Join the road to take four steps to get rich free control

a lot of new entrepreneurs because of the lack of entrepreneurial experience, many have chosen to join the chain from the start, so you can rely on the headquarters to join the venture shop. In fact, to join the chain business also need to grasp a certain know-how can be trusted to become rich.

vision monthly income of more than 100 thousand yuan

"told the Daily reporter, last May, she lots in the center of Youyang County, set down the two because of poor management intends to transfer the duck shop, become a famous duck brand franchisee. Although only two ten square meters of shops, but the cost is very high." Easy to tell the Chinese commercial news reporter, because the store counters, equipment, decoration what are readily available, so the other asking price 200 thousand yuan. At that time, the family deposits only 1000 yuan." Easy to say, she wanted to do business everywhere to find relatives and friends to borrow money, but also to find a bank loan of 50 thousand yuan, only to gather together the $200 thousand.

"told the Daily reporter, because it is the franchise, so even if it is for her as a layman, purchase, brand building and maintenance, sales are also very simple. She only needs every few days and other franchisees together, to a fixed distribution center to pick up, then get the store to sell.

credulous advertising 20 thousand yuan investment boondoggle

is also done to join, who lives in Chongqing District of Yuzhong entrepreneur Zhang were not so lucky. Recommended

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