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Club explores gender and sexuality in popular American sitcom

first_imgMen Against Sexual Violence, or MASV, hosted a screening and panel-led open discussion Monday night focusing on gender and sexuality in one of the most popular episodes of American television sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”“What struck me, apart from everything, is … there’s a list of guidelines that you follow: You follow these rules, you get what you want,” Aman Mital, MASV officer, said.“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is a show following a group of friends that run a bar in Philadelphia. The show is known for its cringe-worthy, offensive humor, as well as “the gang’s” shared vanity and cluelessness about women. In the episode discussed during the panel — “The D.E.N.N.I.S. System” — Dennis, one of the friends, explains his “fool-proof system for getting any chick’s undying love and affection for life.”Mital said the members of MASV visited the Reddit page devoted to pick-up techniques for men. What they found was surprising.“It’s a joke in the show … the things in it are so horrendous that we think that no one would ever do something like that, but that’s the actual technique for a lot of people,” Mital said.According to their mission, MASV is a group dedicated to taking responsibility for men’s role in sexual violence – not just physical, but emotional as well. An aspect of sexual violence that was discussed was the objectification of women by men. Panel member John Johnstin, assistant director of the Gender Relations Center, related the “D.E.N.N.I.S. system” to Ford’s assembly line.“A system is set up to work with interchangeable objects … if you’re running a system, are you actually dealing with individuals? Or are they just interchangeable objects that are there for that purpose?” Johnstin said.The perpetuation of this system in society, Johnstin said, harms both men and women. The discussion touched on how Dennis’s system affects his sister Dee’s perception of her own well-meaning boyfriend’s actions.The discussion delved into the sense of brotherhood seen, for example, in Fisher Hall’s “we are fishermen” chant, Siegfried Hall’s antics in the first pep rally or the hyper-masculinity of the Keenan Revue dance numbers.Finally, the discussion turned to the line between endearing persistence and stalking, as seen in the character Charlie’s seemingly innocent, but ultimately detrimental relationship with a waitress he claims he is in love with. “There’s a difference between wanting to be there for someone, and being obsessive … what you’re really saying is, ‘I don’t care what you want, it’s about me,’” Mital said.Keenan Hall rector Noel Terranova finished the discussion with a call to action.“If there is going to be someone on this campus who does something, has one meaningful interaction that can positively impact someone’s life or prevent something negative from happening, it’s going to be you, yourselves. So I would ask you to do just that, to really engage in this conversation.” Tags: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Men against Sexual violence, misogyny, showlast_img read more

South Korean court upholds 45-day ban on Asiana’s flights

first_imgAsiana Airlines flight 214 crashed inSan Francisco in 2013 when the plane’s tail struck a seawall short of therunway, killing three teenage passengers from China and wounding over 180 outof around 300 people on board.(Reuters) An Asiana Airlines Boeing 747-400 taxis at the international airport in San Francisco, California on Feb. 7, 2015. REUTERS/LOUIS NASTRO/FILE PHOTO The flight ban will be implementedbefore the end of February, the transport ministry said. The transport ministry suspendedAsiana Airlines’ once-daily United States-bound flight on Thursday as a penaltylinked to its deadly plane crash in San Francisco on 2013.   center_img The SC said insufficient stafftraining was the main cause of the crash. SOUTH KOREA – The Supreme Court (SC)here upheld a government decision to suspend Asiana Airlines’ Incheon-SanFrancisco route for 45 days.  last_img read more

Despite reports, robbers still not apprehended for three USC crimes

first_imgTwo men who authorities initially thought might have been responsible for a string of robberies near USC on Monday night are no longer considered suspects in the crime.The Los Angeles Times published a story Wednesday morning reporting LAPD had arrested two men responsible for robbing three USC students Monday night, but USC’s Dept. of Public Safety said this is not true.DPS Capt. David Carlisle said he is unsure how that information was released.“There is no indication that the suspects they have are the same ones,” Carlisle said. “It’s strange how stuff circulates.”Carlisle said DPS hadn’t heard anything regarding the suspects in this case from the LAPD, and they are still seeking information.“I’d love to get a phone call,” Carlisle said. “There is a big discrepancy because if they had our property, those would be our guys. That hasn’t happened. I wish it would, but so far, no.”LAPD confirmed later Wednesday afternoon that the two men were not suspects in the USC crimes.The three robberies occurred on the 1100 block of 29th Street, the 2700 block of Hoover Boulevard and the 2700 block of Ellendale Place.last_img read more