What can be done in a retail store with bad business

business is not good to do now, it is a fact, however, even if the business is not good to do, the same shop business booming. Although the shop is different, the business will not be the same. However, some shops are very close, but you can have such a difference, the natural need for those who do not have good business owners think.

"business is not as good as in previous years" – this is the most recent visit in the market to hear the most words. Indeed, by the domestic macroeconomic downturn, reducing the impact of the project and other factors, the consumer market downturn, presumably as a retail business operators who have a deep feeling. However, in the service of many customers, the difference is very large cigarette business, and even two less than one hundred meters apart, the same area, the store is similar to the store, the profit gap is great. From this difference, the individual thinks that the business is not good retailers can try to think from the following aspects:

is to provide customers with a good shopping environment. With the development of the retail industry, customer demand for shopping has far exceeded the commodity itself, but the pursuit of a comprehensive shopping experience, the feeling and the experience will be directly to the consumer shopping behavior, determines whether the customer is willing to two times into the store consumption. Therefore, as the operator of the retail industry, only really understand how to create first-class shop environment, can let us have more advantage in the fierce market competition, in order to better meet the needs of consumers, in order to create greater economic benefits.

two is the brand specifications can keep up with consumer trends and even lead the consumer trends. Market from the seller’s market into the buyer’s market, it requires that consumers need, what the enterprise produces. The same is true for retail operations, what consumers need, what should we run.

took the fine cigarette this year, has been popular among consumers, but many retailers still don’t order, lack of confidence in the fine cigarette prospects, the loss caused by the loss of potential consumers and profit opportunities in the intangible. Secondly, to take the initiative to order new products to lead the consumer trends, new products, expand the brand only actively ordered width, in order to attract love to try new things for consumers to try to meet the consumer demand for personalized cigarette, continuously expand the width of consumer groups.

three is the initiative to maintain and retain old customers. Retain old customers can make the competitive advantage of the enterprise for a long time. Successful enterprises and successful marketers often retain old customers as the top priority of the enterprise and its own development. In many cases, it is more attractive to retain old customers than to develop new customers, even more important than market share. Similarly, for the shop, the old customer is the fundamental and basic business. Competition in the same business district, with the same product, the old customers who will be more competitive advantage.


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