How to store the rainy season cigarettes

snow rainy weather, not only very inconvenient, affecting the store business. For any one of the shopkeepers, but also worried about the storage of cigarettes, after all, once the cigarette damp, the store may be a big loss. The rainy season, poor storage conditions and some retail businesses, caused by cigarette damp, moldy, taste, deterioration, effects of cigarette smoking taste, causing economic losses, when sold to the customer will affect the business reputation. In this regard, in the daily service, retail businesses to do cigarette storage, you can refer to the following four steps.

first step: select the storage location. Creating a good cigarette storage environment. Good storage environment is the key to "cigarette preservation". Due to the rainy season, the air is humid, to avoid the damp, mildew is a priority, so to store cigarettes in a dry, ventilated room to avoid direct sunlight. Practice: choose a cool ventilated place 3-4 stool do support, put up a few pieces of wood, the cigarette inventory on the board. The advantages of this method are simple and practical, and the storage capacity can be large and small. The storage room should be cleaned and ventilated.

second step: select the display location. Counters do not close to the wall, because some of the walls are easy to water seepage, if the counter close to the wall, the cigarette is easy to absorb moisture, will promote the breeding of mold. Cigarettes can not be placed in the cigarette cabinet too long, it is best to use empty smoke in the smoke cabinet display. If some brands do not have empty smoke shell, have to display cigarettes can not be replaced in a week as far as possible, to avoid some of the cigarette storage time is too long, affecting the quality of cigarettes.

third step: do a good job of cigarette inventory. Grasp inventory quantity. Changqing inventory, do the "FIFO" in order to avoid cigarette inventory backlog phenomenon occurred in the old new pressure on the proposed periodic inventory inventory, a clear grasp of cigarette inventory, with weekly supply to the tobacco companies, so frequently sells quickly.

fourth step: pay more attention, more checks. The cigarette once damp and rain, to rapidly isolate, put in the shade by the electric fan, air conditioning dry to avoid mildew phenomenon. Mildew during the summer, the whole cigarette apart, should pay attention to timely plastic preservation, ensure safety of cigarette through the rainy season.

After the

cigarette damp, if the owner himself can be found timely, perhaps only the loss of money, but if under the knowledge of the selling to customers, the reputation of the shop will have a very negative effect. Therefore, any retail store owners should do a good job in the rainy season storage of cigarettes.