National innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Heilongjiang Daqing regional games

now the country to encourage entrepreneurship, have held a series of business competition, and in every business competition among all there will be a lot of good entrepreneurs, but also sponsored many entrepreneurs.

8 month 11-12 day, the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Heilongjiang Daqing regional contest preliminaries in Daqing hi tech zone. After two days of fierce competition, decided the enterprise group and the group of the top 10 teams. The 20 teams entered the Daqing regional final.

7 28, National Torch Center completed the national innovation contest preliminaries, Daqing has 38 enterprises group projects and 36 team projects into the semi-finals. According to the Daqing division program, held in August 11th, 12 Daqing division preliminaries. The enterprise group and the team competition were respectively held by the Daqing high tech Zone Economic and Technological Development Bureau and the Northeast Petroleum University Science park. The city’s 38 enterprises and 36 teams respectively with PPT presentation materials and project products, samples, introduces the enterprise own situation, focus on the promotion of technology and product, industry and market, business model and implementation plan, entrepreneurial team, financial analysis etc., and on-site defense expert judges’ questions. Judges scoring site, published results.

contest enters two groups of top 10 enterprises and the team, the final before the end of August, each group winner first prize 1, two prize 2, third-prize 3. At the same time, selected to participate in the Heilongjiang innovation and entrepreneurship contest in Daqing enterprises and teams. The contest, Daqing enterprises and the team attaches great importance to sign up enthusiastically, ready to show a higher level of professionalism in the preliminaries, compared with last year’s Daqing innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the level of players has improved significantly.

2014, Daqing has 14 companies and teams to participate in the finals of the province, the province’s largest, 4 companies and teams to enter the national finals, Sen Jie environmental technology co..


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