The campus workers find business opportunities of giving up a good salary for their own business

today’s college students, the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship is getting higher and higher. The morning of October 13th last year, just out of the campus of the University on behalf of positive silver in his company, received several come to college students, to teach them the job skills.

in March this year, the silver generation is founded Wo silver business information consulting company, has developed more than and 380 employment customers, to help more than 2000 students to find part-time work.

campus work to find business opportunities

25 years old is born out of a silver farmer in Dianjiang county. Because the family economy is more difficult, in order to reduce the burden on the family, he was admitted to the Chongqing University City College of science and technology, from the beginning of the semester, in the spare time tutor. Later, on weekends and holidays, he also do part-time sales in an electronic company.

see such case, generation is silver think, if they can find a part-time job, can not survive? Then he had an idea: to establish a specialized for college students to provide part-time jobs, part-time staff recommended platform for enterprises.

slowly, generation is silver with a certain reputation, has more than 120 students to find a part-time job in his help.

to start their own business of giving up a good salary;

in March this year, think of life is made on behalf of silver and plan their own business. During the inspection, he found that many colleges and universities in Shapingba, college students do part-time employment services market prospects. Then, he hand in hand with 7 university students, funding more than 60 thousand yuan, in the office of the Three Gorges Square everlucky business information consulting company, to provide part-time job information for college students to carry out training, occupation planning, help them to increase the social practice experience, for the future into the community to lay a good foundation.

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