How to start a successful business recommend a few good books

many friends are thinking about how to start a business success? For this problem, Xiaobian want to say is that learning is the key to the success of your business, the acquisition of knowledge from the book is the fastest and most effective means! On the issue of how to succeed in business, the following four books are presented with a refreshing proposal.

author those entrepreneurs gather listens to their courses together, these entrepreneurs in accordance with the book blueprint for success and to build enterprise creed described in the book. How can you succeed? If you like, the following books that can help you improve your business can be called the "classic" of Entrepreneurship:

1. Hal · (Hal  Elrod); Elrod’s "magic morning: those who can change your life before 8 secret" (published in 2012) The  Miracle  Morning:The  Not-So-Obvious  Secret  Guaranteed  to& nbsp; Transform  Your  Life  Before  8AM  press the alarm clock every morning: those people the snooze button is announced to the whole universe, to live a good day, they would prefer to muddle along without any aim. Eldredge’s book will tell you how to start a new day, because the way people greet each new day is a way to show them the day, week, year, and lifetime.

2. Michael · Maher (Michael  Maher) the "exchange of 7 levels: the recommendation from the establishment linked to business" (published in 2010) The  7  Levels  of  Communication:  Go  From  Relationships  to& nbsp; Referrals: this book is how to build a sales staff by loyalty customers of the company business promotion network provides a blueprint. But this is not related to the use of a Neuro Linguistic Programming Approach to appeal to consumers or to elaborate on how to handle customer objections.

this book is how to establish contact with customers, then the relationship changes provide a blueprint for business. This book is a lively and interesting fable, it is based on the establishment of any business can work very valuable skills.

3. Jack · (Jack  Cotton) "selling luxury" (published in 2010) Selling  Luxur>

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