Trend analysis of home improvement products industry

decoration room, all kinds of materials are indispensable, in order to create a more level of home space, people in the selection of home improvement products increasingly high demand. For investors, if you occupy a more important position in this industry, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the industry’s trends, so as to create a more competitive store, to achieve long-term development.

tile size polarization

now, with the degree of specialization of ceramic tile market continues to improve, consumers more diverse selection of tile size, the tile size is polarized development trend. On the one hand, due to the growing number of consumers to pursue the decoration of the "seamless" effect, and the "large block" tiles increasingly popular. From the visual effect, large tiles regardless of color, texture or decoration effect than the traditional brick. On the other hand, the small size of the tiles is more popular than in the past, many people found that the small size of the square tiles can be built out of many changes, suitable for a small area of the wall, visual sense of hierarchy is more obvious than the common size.

kitchen to multi-functional development

in the traditional sense of the kitchen is more personal taste treat place, now it is a good habit to reflect the Home Furnishing and personal taste of space, a creative studio. Insiders predict that in the future, especially in the kitchen cabinets from the meal for production, storage and storage series of furniture has transformed into a set of storage function, storage, washing, cooking and frying food cut with reception, entertainment, learning and other functions of the integrated furniture. The evolution of the extension of the concept of cabinet interpretation of the connotation of the cabinet breakthrough and sublimation. Television, audio, network, office equipment and other equipment has changed into the cabinet as a tool to work.

home popular personalized custom wind

ideal home will pay more attention to practical, beautiful and personalized. After the rise of modern elements, personalized design customized services to meet the needs of consumers, a wave of custom furniture swept.

customization of the word, the first popular in the production of advanced clothing, refers to the designer tailored for customers. But now, custom furniture has also been recognized by more and more people don’t get me wrong, custom furniture is not refers to the production of wood furniture on-site, but including one-stop customized furniture, sofa, bed, cloth, lamps, jewelry and all other products.

There are three popular ways to customize

furniture. One is in accordance with customer requirements or decoration designers, with the style of the decoration design furniture styles; one is the combination of existing elements, namely, to find the feeling in the furniture store, the love of the material, style, style from professional designers to integrate into a new work; there is a copy of the original, in magazines or on the Internet furniture pictures, recommended

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