These occupations can be a monthly salary of over ten thousand

if you do not want to do business, a monthly salary of over a million is not an easy thing. People usually take the wages every month suspended in midair, too tight baba. In real life, Xiao Bian found that these occupations can do a monthly salary of over ten thousand.

1, Mason, a monthly income of fifteen thousand to twenty thousand! Don’t force, but the craft must be just


2, beautician, package room and board, professional stomach are not very good, sometimes want to cry pain.

3, project cost, an average of 30 years old, annual salary of 400 thousand.

4, courier, an average of about 12 hours a day, full year off.

5, 4 in the morning to 5 o’clock, Yuesao, baby’s diapers, busy until nine p.m. but also for pregnant women with meals.

6, corporate accounting supervisor, annual salary of about 360 thousand, the other 120 thousand for the post risk.

7, CRM consulting (software related), with SAP ERP consulting almost.

8, seafarers, a monthly salary of over 10000 (pre tax), but 12 months a year is not home for 9 months.

9, two or three line city physicians, monthly salary of 13 thousand. Bachelor degree, three years of work.

10, programmers, a good point of Android engineers can get a monthly salary of twenty thousand, but overtime too tired!

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