Training school decoration design first know

now open a training school, the profit space is very large, so many businesses want to start a small scale school, but in the decoration and equipment procurement, is not very good. Today Xiaobian here to give you a unified look, I hope all of you to help.

A, the overall layout of

campus point confirmation, design layout plan of campus mainly in four parts, front room, office area, Restroom. Design must take into account the maximum use of space, the rationality of the layout of each region, the advantages of lighting ventilation, fire control to be qualified.

two, front

a.  image wall design.

b.  front desk size (preferably in the table above 250CM, wide 60CM above, height of not more than 90CM) to be enough to receive 2-3 people, inside and outside the configuration of 3 chairs. (shape and color uniform design)

c.  to have 2-3 consulting room, each 4-5 square. Built in glass round table (size: diameter 70CM, high 80CM), chair 3-4 zhang. In order to make a better integration of the consulting room and the front desk, transparent, atmospheric, high-grade, selection of 12MM toughened glass.

d.  the rest of the waiting area (public reading area), according to a reception arrangement, the main configuration information (newspaper), a simple sofa bar (logo similar column and then paste the school custom bank or mobile Hall), water machine (to large capacity, or to supplement drinking water from time to time), trash. If enough space can also be equipped with 1-2 coffee table.

e.  bulletin board set the reception area and teaching area at the junction of the wall at the front desk, the general use of 160CM wide 100CM high school board, stuck to the latest information, course information, teacher introduction, monthly activity photos, children’s weekly star, hall of fame, in order to upgrade the list, list of various forms of competition the forum.


According to the size of the space

a.  classroom walls unified white (children’s teachers can be arranged some lively).

b.  classroom types are divided into:

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