How to run a profitable underwear shop

now for many people, underwear in the year, demand is large, at the same time, now the whole industry, underwear shop business is quite popular, and now want to successfully operate a lucrative lingerie shop, still need to under the foot of the.

How much money to open a lingerie store

? Lamp underwear shop to bright and soft. A lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, the lamps color, cold, light and dark are related to a shop atmosphere, light cost reluctant to invest, stores became the "darkroom" or "black", there was a light and different color combination solar term, out of order, but also from the shop business "cup with".

How to improve the customer into the store

? Underwear shop exhibition should be fine. Refers to various shop windows, props, and plate ornaments on appliances, props to fashion, highlighting the brand culture and product personality, adapt to the trend of the market, such as window goods and jewelry display and collocation to play just perfect to store this face, its visual effect can be enough to grasp the attention of customers. If the window is a mess "face", many shops will lose the "starting point" with hardware in the exhibition, "furniture" is not significant level, the flow of people is the best, but also can not reach the satisfactory rate into the store, naturally a deserted house.

Cleaning equipment and related products