Steamed bread legendary crazy earnings

do you know Bobby buns? Do you know the story of steamed bread? Now the market is the best sales of steamed bread is Bobby bread, has become popular in the world, has become a well-known franchise projects, you know why it has such a big influence? This is to start from its founder, the following to understand the story of the rich bread.

Small business

"Master Liu" transformation

With the help of

"Master Liu package" rapidly booming, 2003, in order to attract more young people, Liu Huiping will be renamed "Bobby Steamed Buns". In early 2004, Liu Huiping has opened up to the top of the more than and 10 straight Bobby bread shop, coupled with relatives and friends to join the store, a total of more than and 20. But really let Bobby bread on the fast track, is to start in 2005 to join the alliance, this low cost expansion mode so that Bobby bread in the year in September on the break 50 stores, in 2010 exceeded 500. The current 1368 stores, accounting for only about more than 10% stores.


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