People with disabilities to open a good shop to create milk

everyone knows the importance of health, but there are too many unfair life, many people will be a variety of reasons for the cause of disability. Disability is not terrible, terrible is never give up. In spite of the fact that the protagonist is a disabled person, but unremitting efforts, relying on soybean milk shop, thus creating a different kind of life.

hee bustling Rangrang Shenzhen city Guangdong Baoan District Meiji Street tail water community, recently newly opened a shop Soybean Milk. Store is not large, about 20 square meters, bright yellow color decoration, looks neat and full of vitality.

store has a good name – "left handed soybean milk".

see this name, a lot of people will think of the boss is left-handed, in fact, I am left-handed is acquired." Owner Chen Yongfa holding only a small right arm told reporters.

1999, only 19 year old Chen Yongfa from Hunan to work in Shenzhen, six months later, his right arm was rolled into the machine. With the help of a lawyer, Chen used to send more than two years to fight, and finally got about 100000 yuan compensation.

after amputation, Chen Yongfa once All thoughts are blasted.: "during that time, I did not dare to go out, do not dare to wear short sleeved shirt, for fear that others saw his empty sleeves."

in the Pearl River Delta as the "world factory", like Chen Yongfa injured and handicapped workers are not uncommon. In the lawsuit that time, Chen Yongfa and a dozen of his disabled workers live together, mutual support, mutual encouragement, through the most difficult time in life.

a few years later, Chen found that those injured workers, regain confidence may be more important than the payment of compensation. Many of the injured workers got the compensation situation is still very difficult, want to stay in Shenzhen, very difficult to have the opportunity to work, want to go home, physical disabilities also make them difficult to be engaged in farm work, and compensation for the total time spent.

Chen Yongfa decided to find a suitable way to earn a living through their own efforts.

tried several times, he found that the opening of the soybean milk shop is feasible, not only the process is simple, one hand can operate, and the cost is not high, as long as a few thousand dollars you can shop, it is suitable for workers to try again.

has explored a set of soy bean milk technology and formula, which does not use any additives, after the opening of Chen Yongfa’s soybean milk shop in 2009. Said the shop, in fact, is a two or three square meters of small roadside stalls. Because the injured workers are mostly right hand, can only work with his left hand, Chen gave him the name of the soy milk shop called "Zuo Piezi"

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