How to manage the dangerous goods transport vehicle in Dazhou

in the process of transportation, there are a lot of vehicles do not follow the procedures, resulting in a huge potential risks, how to manage these vehicles, people become more concerned about the topic. So, how to manage the dangerous goods transport vehicles in Dazhou? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

from August 1st onwards, Dazhou dangerous goods transport vehicles will be the use of electronic waybill management. This means that every step of the vehicle transport are monitored by the management department, once the vehicle is found to violate the security violations of the industry, will be severely punished in a timely manner.

it is understood that the so-called electronic waybill is developed by the Ministry of transport of electronic information platform, dangerous cargo truck driver’s phone will install a dedicated APP software. When the dangerous goods transport enterprises assigned to the vehicle and the driver of the carrier, must be on the person, the car’s qualification to be reviewed before the issuance of electronic waybill.

driver, in the loading and unloading, and resting on the back of the vehicle parking and other transport step, must be confirmed by the APP mobile phone software, so that the Department of real-time monitoring.

before the use of paper ordinary waybill, unable to regulate the dangerous goods transport vehicles in the process of illegal behavior, if the driver ignored the safety of negligence, it is easy to bury the security risks."

city transportation freight department responsible person, from August 1st onwards, the city’s hazardous goods transport vehicles will be officially opened the electronic waybill, the driver must accept supervision in accordance with the provisions of procedure. The transport authorities once through the GPS monitoring system found dangerous goods vehicle off single transportation, transportation vehicles, equipment operation, without organizational arrangements for carrying dangerous goods, according to the law of the to be dealt with.

in the process of transportation, timely security measures are very necessary. Dazhou City, the effective management of dangerous goods transport vehicles, the use of electronic waybill management, will greatly solve the problem of dangerous goods transport vehicle management, is of great significance.

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