What are the opportunities for college entrance examination

once a year the college entrance examination has just ended, many candidates have undergone years of studying, can finally relax. In the past just the college entrance examination, and what kind of business opportunities? In other words, what are the opportunities for college entrance examination?

7, Beijing 61 thousand candidates went to the 96 test sites to participate in college entrance examination. Another year college entrance examination, candidates and parents have entered the sprint stage. College entrance examination of the economy of the war is also "fire", and to take pains, a comprehensive coverage of the candidates".

key words: college entrance examination room

in the vicinity of Hebei Shijiazhuang secondary schools hotels, hotels, hostels and hotels, compared with usual business does not appear too big wave motion, every three hours 50 yuan to 100 yuan an hour room, only some odd reservation, it is more standardized health services, Fasthotel and Traders Hotel is very popular, the hotel also students for the college entrance examination to add some "love" project.

is located in Ping’an North Street, Tianyuan Traders Hotel, due to a test center from the city more than 100 meters away from the distance, ready to meet the candidates early. Hotel specially set out a more quiet floor, a total of more than 20 college entrance examination between the standard room, the basic set of full. Hotel close to each room put two pots of green plants, also booked a brand of yogurt and chocolate, ready to give free candidates a surprise on the bed and decorative paper of "success" greetings. The kitchen add heat Quhuo recipe, nutritious breakfast is complimentary.

, we are adjusting listings, and then add some candidates to the street room, to meet the needs." 80 manager Liu said, he also experienced the college entrance examination, very understanding of the candidates and their parents and support, so during the college entrance examination does not adjust the high prices, with the usual day every 189 yuan, lived last year candidates can also enjoy the member price 149 yuan.

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near the Hotel California, there are more than 50 standard rooms, perform the usual price of 178 yuan / day, has been fully booked, Xu manager said as early as 20 days ago began to accept the examinee reservation, as of June 2nd, the last room was booked for candidates. In order to allow candidates to have a good rest and review, many families are booked two suites, a set of candidates, a set of parents."

He said the most candidates

reservation is the provincial capital of surrounding counties. "Shijiazhuang is not a tourist city, the usual business really, but when the college entrance examination, the arts, the civil service exam will be full. During the college entrance examination, we are also very nervous, early commissioning of air conditioning, television, Wifi, to ensure that during the college entrance examination ‘do not drop the chain’."

a candidate mother said that the home is too far away from the test center, spend hundreds of

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