How to realize geological science and technology innovation in Henan mining industry

Since the reform and opening up, China’s coastal cities have been greatly developed, with the further deepening of the reform, the inland areas also ushered in the development of new opportunities for

. So, how to achieve the Henan mining technology innovation? In the future, the province’s geological prospecting, heavy metal pollution control and other mining problems, will be a powerful help of Chinese Academy of Sciences big name experts. September 13th, the Provincial Bureau of nonferrous metals geology and mineral resources and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology and mineral resources in Henan science and Technology Industrial Park (Baisha) signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

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, geochemistry is the study of geochemical composition, chemical and chemical evolution of the scientific exploration and development of mineral resources, geological environment protection and other mining work has important guiding significance. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will integrate the advantages of resources, build a geochemical application technology research center, heavy metal pollution remediation Research Center, the 12 major issues in 3 areas of resource environmental geochemistry and geochemical data, to carry out comprehensive cooperation, implementation of geological prospecting prediction, for the province to carry out deep mineralization, carry out remediation of heavy metal pollution governance, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization to provide academic support.

As one of the most valuable natural resources of our country,

mining actively uses the advantages of the local existence, vigorously develop its own strength, and strive to gain a foothold in the market. Wang Jianping, director of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Guangdong Province, said the Institute of Geochemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences is the most authoritative institution in the field of geochemistry. The land of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and cooperation, is an important measure to implement the spirit of our province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperation agreement, is conducive to promoting our province geological science and technology innovation, to carry out key technologies, a major common cultivation of high-level creative talent.

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