Huang Lei also began to set up a pioneering nternet business brand yellow kitchen

Chinese people are not afraid of cross business, many people are, such as the entertainment industry, many stars in the act of singing to open up more than personal career. Recently, Huang Lei teacher also engage in entrepreneurship, the establishment of the brand, "Huang Xiaochu".

"good husband", "good father", "high IQ", "fortune son"…… With the ultimate challenge in the image of the resourcefulness of the fire and a Huang Lei, who recently had a label – "entrepreneurs".

and a number of cross-border internet stars, do not see too many businessmen in the shadow of Huang Lei, is more of an artist to do the things they want to do through the Internet this tool.

The reason

14 in the summer, because when a friend accidentally eating a word, Huang Lei decided to open a restaurant to teach you to cook. Meng Fei opened a small face, I think this idea can be, I opened the restaurant in particular the reasons for the simple. Eat yourself. We’re not going to open a restaurant." Huang Lei said.

friends but after persuasion, Huang Xiaochu finally became the current model. Huang Lei hope that through the Internet, to do a small and beautiful craftsmen of the assembly, to share a way of life – home cooking.

for the status of burn "O2O takeaway buy user", Huang Lei has his own views. < / recommendation

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