How to improve the quality of franchise management

joined the business become a trend, but how to deal with the relationship between the franchisee in the headquarters, how to make them coexist, how to grasp the scale, so in the actual management, to really make good use of this mode of operation.

1, clear relationship with the headquarters of the party to join

for the headquarters, "a lot of money, the strength and the product need to create your own path, maintenance and management of the sales channels of the requirements are very high." The franchise can effectively circumvent the development and maintenance costs of access. This is a business development process, the advantages and disadvantages of the normal thinking. The problem is that the headquarters know advantages and disadvantages, the store also know that the advantages and disadvantages". Its fundamental purpose, may just want to "close to the headquarters of this famous tree" to pursue greater benefits. Therefore, to effectively maintain the "store" the fundamental link of this cooperation is the ultimate interests of the axis. But from this perspective, the franchise has become the headquarters of the Yisifumu "". Because the headquarters can with many stores to prop up the advantages of scale, and more famous. Therefore, the management of the company to join the store management should have a young and young people as well as the young people to help people become rich peace of mind, rather than the absolute obedience of the subordinate relationship.

2, join the work to implement the "win-win" idea to join

in a sense is to provide customers a way of earning money. Headquarters with excellent brand, scientific management, customer service and thoughtful service to join the party and they bring benefits, is to increase the profit and expand the scale advantages of brand, improve the visibility of the geographical space. Both profit together to achieve a win-win situation. So the headquarters should match up, give them really care about things, such as providing policy, they do business with.