Zhangshu City Yichun the establishment of a sound loan mechanism to promote the development of ent

for the current number of entrepreneurs, what is the biggest problem? Some people may be because they do not know how to start a business, some people may not have a good entrepreneurial projects, but all of this if there is no adequate venture capital is an interview, so that the venture capital will be even greater problems. To this end, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi, established a sound loan mechanism, so as to provide greater protection for the development of local entrepreneurship.

employment is the livelihood of the people, entrepreneurship is the source of employment. Zhangshu City Employment Bureau to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to total loans to support entrepreneurship to employment as an important lever of national entrepreneurship, to help more entrepreneurial a person of noble aspirations to go on the road to success.

to strengthen the pre loan investigation from the source to prevent non-performing loans. In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of small loan guarantees, build public entrepreneurship platform to better promote entrepreneurship. The establishment of long-term mechanism. Simplify procedures, decentralization, by the basic level of labor and social security. Each applicant for the investigation of the loan are responsible for the leadership of the group, the joint bank and the local labor and social security personnel together to investigate. On the lender’s business premises, business projects, business licenses, operating conditions, the relevant materials for careful verification, from the source to prevent the emergence of non-performing loans, but also to ensure the sound and rapid development of small loans. As of July, has issued 89 million 770 thousand venture capital to support nearly 3000 jobs, the recovery rate of 100%.

expand the scope of support to relax the counter guarantee conditions. As long as it is not contrary to the principles of policy, entrepreneurs can enjoy maximum support. In addition to the payment maximization, guarantee form is also diversified, from the full administrative institutions expanded to independent personnel, "bank staff" and "national grid staff" can do for one guarantee, effectively promoting entrepreneurship.

do after tracking return visit work. Through regular visits, early warning and other follow-up services after the loan, to strengthen the loan funds management system. And provide necessary guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs after the loan project operation and problems, establish the follow-up contact mechanism, and effectively put the received back, with good benefits, support implementation of small loans to support entrepreneurship and promoting employment.

strong loan support for the development of local entrepreneurship is undoubtedly has a great role in promoting, in meeting the dream of more entrepreneurs, but also for the local economic development has made a greater contribution. At the same time, entrepreneurship to promote employment, but also to ease the employment pressure on the local, in one fell swoop, it is worth learning.

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