The new sales can invite customer taste

tobacco companies continue to launch new products, as a retail store owner, want to let new tobacco products better sales, also need to take certain strategy. Here, small advice, if you want to smoke to achieve better sales results, ask customers to taste, believe to be able to smoke sales is of great help.

whenever a new cigarette arrived, Xiao Song took the initiative to invite customers to taste, the taste at the same time, Xiao Song also prepared some small gifts, such as a lighter, a ballpoint pen and so on, to buy new cigarette customers, customers feel little Song Dafang, naturally feel shy to refuse his recommendation and passion.

song also made the purchase of integral card to encourage customers to buy new cigarettes, when the purchase reaches a certain amount of customers can exchange some small gifts. Xiao Song think this can be regarded as a small customer retention skills to be able to leave a good impression on the customer, turn back probability greatly improved.

during the Spring Festival this year, more people return home new year, Xiao Song enthusiastically please return home new year new cigarette suction character "Mount Huangshan (Hong Fangyin), a labor contractor tries to return home new year after absorption, that taste good, buy a 5" (red Mount Huangshan India)".

now many store owners are reluctant to enter the new, because that is very difficult to sell. However, if you can grasp the correct business strategy, the new can actually create better sales. Although the introduction here is very brief, but if you are a shopkeeper, do you know how to sell it?

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