How to do a good job opening jewelry store display

operating jewelry store, need to arrange the store’s products, the product display, is to show the product to consumers at a glance of the store, then open jewelry stores, how to do well the product display work? Quickly learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

1, classified display and quantitative display combination

jewelry although small, exquisite, but because the volume is too small, a single product in the store and will not attract the attention of consumers, this time you need to use the number to make up. A certain number of jewelry together, not only to attract consumers, but also produce a shocking effect. Imagine a bunch of crystal and a crystal, it is the latter can attract you. At the same time to quantify, businesses should pay attention to is that different types of jewelry separately placed, and then the overall quantization. Apart from the meaning of the display, in addition to the similar white diamond and color diamond and other products separately placed, but also different prices of products separately placed in favor of different needs and purchasing power of consumers into the store consumption.

2, will be equipped with different sets of products display

in terms of product display, jewelry and clothing similar to the different products can be set with the display. For example, headdress, earrings, necklaces, rings and so on, through the whole collocation display showing a three-dimensional display effect. This will not only be able to save consumers repeatedly selected time, but also for consumers will not be able to provide a reference to accelerate the pace of purchase.

3, according to the specific theme of the display

with respect to clothing, jewelry plays a more important role in the festival. So in different festivals, businesses can launch a different theme, supplemented by the corresponding match for product display. For example, when Christmas, you can display the product into the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other Christmas elements; Halloween, you can display the product into a variety of Halloween elements. This method can not only create a festive atmosphere, but also can attract the attention of consumers, play a role in sales promotion.

4, according to consumer psychology product display

every one of the jewelry store business should go to study the psychology of consumers. First, in terms of color, the majority of consumers in the purchase of jewelry, are very focused on the color of jewelry. So in the product display, different color products are reasonable collocation is very important. Warm and cool colors of jewelry can be divided into open, you can also put together, the ultimate goal is to attract consumers. Second is to pay attention to the consumer into the store after the habit of seeing things. According to the relevant statistics, the majority of consumers in the jewelry store, like to browse the jewelry from left to right, the ultimate goal

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