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Gender choice: are you Mr, Ms or Mx? (Aust)

first_imgThe Australian 23 May 2016Family First Comment: Australia has officially lost their way!“In February, the Australian ¬Bureau of Statistics issued a “standard for sex and gender variables, 2016” which listed an “other” category. “The inclusion of the ‘please specify’ write-in facility for ‘Other’ allows respondents the opportunity to describe their sex using a term they are comfortable with, while also maximising the potential for analysis of the responses provided.” Imagine the phone call – “Which gender are you? I’ll read out the 55 options….”Gonna be a looooooong phone call. :)  Government departments facing a July 1 deadline to comply with new federal gender guidelines are introducing new categories alongside male and female on forms and advising staff to refrain from assuming a person’s gender based on their name. Thousands of voters updating their personal electoral details ¬before this year’s federal election have been given an option to list their gender as unspecified, as part of a broader push to eradicate ¬gender-based assumptions.The Australian Electoral Commission has also recently started accepting Mx as a title, with a -default gender of indeterminate. This year’s census on August 9 will be the first where people are provided the option to identify as male, female or “other”.In February, the Australian ¬Bureau of Statistics issued a “standard for sex and gender variables, 2016” which listed an “other” category. “The inclusion of the ‘please specify’ write-in facility for ‘Other’ allows respondents the opportunity to describe their sex using a term they are comfortable with, while also maximising the potential for analysis of the responses provided,” the standard states. Government agencies are following the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender, updated in November last year, and issued by the Attorney-General’s Department. The ABS said the guidelines meant it had advised staff they “should refrain from making assumptions about a person’s sex and/or gender identity based on indicators such as their name, voice or appearance, and suggests that when interviews are conducted interviewers should read out the question and all response options.”http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/gender-choice-are-you-mr-ms-or-mx/news-story/426ae8ffaddfa2e48740930438f4afeblast_img read more

Hughes: Thoughts on Beck, Al Harris

first_imgHave you ever been minding your own business, just you and your thoughts, when all of a sudden a song plays – on the radio or just randomly from a computer – that totally captures your thoughts?At one point Monday night, when I was sitting in The Badger Herald office working with InDesign, the eclectic musical artist known as Beck all of a sudden could be heard emanating from a nearby computer.The tunes were that of “Broken Drum,” off of the easy-listening Guero album. It’s a song about saying goodbye to a friend. Immediately upon hearing Beck sing so slowly, amid the weary guitar and synthesizer, a clear picture was painted in my mind (if you have your iPod or iTunes ready, I highly recommend playing it as you read on).I see you there/Your long black hair/Your eyes just stare/Your mind is turning.When I heard that, it was clear to me and everyone else in that room that for those four minutes and 30 seconds – just that one time – Beck was actually singing about Green Bay Packer fans saying fare-thee-well to Al Harris (and not the girl that Beck’s probably singing about in all other circumstances).Harris, the dreadlocked cornerback caper that every Packer fan loved to love, was released Monday to his and our own amazement – a casualty of roster building. General manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy decided they no longer had a place for Harris, a 35-year-old veteran on the cusp of returning from a devastating knee injury a year ago.Was it necessary? Sure. As Harris treaded the road to recovery, Tramon Williams evolved into a reliable, playmaking defensive back in his stead while rookie Sam Shields burst out of his shell as a nickel back against Dallas.You could make a case that it was a bit rash, though. With Pat Lee, Brandon Underwood, and Jarrett Bush all that’s left to fill in any injury absences that might surface through the rest of the season, you begin to weigh the benefits of keeping around one of the most physical and experienced backs in the game.But sadly, that’s not how life in Green Bay is, and to think the team wouldn’t stick to its guns this time around is just a mistake. Thompson’s always thinking about the future. He wants Lee, Underwood and Bush to develop just as Williams did. Harris would’ve taken away from that.The move makes sense, but this transaction still marks the departure of one of Green Bay’s most beloved players over the last decade. He played a significant role in helping the Packers be a winner for eight years and in shaping the team’s image of the 2000s. Nevertheless, his performance over those years in Wisconsin and the fanfare that came with it will immortalize him in Packers lore.Green Bay acquired Harris from Philadelphia in 2003, a place that, over the last couple years, became known for producing an abundance of excellent pass defenders just like the city produces delicious Philly cheesesteaks.He proved you didn’t have to be a ballhawk in order to be an elite defensive back in the NFL. In eight years with Green Bay he snagged just 14 interceptions, never exceeding three in one year but never short on league-wide respect. He was named to the Pro Bowl twice and also garnered a second-team All-Pro selection.He received those accolades by turning opposing wide receivers into rag dolls. One time I think I remember seeing him carry a limp wide receiver back to the line of scrimmage with his mouth, like a cat catches a mouse. His physicality was unmatched, and Harris was, in my eyes, one of the hardest working players in the league. He probably still is.He terrorized human beings just as the titular creature of the 1979 film “Alien” did. In fact, he looks a lot like the alien too.That abusive style of his landed him more than a fair share of penalties, but it also landed him a team record 28 passes defensed in 2004, and 108 over the course of his Green & Gold career. He made his opponent work for every catch.During the 2007-08 season, in a big road game against Dallas, I remember watching Terrell Owens trying to block Harris as a harmless rushing play went down the other side of the field. Owens quickly glanced at how the play was developing when the 6-foot-1, 190 pound Harris, not but arms length away and with no momentum, hurled his hands into the chest of the 6-foot-3, 224 pound wide receiver. Owens fell harder and faster to the ground than when the anvil met Wile E. Coyote’s head.That’s the kind of player Harris is. Never a moment off.And who could forget the time Harris made Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck say to himself, “Oh, shit,” in that 2004 playoff game? On the heels of Hasselbeck announcing to Lambeau Field that he was going to “take the ball and score” in overtime, Harris jumped the route and ran down the sideline and into the end zone with one arm tucking the ball away and the other pointing one finger skyward. It instantly became one of the most memorable Packer moments in decades.It’s sad that I, and probably many others, can’t even remember Harris’ last game as a Packer. I had to look it up – it was November 22 of last year, when Green Bay hosted San Francisco. Harris gave up a long pass for a touchdown in that game, even though Michael Crabtree clearly pushed off in the end zone.And now, with Harris gone, the only beloved familiar face of the 2000s that remains is Donald Driver and perhaps Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher. Green Bay truly has a new identity now. There’s no more Favre, Green, Franks, Freeman, Sharper, Rivera, Whale, Gbaja-Biamila or Harris.The Packers have now truly donned a new identity for a new decade behind the faces of Rodgers, Matthews, Jennings and Collins.It’s almost becoming a clich?, but the NFL is indeed a business. So it goes. And here, in some of Beck’s last verses, we again picture Harris – even if we had to slightly change one of the words.Your setting sun/Your broken drum/Your little dreads/Never forget you.Elliot is a junior with an undecided major. How bummed were you to hear Harris was leaving Green Bay? Where did he rank among your favorite Packers? Send your thoughts to ehughes@badgerherald.com.last_img read more

NOAA’s Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars learning how to communicate scientific research at orientation week

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisAlpena — 13 of the brightest minds in the nation have gathered at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary to learn about a skill outside of the scientific realm, communication.Each year, the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars assemble at a different sanctuary throughout the nation for orientation. The group learns different tips and practices for speaking in front of crowds to work on their communication skills when presenting their dense research. Sarah Kienle is a fourth year scholar from the University of California Santa Cruz. She has been working on mastering her communication to help people understand her current research.“Not using a lot jargon so instead of saying ‘pinnipeds’ which is what I study, saying seals, sea lions, and walruses,” said Kienle. “[I’m] just trying to take some of the vocabulary that we use for scientific papers and scientific talks and actually boiling it down.”Three to four scholars are chosen each year, depending on if their research topic aligns with sanctuary issues and topics. Topics can range from ocean acidification to maritime archaeology. It boils down to what the sanctuary is protecting.  These students are working toward a masters degree or a doctorate. Over 200 people apply for one of these coveted spots. Orientation week helps the students learn how a sanctuary team works and how it functions all around.“We have a resource protection issue that we have to manage in national marine sanctuaries, so what is that research doing that is then informing the managers to make decisions on how to help protect that resource,” said NOAA Division Chief For Education and Outreach Kate Thompson.This week, a few of the scholars will present their topics of research at a Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary advisory board meeting. Four other scholars will present their topics on Thursday night at 7:00pm for the community.The week of education in communication is more than just giving speeches. Students will continue to learn how to share social media and blog posts on their topics. They will attempt to condense their work for television, radio, and newspaper interviews. The crew will also take the stage at Thunder Bay Theatre to learn acting techniques in order to conquer fears of public speaking. The knowledge assembled over the next two to four years will help the scholars make a difference in local communities, decision makers, sanctuary executives, and many more for years to come.“When I see [them] at the end of four years completely grow and come out of that scared, introverted shell and bloom into the person that can stand up there and confidently talk about their science in a way that people get, I get the goosebumps,” said Thompson.The Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarships honors the memory of Nancy Foster, a pioneer for the examination of underwater ecosystems and diversity in the workplace. Foster worked for NOAA for 23 years before passing away in 2000.Learn more about the scholarship by visiting the website https://fosterscholars.noaa.gov/aboutnf.htmlAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThis Tags: Communication, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars, Education and Outreach, friends of thunder bay national marine sanctuary, Kate Thompson, Nancy Foster, NOAA, research, Sarah Kienle, Science, Speech, Thunder Bay TheatreContinue ReadingPrevious What’s Trending for August 14Next Former superintendent of Farwell, Rogers City Schools locked-uplast_img read more

MLB trade rumors: Jays’ Marcus Stroman emotional after possible last Toronto start

first_imgWhen he left after the seventh inning, cheers and a standing ovation erupted from the stands of Rogers Centre, and Stroman yelled out “This is my house!” walking out.“Just thought it could be my last outing here,” Stroman told The Star. “I’ve always been emotional. I feel like I’ve had a pretty good tenure as a Blue Jay. Hopefully this will be my third year throwing 200 innings or more. I feel like I’ve pitched pretty well in the best division in baseball. There’s been no willingness from the front office to sign me, so I’ve just come to terms with it.” Related News MLB wrap: Record-tying second inning helps Cardinals keep pace with Cubs Stroman has been mentioned as a possible target for the Yankees, along with the Braves and Phillies.The loss was Stroman’s first since June 20 against the Rangers, ending a streak of five unbeaten starts. His ERA this season now is 2.96 with a 6-11 record.If Stroman is traded, he will join his second MLB team after spending five seasons with the Jays. He was drafted by Toronto 22nd overall in the 2012 draft, but stayed in the minors until he was called up in 2014. Stroman, 28, said the reality hit him that it could be his last start in front of a Toronto crowd and that he could be somewhere else by the July 31 deadline.“I realized that it could possibly been my last home start so definitely just wanted to show the crowd some love,” Stroman said. “Because the last six, seven years that I’ve been a Blue Jay, it’s been unbelievable. I don’t know what’s gonna happen here so I’m truly not trying to think about it, I’m just trying to take it day by day.” MLB trade rumors: Mets ‘open to dealing’ closer Edwin Diaz The Marcus Stroman era in Toronto might be over.Amid rumors that the Blue Jays are looking to move the pitcher, Stroman took the mound Wednesday night against the Indians, where he allowed one run in Cleveland’s eventual 4-0 win. MLB trade rumors: Yankees will not give up top prospect for anyone less than Noah Syndergaardlast_img read more