nventory of the next ten years will be a hot career

with the change of the times, the economic and social needs of the upgrade, once the doctors, lawyers and other popular career has not been optimistic. At present the most popular is some service industry. The following four occupations can be called the next ten years, the king of the hottest jobs in the next four years. Young people who are still thinking about the future may take care.

1, Internet service industry – network marketing division

2015, the relevant leaders put forward the "Internet plus" strategy, the huge demand for the Internet industry is with great energy and suction gold for talent, have a great impact on other industries.

The biggest characteristic of

2, education and training industry – corporate trainer

3, human resources industry – Human Resource Management Division

in the talent competition tends to globalization, human resources management work is particularly important, do good work has become the premise of winning the whole world, and the human resources management capacity development, it has become an important project for development of the whole national reserve talents.

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