the reasons for the failure of the beauty salon?

1, do not suffer from uneven

this is probably the first cause of the failure of the partner to open a beauty salon, when the store is not profitable, we unite, the situation is better than kim. And when the business is not easy some improvement, but it is facing the problem of cake distribution. Although the interests of the distribution agreement has been set in advance, but there are also a detailed agreement to consider the place.

"if the agreement is useful, why the court!"

2, you’re trying to make   he’s watching

many partners have been able to work together to open a beauty salon, in addition to funding reasons. More likely to appreciate each other’s ability to work. More shareholders through technology, customer resources and other intangible assets, but after the change of identity, the mentality is also likely to change.

"I am also a boss, this kind of work to others to do it!"

I have a

3, this shop all sorts of gossip Qi battle

beauty salons in the shop early, need not shareholders advice but serious all sorts of gossip, to go to work, go to. But there are some new shareholders took office, it would also like to shop staff operations, the exercise of a lower part of the legitimate rights and interests of the boss.

"I am also one of the owner of the shop, why don’t you listen to me?"

4, you hold on you   I am weak I slipped

opened a beauty salon as lead an army soldier to fight, the fear of God as opponents, afraid of backstabbing teammates, in fact, is the most stupid pig, and a knife to stab you teammate, can give you a fatal blow.

how to hurt the beauty salon is a fatal blow? Must be unilateral shareholder divestment undoubtedly. Most of the divestment of shareholders are selected in the case of poor corporate governance, this time regardless of the team, capital, morale needs support and confidence, and divestment, is undoubtedly a blow from top to bottom.


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