Open micro shop also need to take a good name

login WeChat platform, apply for a public number, if you want to open a micro shop, naturally can be officially up. However, if you want to make their own micro shop more successful, you can attract more consumers, business can be more popular, take a good name is extremely important. In short, in the current market venture, although the work can not be ignored, but a good name can be said to be the foundation of all success.

get a good name

to their own WeChat public number to get a good name is to be the army, – start to think, because once the name is not changed. If you have a small reputation, it is recommended that you use your name or pen name directly, after all, we are hoping to build a personal brand in order to accumulate fans, such as a WeChat public number called ghost feet seven".

but I am afraid that many people do not have the beginning of the ghost foot seven influence, he turned out to be a Taobao search, a search for the person in charge of the search, long-term focus on search engines, e-commerce, industry activists. Later, because of the WeChat public number, leave Taobao, full-time to do.

so, in many cases, you are advised to follow your own interests and areas of concern. For example, my WeChat public number is a classic picture book". May be a lot of people do not know what is the picture book, but it does not matter, most people do not know is not my target user. My goal is to care about the children’s parents, kindergarten teachers, in general, they know "picture book" is a picture book.

I’m not saying how good my name is, just a reference. If you can change, maybe I will change to "classic picture book". But five words a little long. Name a little bit does not matter, put the corresponding public number ID set up a simple easy to remember.

of course, if you start to take their names in the field of concern, you have enough influence, or WeChat insiders have an acquaintance, you can ask the people to open the back door for you to help you change WeChat. I know there are two changed the name of the public number, one is Cheng Lingfeng’s "cloud" technology, later called the "cloud" technology, a lot of public, is changed to "pregnant peak"; one is "hearsay", later changed to "by Fenng, Fenng is hearsay" operation "hearsay" people under the name of.

you can also use your own name (pen name) and their areas of concern together to take the name. I have two friends is to do so, a global call dad, one named liz. Global dad’s name is "global public, Dad speak knowledge, Liz public name is" love reading children’s books mother liz". The name of this public number is long enough, but the corresponding ID is better to remember: xiaolijianggushi. Not recommended >

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