PHOTOS: The Motet Brings The Funk To Jersey City

first_imgLoad remaining images On Thursday, May 23rd, Colorado funk favorites The Motet brought their red-hot dance party to Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall.Following their brief two-night run in the Northeast, the band has a couple of weeks off before starting their summer festival schedule in earnest with June performances at Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, AR (6/1), Bonfire Music and Arts Festival in Yuba, WI (6/8), and Road Jam Music Fest in Stratford, CT (7/21). From there, they’ll link up with Galactic and Moon Hooch for their annual Red Rocks performance on July 12th.The Motet Releases Red-Hot New Album, ‘Death Or Devotion’ [Listen]For a full list of upcoming tour dates for The Motet, head to the band’s website here.You can check out a gallery of photos from the Jersey City show below courtesy of photographer Chris Capaci.The Motet | White Eagle Hall | Jersey City, NJ | 5/23/19 | Photos: Chris Capacilast_img read more

An Enterprise SSD Fairytale: Finding the Solution That’s Just Right

first_imgOne of my favorite childhood fairytales was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We can all relate to Goldilocks in the pursuit of finding just the right fit, especially when it comes to choosing between enterprise SSDs.It can be difficult to make the right choice when confronted with too many options, or too few options. When choosing your Dell EMC PowerEdge server enterprise SSD, it is important to find just the right amount of performance, latency, and reliability, at the right price. You want enough performance for your specific applications but may not need the top tier performance option either. You may have tried a few different storage options in pursuit of finding the one that is just right. Dell EMC supports you in the pursuit of finding the right data storage solution fit and has recently added options for those of you that are in between enterprise SSDs.If you have a legacy system with SAS and SATA, there’s an option that is just right for you. As technology advances, you may find certain SATA SSDs won’t be able to properly handle your storage performance needs. At the same time, you may feel SAS SSDs provide outstanding performance, but you can’t justify the added price for your needs. Sound familiar?Dell EMC PowerEdge servers now offer value SAS SSD options. Value SAS is a new class of SAS SSD that leverages the PowerEdge SAS server infrastructure to deliver better performance, latency, and reliability than SATA SSDs, at a comparable price. Value SAS allows you to maximize your Dell EMC PowerEdge server utilization. These drives are lower cost and have lower performance than standard SAS SSDs, positioning their performance characteristics between SATA and standard SAS. Value SAS is an easy replacement for SATA SSDs and provide greater value for most enterprise applications. Learn more about the Dell EMC SSDs here.Additionally, there is an option that may be just right for those who have PowerEdge servers equipped for NVMe. Have you ever found yourself settling for SATA SSDs that don’t quite fulfill your storage performance requirements, because you couldn’t justify the price of purchasing Enterprise NVMe? Do you seek a higher performance storage device for a decent price?If you need a solution that requires high read input/output operations per second (IOPs), low latency and enterprise-class storage reliability and serviceability, the Dell EMC PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe Datacenter Read Intensive PCIe SSD is the right choice for you. The Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD delivers very good performance and endurance in demanding read intensive environments, such as Media Streaming, VOD, Web Apps and Front-End Web Servers. Built with server-grade, 3D Triple-level cell (3D TLC) NAND, the low-latency PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe Datacenter Read Intensive PCIe SSD provides an exceptional price point with good IOPs, throughput performance, and exceptional reliability and serviceability. Engineered for read intensive workloads, this SSD provides just the right balance of read performance with endurance at the right price. Visit our Express Flash NVME PCIe SSDs page to learn more.Goldilocks didn’t settle, she chose the option that was just right for her. Visit Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers to choose the PowerEdge server and enterprise SSD that is just right for you.Read our blog, IT Transformation: Not Simple, but Can Be Simplified, and learn how Dell EMC is just the right partner to help with your IT Transformation.Follow us on Twitter @DellEMCservers to join the conversation.last_img read more

Rocky Point High School Substitute Teacher Sexually Abused Student, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 25-year-old substitute teacher was arrested Thursday for allegedly inappropriately touching a student at Rocky Point High School last month, Suffolk County Police said.Aimee Otero, of Coram, was charged with sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.Special Victims Section detectives alleged the suspect inappropriately touched a 16-year-old male student in a classroom on this school on Rocky Point Yaphank Road on April 7.Rocky Point Union Free School District had referred the case to police, authorities said. She was reportedly fired.Otero was issued a Desk Appearance Ticket and will be arraigned in Suffolk County court at a later date.last_img read more

The 4 ways fraudsters get your credit card info

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Christina LavingiaOne of the biggest fears many Americans have when banking online or over their phones is becoming the victim of credit card fraud.Credit card fraud results in losses totaling billions of dollars — $11.27 billion, in fact, as recently as two years ago. Fraudulent activity one of the fasting growing crimes in the world, with 67 percent more Americans suffering from some kind of financial data breach from 2010 to 2012.Unlike movies that portray criminals as either brutish thugs that steal your wallet and run or adroit pick-pockets that “accidentally” bump into you and walk away with your private information, the real criminals use a number of methods that aren’t as easily identifiable.You might have come across some of these scams in the past and know what to look out for — or you might never have heard of them. Regardless, there are several ways to protect yourself from thieves, and knowing how the crime is accomplished goes a long way in preventing it from happening to you. continue reading »last_img read more

Next generation member statements—Why design matters

first_img 49SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Steve Biancaniello As co-founder and EVP of Professional Services, Steve possesses over 15 years of experience in the customer communications management space. He is the architect of Prinova’s highly regarded Integrated … Web: Details The quality of the member experience is commanding increased attention in every industry, given heightened member expectations for a highly personalized experience and the growing ease with which members can choose another organization should they become dissatisfied. This reality is especially true for credit unions, whose members have already indicated a strong preference for the highly personalized, community experience that typically differentiates a credit union’s service from the bank around the corner.In attempting to meet these growing consumer expectations, one touch point that could be overlooked—but shouldn’t be—is your routine member statements. If you think about it, each statement sent actually represents a trusted appointment with every member. Consider this—recent survey results from research firm InfoTrends has shown that 97 percent of bills and statements are opened and read by consumers, and they spend between two to five minutes reviewing the statements received from their financial services providers, banks, insurers, utilities and favorite retail stores.As a regular and recurring touch point with your members, statements offer a powerful, innovative opportunity to enhance the member experience. Statements should be a considered a key component of an integrated member communications program as a vehicle that has a consistent direct influence on member experience, their financial choices and brand loyalty over time. When you look closely at the statements you send out today, do they support these goals?Would you still own a black and white TV?Credit unions send numerous member statements each month, yet, unfortunately, too often these statements don’t look much different than they did decades ago. Continuing to print static, boring black and white statements when there have been compelling advances in statement design capabilities, including digital color and data-driven personalization techniques, doesn’t make good business sense.Adding color to your statements offers numerous advantages for getting your message across and in terms of the customer experience. Consider these facts:Color in documents increases comprehension by 78 percentColor boosts brand recognition by 80 percentFull color mail pieces are 55 percent more likely to be readInvoices in color get paid 30 percent fasterAdvances in digital technologies have made full color statement design both affordable and highly effective. Research continues to confirm the positive impact of color and eye-catching graphics to boost customer engagement and brand recognition. Today, whether working with a print service provider or in-house production facility, you can affordably put those proven principles to work in your credit union’s ongoing statement design to connect more powerfully with your members and sustain more lasting relationships with them.Some important steps for effective statement designHowever, just adding color isn’t enough. Effective design is also critical to boosting engagement. Poorly written, unclear and cluttered statements continue to drive calls into your credit union, lead to a negative member experience and increase the cost of doing business. Improving statement design to ensure they are an asset to your customer communication portfolio requires consideration of several key components that ultimately deliver significant benefits to your credit union and the recipient:Strategic use of color—reinforces your brand and draws the member’s eye to key informationCreative iconography, graphics and other images—helps members navigate the statement and understand important statement information quickly and easilyPlain language writing—ensures that the structure and content of your document is clear and understandable by your membersPersonalization—delivers the right message to the right member in the right channelWhite space—improves readability and makes your statement easier to navigateConsideration of system requirements—ensures that new statements can make it into production seamlesslyTesting—customer testing is an integral part of every successful statement design to ensure the new statement is something your members will properly use and interpret each time they receive itGaining the capability within your organization to generate member communications that follow the design considerations discussed above is vital to leveraging the tremendous potential statements have for improving member experience, loyalty and your credit union’s ROI. A consistently great member experience can transform satisfied members into “brand promoters”—loyal members who look to your credit union for their financial services needs and urge their friends and family to do the same.Members anticipate their monthly statements and bills. They trust the source and attend to the content. As a result, well-designed statements provide an innovative opportunity for credit unions to communicate and connect with members every month in new and lucrative ways that are sure to pay dividends in achieving loyalty through an exceptional member experience.last_img read more

Top 10 insights into why leaders need coaches

first_img 156SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr In light of football season being in full swing, I thought a tie in with coaching would be fitting. Athletes absolutely need coaches to become disciplined and strategic in their game, whether it is a team or individual sport. Could the same be true for captains of industry, business and thought-leaders? Is there someone who can guide us to bring out the very best we have to offer?According to The Leadership Crucible the Executive Coach can do just that. They are no longer a passing thought, but a necessity to take your business game to the next level, making you a competitor. This infographic –  Everything you need to know about Executive Coaching  – outlines why leaders fail, how executive coaches make an impact, what famous leaders have benefited from the council of an executive coach and the benefits of being coached.As January rolls around each year, we make resolutions to be better today than we were yesterday. I would think much like a personal trainer, an executive coach can make you an elite leader, which is great for you and fantastic for your organization. continue reading »last_img read more

Remix the American Dream so it works for EVERYONE

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Rick Bialobrzeski Rick is Executive Vice President at GreenPath Financial Wellness, where he has worked since 1996. More than 500 credit unions are partners in GreenPath’s effort to “remix the American … Web: Details 2020 has been quite a year so far.  How will your credit union respond to recent events to shape its future?  Do you see opportunities?  Years from now, will people look back and see 2020 as a defining moment that helped launch your credit union to a new level of member service and engagement?  2020 has catapulted many into uncomfortable spaces.  From adjusting to a remote work environment, to scrambling to serve members remotely, to realizing that we all must do more to promote diversity, racial equity, and inclusion.If your credit union has been hesitant to invest in digital tools, 2020 has been a rude wakeup call.  Members expect their financial institutions to meet their needs without leaving the comfort of their home.  Expectations set during the pandemic aren’t likely to change going forward.  How can you make it easier for members to do business with you?  How can you add value in unique ways?Diversity, racial equity, and inclusion are part of your credit union’s DNA.  Credit unions were built on community.  And, right now our communities are hurting and feeling fractured.  What steps can you take to help make the American Dream achievable for EVERYONE, especially people of color?Credit unions exist to engage with their communities and provide them with pathways to financial health.  I encourage you to open your mind and learn more about the challenges faced by people in your communities.  If you’re struggling with where to begin, consider the following suggestions:Create and promote a unified approach with your credit union leadership.  Making this visible shows your employees, members and community that you are committed to learning and growing.  It sets up the organization to display vulnerability and act courageously. Create ways to listen to people of color in your work force and community.  Listen and evaluate the information without bias or defensiveness.  We all have unconscious bias, so it’s important to recognize it.  At GreenPath, our first step was to engage with our employees.  Our CEO partnered with a black team member to conduct town halls that created a safe space for employees to listen to each other and share experiences.  We also set up confidential listening sessions with our Employee Assistance Plan provider.  Determine actions you will take.  Don’t feel rushed — listen first and then create meaningful actions you will commit to taking.  Examine your organizational structure, your leadership and board of directors.  Are people of color adequately represented?  Is their voice heard?  Examine everything — your culture, training, policies, processes, marketing and results.  Be honest about where you have fallen short, and how you can do better in the future. Everyone’s version of the American Dream is unique.  Let’s remix that dream so it’s truly achievable for EVERYONE.  You and your credit union have a role to play.last_img read more

Michael Magro Foundation Raises Nearly $100K at Evening of Tasting and Giving

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Patty ServidioMore than 550 supporters helped the Michael Magro Foundation raise more than $95,000 at the nonprofit’s 15th annual Evening of Tasting and Giving at The Carltun in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow on Oct. 7.The event featuring local restaurants, bakeries, wineries, beer distributors, and distilleries gave attendees the opportunity to taste fine fare while supporting the Hicksville-based nonprofit dedicated to assisting those families whose children are suffering with pediatric cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. “Cancer and children should never be in the same sentence,” Terrie Magro, the group’s vice president, said with so much love in her voice that it started cracking as her husband, Paul, and son, Marc, looked on. “Both of our sons were diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. We are so very grateful for Marc, as well as the other cancer survivors in this room tonight.” A warm, inviting energy filled the air as attendees milled through the front doors for photographs in front of the MMF logo screen. Raffle baskets from local businesses lined the lobby, while patrons slipped tiny red raffle tickets within the brightly colored orange baskets. Baskets included a lottery ticket board, sports memorabilia, a Nespresso coffee machine with all the fixings, a beautiful wine basket, and an Italian-themed basket, complete with a bottle of Godiva liquor, to name a few. The excitement was palpable, as guests greeted each other throughout the event. Restaurants were in abundance, and supporters came with their appetites. West End Café and Bar of Carle Place served guests as they stopped for this year’s offering: a beef short rib empanada with a rich drizzle of chimichurri aioli and Pico de Gallo. The Inn at New Hyde Park offered a butternut squash soup that delightfully warmed hearts and hands. Kingfish Oyster Bar of Westbury’s Co-Owner and General Manager Courtney Shaudel, who is the daughter of critically acclaimed Chef Tom Schaudel, offered crawfish and chicken meatballs with a lobster fricassee. Chef Tom is also co-owner of Kingfish. Margarita’s Café, along with their sister restaurant The Cuban, were a crowd favorite. Their offerings of freshly made guacamole, chicharrones de pollo and crisp tortilla chips could be washed down with their scrumptious and generous serving of mojitos. Roast, 388, Anchor Down, Bella Vie, River Road Bistro, Seasons 52, Beginnings, and TOA Asian Fusion were just a sample of restaurants present at the event. The wonderful fragrance of TOA’s beef noodle soup, which was chock full of vegetables and beef, wafted throughout the lobby.This year’s gala brought newcomers to offer samples of their wares, including David’s Tea of Roosevelt Field. JJ and Devin, who offered David’s Chai, a spicy blend served hot, and their Hibiscus herbal tea, which was served chilled, were thrilled to be a part of the event. Devin mentioned that David’s Tea is very involved with the community, which is why they were completely on board to bring their giant cambers to the foundation’s celebration of life.Doing the right thing seemed to be the running theme by those who offered food, beverage, and dessert. “I’ve been a part of Terrie’s golf outings, and I like to do at least five events a year,” said Stephen Murphy, CEO of The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix. “It’s important to do the right thing, especially when kids are involved. I started with one golfing event, and it’s now progressed to five events a year.” The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix held a space at the bar next to Tito’s Vodka, which made for a beautiful marriage for those who enjoy a good Bloody Mary. Jericho Cider Mill, Sweet Karma Desserts of Plainview, and Dolce & Gelato of Williston Park were just a few of the vendors who have been with the Michael Magro Foundation for years, all of whom have stated emphatically that they “would do anything for Paul and Terrie.”Mongo’s of Syosset was a newcomer this year, with their cold brew coffee and espresso. Their cold brew espresso martini was rimmed with just the right amount of espresso dust. They held space at one of the bars with Jose Cuervo Tequila, which offered free t-shirts and caps to those in attendance.Del Vino Vineyards, a new winery in Northport, as well as US Beverage and Twizzle’s Tasty Treats, were also newcomers to the Evening of Tasting and Giving. Babalu, a Cuban restaurant in Huntington, arrived for the first time with some tasty ethnic treats, as well as Roslyn’s 388 Italian Restaurant and Bay Shore’s Belle Vie. “We’re going to be here every year from now on,” said Kevin Long of USBeverage, who brought excellent hard ciders by 1911. “We really loved the idea of coming in and doing good. It’s important, because we want to donate to a really good cause, and this is one of those really good causes. It’s also the right thing to do.”After the dining and tasting portion of the evening was complete, guests were treated to a rousing speech given by Terrie Magro, who warmly welcomed her guests and thanked the volunteers, participating restaurants and Dr. Louis Pannullo for bringing our entertainment. The focus of the event this year was to get new people involved for the future viability of the foundation as well as to educate new attendees, which was felt deeply by guests, who could be seen wiping their eyes. “The best part of the night is seeing everyone enjoying and interacting,” Magro said. “I’m amazed by the high energy throughout the whole venue. Everyone is smiling, loving the food, meeting new people, loving the entertainment. It’s what it’s all about. It’s such a blessing.”Honorees this year were Tom Galati and Larry Ruisi, who have been on the board of directors of the foundation for many years. Galati shared a story with guests of his involvement with MMF, which has since trickled down to his daughter, Vanessa Galati.She began collecting seashells on the family’s trip to Montauk and painted them to sell the shells on the beach. The young philanthropist raised $50 for the foundation in 2017. In 2018, that number doubled. Because of her father’s involvement with the foundation, she learned the great gift of service to others by example.Ruisi, who also runs 3C (Cars, Community, Charity), had a personal story to share as well. In 2018, his nephew and father-in-law passed away. When Larry’s mother-in-law found out that Larry was being honored for his continuing efforts to assist children with cancer, she donated $3,000 to the foundation in his honor. Ruisi, who is a philanthropist, came to the foundation through Galati. Ruisi’s foundation runs car shows for charity, and he and Galati ran the MMF Car Show this year. Because of their efforts, the event raised over $13,000 in 2019, the highest amount for a car show with MMF.This year’s star-studded entertainment included performances by Alison Luff of the Broadway musical Waitress, Jeremy Hays of Phantom of the Opera, and singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins. Dr. Louis Pannullo accompanied the performers, who delighted captivated guests. The event is booked for 2020 on Oct. 5. This year’s event also premiered a digital version of their journal.Next up for MMF is Raise a Glass for Hope, which will be held in South Florida on Nov. 13. The event will benefit the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida in Naples. In November, the MMF Adopt-A-Family program commences, which will benefit patients at NYU Winthrop/Cancer Care for Kids and Stony Brook Hospital Pediatric Oncology Center. The next big event will be the MMF Magro Madness 3V3 Basketball Tournament at Hicksville High School on March 8.Whether a gift card for transportation for treatment or to purchase groceries, the Michael Magro Foundation is there to help, with a heart full of gold and lots of love. To donate or learn more about their mission, visit Alison Luff of the Broadway musical, Waitress was among the performers. (Photo by Ed Shin)L. to R.: Terrie Magro and singer Sophie B. Hawkins. (Photo by Ed Shin)L. to R.: Paul Magro and guest. (Photo by Ed Shin)Sophie B Hawkins (Photo by Ed Shin)L. to R.: Honorees Larry Ruisi and Tom Galati. (Photo by Ed Shin)Dr. Louis Pannullo. (Photo by Ed Shin)L. to R.: Maureen Nelson and Harlan Friedman. (Photo by Ed Shin)L. to R.: Alison Luff, Sophie B Hawkins, and Jeremy Hays of Phantom of the Opera. (Photo by Ed Shin)Supporters join in the fun at the Evening of Tasting and Giving benefiting the Might Magro Foundation at The Carltun in Eisenhower Park on Oct. 7, 2019. (Photo by Ed Shin)last_img read more

Danish schemes open to central bank’s ‘separable’ green bonds plan

first_imgFour of Denmark’s biggest pension funds have indicated they are receptive to investing in a new type of green sovereign bond, the pioneering design of which has just been outlined by the country’s central bank.Danmarks Nationalbank said it and the ministry of finance are looking into the possibility of green issuance where the bond and the green premium can be traded separately.The innovative sovereign debt instruments are being devised as a way to issue sought-after green government-backed paper while at the same time ensuring “a continued well-functioning and liquid market for Danish government bonds”, the bank said, announcing the plans last week.The main part of the bond would be a standard government bond – giving it the advantage of being more liquid than a green bond – with a separately-tradeable green element sold alongside, which can be kept attached where a green bond is required. “A liquid government bond market is essential, as a high degree of tradability means that investors are willing to pay a higher price for the bonds”Danmarks Nationalbank“Buying a package of a conventional government bond and a green certificate will enable investors to support the green agenda to exactly the same extent as if they had bought a conventional sovereign green bond,” it said.The bank stated work on the idea would continue until a final political decision on green issuance was made.Pension funds await final details and pricingWhen asked by IPE for their reaction to the plans, Danish pension funds – big investors in bonds and with growing requirements for environmentally-friendly assets – were cautiously receptive to the idea as outlined.Jan Ritter, head of liability hedging and treasury at the country’s largest pension fund ATP, said: “We need to see the specific characteristics of the product as it has not yet been issued.“However, from a general point of view it could be an interesting product development issuing green bonds through a green certificate and at the same time maintaining the liquidity in the bond series,” he said.Danica Pension is also positive about the idea.Poul Kobberup, the Danske Bank subsidiary’s investment director, told IPE: “We have participated in some of the green bond issuance this year from Ireland, the Netherlands and the World Bank, and I have also had a chat with the Danish central bank about this.“They have to think about the liquidity issue, and here they have found a way to get enough liquidity into these bonds. Now we will have to see how the market reacts,” Kobberup said.The success of any first issue could depend on the pricing, he said. “If someone thinks it’s worth 10 basis points (above standard government bonds) then that could be a problem,” he said.Kobberup said Danica Pension sees the green bond plans as a definite step in the right direction.“But every time you invest in something you truly believe is a green investment, you have to take a really good look at it,” he added.Jesper Nørgaard, deputy chief investment officer of Sampension, said the pension fund is positive regarding the idea, but has not yet decided whether it would participate in such bond issues.“We believe the idea is well thought out – it’s a transparent pricing of the issuers ’green’ efforts and it retains the liquidity of the overall bond issuances,” he told IPE.Sampension understands that other European sovereign debt offices have considered the same model, he said, notably the German Finance Agency.“They are currently expected to pursue a related but different approach,” said Nørgaard.A spokesman for Danmarks Nationalbank said Denmark was the first country with this model, as far as it was aware.Sampension recently invested DKK300m in green bonds issued by Ireland and Germany.At PFA Pension, head of ESG Andreas Stang said that as an investor, which had no target for green bonds within its fixed income investments, this new type of green bond could present a profitable opportunity.“We could invest in these,” he told IPE. “What would then be interesting is if we would see value growth from holding the green certificate.“If you assume more investors who need green investments will be coming to the markets in next few years, then there should be a premium for holding the certificate in few years’ time,” he told IPE.Investors could potentially buy the certificate alone and match it to other debt issued by the same sovereign, he said, even though it was designed to apply to specified issuances by Danmarks Nationalbank. Countries with larger funding needs than Denmark had already issued sovereign green bonds, “but in ways that may challenge liquidity for small sovereign issuers such as Denmark”, the bank said.Models they used either fragmented government issuance programmes, or put big demands on the amount of green spending, it explained.“A liquid government bond market is essential, as a high degree of tradability means that investors are willing to pay a higher price for the bonds, implying reduced funding costs for the Kingdom of Denmark,” the central bank said.All else being equal, it said, the larger the bond size, the more tradable it was.While a conventional sovereign green bond comprised two commitments – one financial in terms of coupon payments and redemptions, and one commitment that spending on green projects at least matched the bond proceeds – in the new model, these commitments are split, or stripped, into two, the bank added.last_img read more

Batesville man arrested after traffic stop

first_imgLOOGOOTEE, Ind. — A Batesville man is facing drug-related felony charges after he was found with nearly 80 grams of marijuana during a traffic stop.Police said Thor King, 18, was spotted driving faster than the speed limit on U.S. 50, near Loogootee, Indiana by an Indiana State Police trooper.When the trooper pulled him over, there was a stench of marijuana coming from the car.Police found 78 individually packaged baggies, each with one gram of marijuana.Police also found a digital scale, a receipt book and a glass pipe.last_img read more