Jewelry tycoon Xie Ruilin is a how to make money

fashion charm jewelry can make women more distinctive in wear when you drive the progress and development of the jewelry market, jewelry industry competition situation is grim, but there are still a lot of investors to choose this industry, then, the jewelry industry which entrepreneurial inspiration? The following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the jewelry tycoon Xie Ruilin is how to make money?

difficult venture

23 years old that year, Xie Ruilin was appreciated by a boss, lend him 3000 yuan, he carried out the style of entrepreneurial gold trip. I have no money please master at that time, only to receive a disciple, he and I are in less than 100 square feet of room, daily work up to 16 hours. Years of industrious and frugal life, and in the design of product innovation, business began to prosper. In 1971, Xie Ruilin’s gold shop in the operation of the 12 years after the formal registration, and named after his own, thanks to the establishment of the limited liability company, Rui Lin jewelry. 1987, Xie Ruilin jewelry is listed on the stock exchange. With a more powerful source of capital, the size of the company in 1991 reached 1100 employees, and products are more distributed to China, the United States, Singapore and Thailand.

When I

when the size of the company is gradually on the right track, expanding the scope of business when Xie Ruilin wanted to step out of the jewelry industry, to enter the huge profits of the real estate industry. 1981 and 1982, Xie Ruilin jewelry business to earn money to buy large shops and property. At this point, but in Hongkong, China and Britain have been negotiating triggered confidence storm, real estate prices fell sharply, Xie recommended

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