Open shop six strides

to open the shop should have a strategic step, like you want to do a thing must have a plan, we have to do every step of every point.

to regulate their own name

A detailed description of the


page, a "hot search" recommended keywords, this place is very attractive to users. You fill in the store owner of your baby’s information, it should try to highlight its characteristics, such as the Korean version of it? Is spring or summer? And so on, this is also the key to improving your product search. As figure: I admire the second shopkeepers, leisure, sports, weight loss, yoga fitness ball as a whole, do not want others can not find it difficult!



product classification significantly

active forum

in the forum post, is a good way to increase store view. The content of the post, will be included. Chinabbs forum for women’s channels, for example, there are a lot of content, the forum is the hair of the post, so we post the content is critical. Also on