Wu Yajun the richest man in mainland China

every successful person, they will set a principle of doing things for yourself, in your later years, whether it is brilliant or dull, they will strictly abide by the principle of doing things on their own, which achieved success in numerous, China mainland’s richest woman: Wu runner up is so, she always stick with the dream, low-key work!

2012 Forbes global rich list released, the founder of Longhu real estate, Chongqing, to 39 billion 60 million yuan in the wealth of the Chinese mainland to defend the richest woman again in the world’s richest woman ".

if from 1994 "the sea" from Wu Yajun in 17 years of accumulation of wealth at incredible speeds. However, this let many men find humbling estate "big sister", has been deliberately kept a low profile, unless forced, rarely interviewed by the media. Of course, a person’s success is not accidental, wealth behind the more intriguing.

1980 Wu Yajun was admitted to the Northwestern Polytechnical University, is a professional navigation engineering, the torpedo control system has considerable research. And her husband, Cai Kui, who was in the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics to read the communications professional, familiar with missile guidance, so that the company has to open their husband and wife in the joke, said a quasi accurate, a deep fried".

20 years old after graduating from college, Wu Yajun was assigned to Chongqing avant-garde instrument factory to do technical staff, is 4 years. Until 1988, the market economy in the line, people began to have more choices, Wu Yajun went to the China National Film reporter and editor. The newspaper is the organizer of the Ministry of construction urban construction division and the Chongqing municipal construction committee.

may be experienced in the media, Wu Yajun good eloquence. In Longhu there is no expansion to the nation, the Longhu company manual on the walls and the "warning line", almost all from her hands. More critical is that, based on the characteristics of the newspaper industry, she gradually familiar with the real estate sector, and extensive network of contacts, to lay the foundation for the real estate.

until 1994, with the help of her newspaper platform, the establishment of the Chongqing Jia Chen economic and Cultural Development Co. Ltd., officially "out" business, building materials business. Second years the company’s registered capital increased from 2 million to 1>

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