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Atlético descended 20 years ago into Hell of Segunda

first_imgThe Athletic starred make 20 years one of the saddest episodes of its history. The May 7, 2000 Atlético, trained by Antic, descended to Second Division. The silence in the stadium Carlos Tartiere from Oviedo it was sepulchral when the meeting ended. The 14,200 followers, many of them from Atlético, did not believe what was happening. The Madrid team had not beaten Oviedo and the final tie to two goals sent Atlético to Second. It was the chronicle of an announced death, but the decline was consummated in Oviedo, on matchday 36, and in front of an Atlético legend, Luis Aragones, who trained the Asturian team. There were images for the story, with players and fans crying to tears after the tragedy was consummated.Atlético also fell in the most cruel way. Equalized 2-0 with which Oviedo got ahead and Hasselbaink was 2-3 on a penalty kick. In the 84th minute he had victory in his boots but Esteban guessed the shot and avoided the goal that would have given Atlético the victory. A team that formed in Oviedo with an eleven full of important players, top-level footballers who always they will remember that encounter. Molina; Gaspar, Ayala (Valerón, 27 ‘), Gamarra, Capdevila; Aguilera, Bejbl (Baraja, 61 ‘), Hugo Leal, Solari (Luque, 45’); Kiko and Hasselbaink. Those were the footballers who played that day for Atlético. Oviedo scored 1-0 in the 25th minute thanks to Losada. Paulo Bento, from a penalty, made it 2-0 in 65 and in a final arreón Atlético equalized the game. Capdevila made it 2-1 in 72 and Hasselbaink equaled in 77. But he couldn’t win and the rest is already history.The Athletic equaled in the following match against Sevilla at home, in a match where the hobby showed gracefully your discomfort. And the championship ended winning in Mallorca. The Madrid club spent two years in hell and lived one of the great crises in its history. He had a hard time getting up and had to spend many seasons to to be among the greats of Spanish football again.last_img read more

Microsoft just acquired Mojang for 25 billion now owns Minecraft

first_imgLast week, rumors swirled about that Microsoft was going to purchase Mojang, the famed developer behind indie sensation Minecraft. It turns out the rumors are true, and Microsoft just announced that it has officially purchased Mojang for $2.5 billion.In total, around 54 million copies of Minecraft have been sold across all available platforms, from PC, to consoles, to mobile. Even though Minecraft made the jump to Microsoft’s game console before it made the jump to Sony’s, the game still isn’t available on Windows Phone — something that we can only assume will be rectified now that Microsoft officially owns the game. As of now, it appears as though Microsoft will allow the game to remain on competing platforms, such as iOS and the PS4.According to a post on Mojang’s website, Markus Persson, otherwise known as Notch — creator of Minecraft and majority shareholder in Mojang — feels that Mojang has grown too large over the years, and didn’t want the responsibility of owning a company “of such global significance.” Apparently, the pressure of owning Mojang and following in the footsteps of Minecraft’s success was “too much for him to handle.”Markus Persson, founder of Mojang.The founders of Mojang will be leaving the company after the completion of the deal — Persson, Carl Manneh, and Jakob Porser — though the majority of the staff is expected to stay for now.If you’re a fan of other Mojang projects, such as the online CCG Scrolls — which is actually good, but unfortunately had to compete with Hearthstone soon after release — the team doesn’t yet know what Microsoft is planning. The team also noted that, as far as anyone can tell at the moment, Microsoft isn’t planning on ruining the awesome community of Minecraft, and you’ll still be able to make and share your own creations — though the post did mention Minecraft will continue to evolve under Microsoft.As for the founders, Notch said in the post that he’ll go back to “Ludum Dares and small web experiments,” and if he ever “accidentally” makes something that gets popular, he’ll “probably abandon it immediately.” Notch does note that his current attitude toward game development is indeed directly contrary to what he has said in public in the past, and that he has no good response to that. We’re sure it also won’t be perceived well that Persson is whining about they very thing that caused his company to be purchased for $2.5 billion. Maybe he’ll come around sometime in the future.last_img read more