How to deal with daytime fatigue

tired on the rest, in the working hours, tired can not just rest oh. Today, some of the staff reflect the snack shop, feeling tired during the day often feel, the whole person is soft, no effort, no more sleep at night to ease…… If the shop staff have been complaining about a similar situation, then sweep the light snack food store owners also need to pay attention to the mental and physical condition of the staff.

and the vast majority of human cognition is different, in fact is not cold to sneezing and runny as symptoms. There are some flu virus early will appear fever and sleepiness, the latter will start with "traditional" cold runny nose.

If snacks shop within a period of time, repeatedly complained that the cold runny nose symptoms, daily body feeling sleepy, self does not work. As a snack shop owner, entrepreneurs can also suggest that the clerk as soon as possible to go to a doctor.

is the so-called "sub-health"?

if you go to the hospital to check the body, found that everything is normal, but there are various influence the normal working condition, it may explain the body is in sub-health state.

Sub health

is better in some business snack shop, mainly engaged in the daily task more difficult, but also should not appear for a salesperson who is busy "breathless" such a situation. Once all the sales staff feel very tired during the day, then the owners have to seriously consider whether the staff in the shop?