Secrets of success for Chinese Entrepreneurs

With the continuous development of

China economic strength, Chinese’s position in the world is rising year by year, the Chinese are more and more active in the world from 2011 "overseas Chinese blue book" found that the vast majority of global Chinese wealth is still concentrated in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, but the rise of Chinese mainland tycoons and the rise of Chinese high-tech developed countries the enterprise, is changing the global Chinese wealth of industries and geographical distribution pattern. What is the secret of success of Chinese entrepreneurs?


in the "blue book" Chinese writing part of Huaqiao University’s Department of economics professor Rao Zhimin in the business, the new generation of entrepreneurs often have invented high quality products or new services, or traditional products and services on their own will provide the exact knowledge, and knowledge of the market as a basis. And they are in the business system has been relatively perfect and mature society, after the first few years of "cultural shock" to seize the opportunity to find and master the local business to create the entry point and path.

The new network economy era


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