Tel Aviv University srael China nnovation Center

entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities should not only link with the domestic social market, but also need to communicate with foreign universities to achieve progress and development. Nanjing, through the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship center with Israeli universities, to lay the foundation for the development of open and innovative talent.

11 17, Tel Aviv University, Nanjing entrepreneurship Innovation Center inauguration ceremony held in Nanjing economic and Technological Development zone. This is the first innovation center established in Israel, Tel Aviv University, china. The center aims to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Israel and Nanjing in entrepreneurial innovation, technology transfer and industrialization. In the future, Tel Aviv University will rely on the Nanjing entrepreneurial innovation center located in Nanjing Development Zone, the high-tech building cooperative platform for entrepreneurs docking, as the school’s scientific and technological achievements into the broad market, China industrialization foundation.

to gain a foothold in the world innovation tide, not behind closed doors, innovation and cooperation open doors, supplement their exchanges with foreign advanced team, to achieve sustainable entrepreneurship education progress.

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