How to charge customers for payment

credit can be said that any of the current shops will encounter problems, bill on out easily, sometimes it is not easy to want to get back. So, in the face of bad credit customers, how to call? As the retail customers often encounter such things, but it’s not your fault, don’t need to speak with humble customers, but also can never be unceremoniously, a face does not give, otherwise, he might be not your customer. With my years of experience, I will distinguish between different customers, take a different approach, a few years down the effect is not bad.

is a good face to remind customers with sms. The credit for customers, I will leave their mobile phone number. When he reaches a certain amount of credit payment, I will give the customer a reminder message, informing customers of credit amount, let the customer to check the accounts he owed if there is a problem. Its purpose is to tell him in here and should pay the bill. At the same time, send a sincere tone to tell them that I need to purchase the store, funding, etc.. This method is good for the face of customers, very useful. After texting can take the initiative to pay the store mostly in two to three days.

two is a clever use of the family to beg. For the regular credit for customers, I have done detailed investigation, to their parents, their children are familiar with. Therefore, when sent text messages to remind customers, they also completely indifferent, parents, children come to the store shopping, I will begin to talk about their loved ones debts things, usually parents or children will put them under the payment on.

three is stopped when dunning. From a moral point of view, owe other people’s money, the heart has apologized, should treat the shop owner concierge. But a lot of credit "Laolai" customers, some of you in the old head, some of you have a contemptuous disregard, make impertinent remarks, make people angry. For this type of "Laolai" customer, I’m just going to beg for. Dunning is not what, the most effective way is to have something to say, don’t say sorry, or roundabout.

don’t be afraid to lose customers because of dunning. Not afraid of Dunning cause customers quickly, or lose customers, will only make them insatiable, thus contributing to the bad habits. In fact, as long as the skills to use properly, can be regarded as the opportunity to communicate with customers. Of course, if the customer does not pay, then you have to resort to law, there is no regret to lose such a customer.

is actually a lot of time on our money, some people are very trustworthy, have money on hand right away, although some people have, but is actually more than one thing is forgotten, and some people are under the banner of "drag" plan, in the face of different people, we are going to collect when the nature will be different. Then, as the owner, to charge customers in these.

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