Three elements of the success of Chinese fast food restaurants

in today’s social life, full of Western fast food in the market, also has some China color of the Chinese fast-food restaurants also began to rise, business become more popular, in fact, a Chinese fast food shop need to pay attention to many factors of success.

Chinese according to the National Bureau of Statistics figures show that the Chinese fast food stores are currently at the annual growth rate of more than 20%, the fast food industry turnover has occupied the whole of the catering industry turnover 2/5. In China, in line with the Chinese people’s eating habits of Chinese fast food franchise is a huge development prospects, people who want to start the business quickly choose Chinese fast food franchise business.

product development strategy

one or two of these snacks are a combination of changes with a few dishes designed to set out to become a snack, customers love fast food. In addition, there are a lot of Home Dishes making Chinese dishes are also very simple, the pre processing of semi-finished products made in advance, can further shorten the cooking time, and other appropriate food combination, can be designed into a variety of packages.

Cooking packages such as the development of

chain operation strategyAn important difference between

in the formal chain and free chain and franchise chain in several ways, the franchise chain (also known as franchising contract) is most suitable for the fast food industry. In this way, leading enterprises (Headquarters) will develop products, services and other operating system (such as trademark, trade name and enterprise image, business technology) to business contracts awarded in the form of stores in the specified area of sale rights and management rights, standardization, guidance and supervision of the franchise in total shop under the unified business activities, and regularly to the franchisor to pay certain fees for the use of the right to operate (franchise fee).

promotion strategy

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