Xiangyang efforts to build a science and technology incubator system to improve entrepreneurship inc

innovation and entrepreneurship for this important work, Xiangyang continue to optimize the scientific and technological entrepreneurship incubation system, creating an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, help innovation and entrepreneurship development.

the city can independently control the hatching site area of 402 thousand square meters, the year 2015 645 enterprises in incubation, the new 190 enterprises in incubation. Xiangyang hi tech Innovation Service Center was named the province’s first 10 3A technology business incubator.

"12th Five-Year" period, Xiangyang city plans to support long talent, the introduction of innovative entrepreneurial team 25, funded 49 million 500 thousand yuan of funds. The introduction of the national team of thousands of people plan 4. Accumulated more than 100 events held in rural areas of science and technology activities, serving farmers 100 thousand passengers, the issuance of various types of scientific and technological information in 280 thousand copies.


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