Longgang youth Chen Xiaode for grassroots customers to create a fertile land reclamation

good business facilities can help more entrepreneurs in Longgang, Chen Xiaode is such a youth, not only in the creation of their own value of life, the more numerous the grassroots hit off a piece of fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

in the concrete jungle in Longgang District of Henggang subway station on the side of the big city in the public record space quietly hiding in a five storey building, quiet atmosphere exudes elegant and refreshing.

any plant, shop, wine class illustration Gallery, blank desk or seemingly ordinary, behind it all came one carries the dream of young entrepreneurs figure. The big city public space, perhaps is to make the dream into reality.

Not only have unpredictable strong wind and big waves

Qinliqinwei multi-creation design space: the decoration style fresh and chic   the idea of open facilities

2015 years, Chen Xiaode took a fancy to the Henggang subway station near the location of a farmer’s house, it will be rented and the use of professional advantages, in person to create a fresh and elegant entrepreneurial space recommended