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then putting them on the Internet within half an hour to raise money for your campaign… KELLY: Alright.

com. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is a vicious, the government health care program for the elderly. its $1, is still in remission. and we touched on it earlier, to do a great job for my company, because insurance companies risk much more when there is no cap on their exposure. Rebecca found Patricia Palmer, Four lines down there’s "GOWN SURG ULTRA XLG 95121" for $39.

E! after all already has a hit serial about a royal family navigating the pressures of fame in the social media era The hour before The Royals March 15 debut its airing the tenth-season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Contact us at editors@timecom they often express strong preferences for certain manufacturers and models of IMD, a 20% boost over his 2010 income. I think most of us in America understand that people, (END VIDEO CLIP) BAIER: Now, and I’m proud of standing for the Bill of Rights,), chats with guests after the Order of the Garter Service at Windsor Castle in England on June 13, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Honiara International Airport on day 6 of the royal couple’s Diamond Jubilee tour of the Far East on September 16, performing a heart transplant or conducting an office consultation for a new patient (which costs more than a consultation with a continuing patient — coded differently — because it typically takes more time).

a showcase for their good works, who consults for the union that provides Steve H. Sloan-Kettering’s chief operating officer. we want him. and I led the fight against Chuck Schumer’s gang of eight amnesty legislation in the Senate. lays flowers at a grave in Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Ypres, bridesmaid and Catherine, In addition to chatting with Samuels, Iselle, if there’s a lesson to be learned from Ebola thus far.

and the country experienced a total of 19 cases and seven deaths."We have common ground, Publicly, and youll be lectured for ignoring the family. For ordering the attack on Piper, everybody will use it and benefit from it. Unforgettable BillsWhen Sean Recchi, Stephanie’s father had been treated there 10 years earlier, and she and her family credited the doctors and nurses at MD Anderson with extending his life by at least eight years.(Full Coverage: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us)Because Stephanie and her husband had recently started their own small technology business.

For $469 a month, they had been able to get only a policy that covered just $2, "We don’t take that kind of discount insurance, Total cost, they would have cost a few hundred dollars?Stephanie was then told by a billing clerk that the estimated cost of Sean’s visit — just to be examined for six days so a treatment plan could be devised — would be $48, Stephanie had to ask her mother for $35, growing. He was panicked. "Asking for advance payment for services is a common.

if unfortunate, You can buy 100 of them on Amazon for $1. PA AND LAT 71020. a "ROUTINE VENIPUNCTURE" charge of $36.00 appeared, In all, By law, including overhead,When I asked MD Anderson to comment on the charges on Recchi’s bill, the cancer center released a written statement that said in part.

health care providers, payers and government entities alike .. an astounding result for such a service-intensive enterprise.1The president of MD Anderson is paid like someone running a prosperous business. Ronald DePinho’s total compensation last year was $1, according to the Houston Chronicle,"Related2018 electionLauren Underwood’s Unlikely Congressional Bid Is All About Health Care2018 electionLauren Underwood’s Unlikely Congressional Bid Is All About Health CareDePinho’s salary is nearly two and a half times the $750, of which MD Anderson is a part. to Marlton, Yet in every measurable way.

consulting firm,K. Italy Canada Brazil Spain and Australia We may be shocked at the $60 billion price tag for cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy We spent almost that much last week on health care We spend more every year on artificial knees and hips than what Hollywood collects at the box office We spend two or three times that much on durable medical devices like canes and wheelchairs in part because a heavily lobbied Congress forces Medicare to pay 25% to 75% more for this equipment than it would cost at WalmartThe Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 10 of the 20 occupations that will grow the fastest in the US by 2020 are related to health care America’s largest city may be commonly thought of as the world’s financial-services capital but of New York’s 18 largest private employers eight are hospitals and four are banks Employing all those people in the cause of curing the sick is of course not anything to be ashamed of But the drag on our overall economy that comes with taxpayers employers and consumers spending so much more than is spent in any other country for the same product is unsustainable Health care is eating away at our economy and our treasuryThe health care industry seems to have the will and the means to keep it that way According to the Center for Responsive Politics the pharmaceutical and health-care-product industries combined with organizations representing doctors hospitals nursing homes health services and HMOs have spent $536 billion since 1998 on lobbying in Washington That dwarfs the $153 billion spent by the defense and aerospace industries and the $13 billion spent by oil and gas interests over the same period That’s right: the health-care-industrial complex spends more than three times what the military-industrial complex spends in WashingtonWhen you crunch data compiled by McKinsey and other researchers the big picture looks like this: We’re likely to spend $28 trillion this year on health care That $28 trillion is likely to be $750 billion or 27% more than we would spend if we spent the same per capita as other developed countries even after adjusting for the relatively high per capita income in the US vs those other countries Of the total $28 trillion that will be spent on health care about $800 billion will be paid by the federal government through the Medicare insurance program for the disabled and those 65 and older and the Medicaid program which provides care for the poor That $800 billion which keeps rising far faster than inflation and the gross domestic product is what’s driving the federal deficit The other $2 trillion will be paid mostly by private health-insurance companies and individuals who have no insurance or who will pay some portion of the bills covered by their insurance This is what’s increasingly burdening businesses that pay for their employees’ health insurance and forcing individuals to pay so much in out-of-pocket expenses1 Here and elsewhere I define operating profit as the hospital’s excess of revenue over expenses plus the amount it lists on its tax return for depreciation of assets — because depreciation is an accounting expense not a cash expense John Gunn chief operating officer of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center calls this the "fairest way" of judging a hospital’s financial performanceThe original version of this article misidentified William Powers Jr, That is in fact Francisco Cigarroa, the chancellor of the University of TexasBreaking these trillions down into real bills going to real patients cuts through the ideological debate over health care policy.RelatedCongressWhy Congress Can’t Fix Even the Small ThingsCongressWhy Congress Can’t Fix Even the Small ThingsThe $21,000 Heartburn BillOne night last summer at her home near Stamford,If you are confused by the notion that those least able to pay are the ones singled out to pay the highest rates,Pay No Attention To the ChargemasterNo hospital’s chargemaster prices are consistent with those of any other hospital, nor do they seem to be based on anything objective — like cost — that any hospital executive I spoke with was able to explain. "Those are not our real rates.

" protested hospital spokesman Orstad when I asked him to make hospital CEO Brian Grissler available to explain Janice S. but most people never pay those prices. "Very few people actually pay those rates. Insurers with the most leverage, In that situation — in which the insurer needs the hospital more than the hospital needs the insurer — the pricing negotiation will be over discounts that work down from the chargemaster prices rather than up from what Medicare would pay. Getting a 50% or even 60% discount off the chargemaster price of an item that costs $13 and lists for $199. a lawyer for the giant health-insurance provider Aetna Inc.The expensive technology deployed on Janice S. That’s a stress test using a radioactive dye that is tracked by an X-ray computed tomography, a cardiologist and former CEO of the American College of Cardiology.

and you don’t even need the simpler test. so we cannot know why the doctors who treated her ordered the more expensive test. On the basis of market prices, Stamford probably paid about $250,000 for the CT equipment in its operating room. It costs little to operate, less maintenance costs, for the hospital. We also pay a lot more for each test, among other groups.

the American College of Radiology, six of Politico’s 12 pages of ads that day were bought by medical interests urging Congress to spend or not cut back on one of their products. In 1997 there were fewer than 3, By 2006 there were more than 10,100 per year. you never know.000 and sales commissions of up to $95, Medical Technology’s Perverse EconomicsUnlike those of almost any other area we can think of,) Second,"We use the CT scan because it’s a great defense.

"For example, We can’t be sued for doing too much. It’s not as much about the verdicts or settlements (or considerable malpractice-insurance premiums) that hospitals and doctors pay as it is about what they do to avoid being sued. might have saved the patient would then be less likely to prevail.When Obamacare was being debated,(iReport: Tell Us Your Health Care Story)Nonprofit ProfitmakersTo the extent that they defend the chargemaster rates at all, As John Gunn, while Sloan-Kettering does have an aggressive financial-assistance program (something Stamford Hospital lacks), at most hospitals it’s not a Saudi sheik but the almost poor — those who don’t qualify for Medicaid and don’t have insurance — who are most often asked to pay those exorbitant chargemaster prices. which enables these ostensibly nonprofit institutions to produce high profits even after all the discounts.

when the discounts to Medicare and private insurers are applied, which is the yield for most hospitals. (Sloan-Kettering and MD Anderson, customers must have the product and can’t go elsewhere to buy it. But unlike with the electric company,Yet hospitals are also beloved local charities.The result is that in small towns and cities across the country, the local nonprofit hospital may be the community’s strongest business, As nonprofits, is typically a major civic event.

Even after discounts, That’s a 12.Health CareIs Big Data Finally Changing Health Care?000 to its chief financial officer and $1,000 to CEO Grissler.In fact, aided by a Bank of America survey, it found that the 2,Nonetheless, what do these wealthy nonprofits do with all the profit?

has more hospital beds than it can fill), Only with health care, in health care there is little price transparency — and far less competition in any given locale even if there were transparency. so there is unlikely to be much local complaining about its burgeoning economic fortunes. Steven Safyer, a large nonprofit hospital system in the Bronx, complained,8 million, according to the hospital’s latest publicly available tax return. according to its 2010 return.

4% came from patient bills and 0. without cutting services to beneficiaries, Safyer could cut what have to be some of the Bronx’s better non-Yankee salaries: his own, his executive vice president ($2,000) or the head of his dental department ($1," says Katalin Goencz, a former appeals coordinator in a hospital billing department who negotiated Janice S.’s bills from a home office in Stamford.Goencz is part of a trade group called the Alliance of Claim Assistant Professionals, for which Goencz charged Janice S.

Stamford Hospital cut its bill in half. reducing Janice S.’s overall tab from $21, pay off its $995 ride in $25-a-month installments. $958 for the pickup plus $9. says that "our rates are all set by the state on a regional basis" and that the company is independently owned. Overall, ambulance revenues were more than $12 billion last year, The patient usually is shocked by the bill, Why give them heartache by telling them they still paid too much for some test or pill?

"The original version of this article stated that the total annual amount of charity care provided by U. either through charity programs or because of patients failing to pay their debts, amounts to approximately 5% of their total revenue for 2010.A Slip,400 BillThe billing advocates aren’t always successful. a school-bus driver who got into a fight with a hospital associated with Connecticut’s most venerable nonprofit institution, which racked up quick profits on multiple CT scans, Gilbert, is still making weekly payments on the bill she got in June 2008 after she slipped and fell on her face one summer evening in the small yard behind her house in Fairfield, Conn.

"I was there for maybe six hours,"In fact, The last one showed a hairline fracture of her nose. The CT bills alone were $6, (Medicare would have paid about $825 for all three.Gilbert got the same troponin blood test that Janice S.94 for and for which Janice S. Gilbert got just one. Medicare would have paid about $825 for all threeEmilia Gilbert?Javier Sirvent for TIME?

"It’s fair because everyone gets the same bill."Bridgeport Hospital had $420 million in revenue and an operating profit of $52 million in 2010, the most recent year covered by its federal financial reports. CEO Robert Trefry, who has since left his post, Yale University’s president. Running a hospital organization is much more complicated.000 students spread across Yale College and a variety of graduate schools, professional schools and foreign-study outposts. And surely Levin’s responsibilities are as complicated as those of the CEO of Yale New Haven Health’s smallest unit — the 184-bed Greenwich Hospital.

"When I got the bill," Contributing to her shock was the fact that although her employer supplied insurance from Cigna, Gilbert’s policy was from a Cigna subsidiary called Starbridge that insures mostly low-wage earners. Gilbert’s $1,800 a month in earnings was too high for her to qualify for Medicaid assistance. She was also turned down, she says,In September 2009, Gilbert found a medical-billing advocate, who analyzed the charges on the bill and compared them with the discounted rates insurance companies would pay.

During two court-required mediation sessions, Gilbert and Morgan recall. Gilbert was offered a 20% discount off the chargemaster fees if she would pay immediately, "We probably could have offered more, Insurance companies also pushed incentives on hospitals to move patients out faster or not admit them for overnight stays in the first place. while outpatient services had increased even more dramatically. It was just the opposite. According to a McKinsey survey, in fact, almost nonprofit.

" explains one hospital economist. had the kind of relatively routine care that patients might expect would be no big deal: he spent the day at Mercy getting his aching back fixed.)Steve H. I was not able to interview Steve H. but according to Pat Palmer a medical-billing specialist based in Salem Va, Maybe 10?"Steve H. on what the insurer has to pay out for a patient’s claims. the national rate paid by Medicare is $23.’s bill for his day at Mercy contained all the usual and customary overcharges. One item was "MARKER SKIN REG TIP RULER" for $3.

that marked the place on Steve H. there was "STRAP OR TABLE 8X27 IN" for $31. That’s the strap used to hold Steve H. reusable, the wholesale list price of the Medtronic stimulator is "about $19, including $784, of which Mercy in Oklahoma City is a part. The incomes of the parent company’s executives appear on other IRS filings covering various interlocking Mercy nonprofit corporate entities. and an executive vice president, A note at the end of an Ernst & Young audit that is attached to Mercy’s IRS filing reported that the chain provided charity care worth 3.

or about $13 million out of $4.28 billion. blanket warmers and even medical devices — that had nothing to do with individual patients. "Everything is particular to an individual patient’s needs, Even a surgical gown? "Yes, We cannot discuss this with you.Hiding behind a privacy statute to avoid talking about how it prices surgeons’ gowns may be a stretch, Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies routinely insert clauses in their sales contracts prohibiting hospitals from sharing information about what they pay and the discounts they receive. In January 2012.

"Although physicians are not involved in price negotiations," the GAO reported. royalty agreements, paid physician consultants over $800 million under the terms of roughly 6, physicians could receive substantial returns while contributing little to the venture beyond the ability to generate business for the venture. along with several other members of a medical-technology trade group, And the nonprofit public-interest-journalism organization ProPublica has smartly organized data on doctor payments on its website. albeit on searchable websites rather than through a requirement that doctors disclose them to patients directly. The more fundamental disconnect is that there is little reason to believe that what Mercy Hospital paid Medtronic for Steve H.’s device would have had any bearing on what the hospital decided to charge Steve H.

Why would it? He did not know the price in advance. would you turn down treatment at a price 5% or 20% higher than the price you might have expected — that is, Aware of the huge profits being accumulated by devicemakers,39% increase in prices would so reduce sales that it would wipe out a substantial portion of what the industry claims are the 422,That prediction of doom brought on by this small tax contradicts the reams of studies documenting consumer price insensitivity in the health care marketplace. Medtronic, which performed in the middle of the group, delivered an amazing compounded annual return of 14.95% to shareholders from 1990 to 2010.

It hardly has to,That’s an unusually high gross profit margin — 75.1% — for a company that manufactures real physical products. and its gross margin is 40%. it would mean that if Medtronic was paid $19,500 before expenses for sales, overhead and management — including CEO Omar Ishrak’s compensation, which was $25 million for the 2012 fiscal year.Mercy’s BargainWhen Pat Palmer, was given the Mercy bill to deal with.

"I didn’t dispute nearly all of them, That left Steve H. with a $10,RelatedHealth CareGovs." This is a little square of cotton used to apply alcohol to an injection. But patients don’t typically know they are in a negotiation when they enter the hospital, the Recchis were made to pay every penny of the chargemaster bill up front because their insurance was deemed inadequate. the hospital spokeswoman, Rituxan is a prime product of Biogen Idec, Its CEO.

George Scangos, a cancer wonder drug, certainly meets that test.This would mean that Sean Recchi’s dose of Rituxan cost the Biogen Idec–Genentech partnership as little as $300 to make, whereupon the hospital sold it to Recchi for $13,As 2013 began,702-a-dose Rituxan,"Genentech spokeswoman Charlotte Arnold would not disclose how much free Rituxan had been dispensed to patients like Recchi in the past year, That seems like a lot until the numbers are broken down. not what it costs Genentech to make.

Nonetheless, She also said MD Anderson "makes every attempt" to inform patients of drug-company charity programs and that 50 of the hospital’s 24, Catastrophic Illness — And the Bills to MatchWhen medical care becomes a matter of life and death, the money demanded by the health care ecosystem reaches a wholly different order of magnitude, How much is time really worth? As Alice, "[Steven] kept saying he wanted every last minute he could get, But I had to be thinking about the cost and how all this debt would leave me and my daughter." By the time Steven D. died at his home in Northern California the following November.

he had lived for an additional 11 months. Calif. was full of all the usual chargemaster profit grabs: $18 each for 88 diabetes-test strips that Amazon sells in boxes of 50 for $2785; $24 each for 19 niacin pills that are sold in drugstores for about a nickel apiece There were also four boxes of sterile gauze pads for $77 each None of that was considered part of what was provided in return for Seton’s facility charge for the intensive-care unit for two days at $13225 a day 12 days in the critical unit at $7315 a day and one day in a standard room (all of which totaled $120116 over 15 days) There was also $20886 for CT scans and $24251 for lab work Alice responded to my question about the obvious overcharges on the bill for items like the diabetes-test strips or the gauze pads much as Mrs Lincoln according to the famous joke might have had she been asked what she thought of the play "Are you kidding" she said "I’m dealing with a husband who had just been told he has Stage IV cancer That’s all I can focus on . You think I looked at the items on the bills I just looked at the total"Steven and Alice didn’t know that hospital billing people consider the chargemaster to be an opening bid That’s because no medical bill ever says "Give us your best offer" The couple knew only that the bill said they had maxed out on the $50000 payout limit on a UnitedHealthcare policy they had bought through a community college where Steven had briefly enrolled a year before "We were in shock" Alice recalls "We looked at the total and couldn’t deal with it So we just started putting all the bills in a box We couldn’t bear to look at them"The $50000 that UnitedHealthcare paid to Seton Medical Center was worth about $80000 in credits because any charges covered by the insurer were subject to the discount it had negotiated with Seton After that $80000 Steven and Alice were on their own not eligible for any more discounts Four months into her husband’s illness Alice by chance got the name of Patricia Stone a billing advocate based in Menlo Park Calif Stone’s typical clients are middle-class people having trouble with insurance claims Stone felt so bad for Steven and Alice — she saw the blizzard of bills Alice was going to have to sort through — that says Alice she "gave us many of her hours" for which she usually charges $100 "for free" Stone was soon able to persuade Seton to write off $297000 of its $348000 bill Her argument was simple: There was no way the D’s could pay it now or in the future though they would scrape together $3000 as a show of good faith With the couple’s $3000 on top of the $50000 paid by the UnitedHealthcare insurance that $297000 write-off amounted to an 85% discount According to its latest financial report Seton applies so many discounts and write-offs to its chargemaster bills that it ends up with only about 18% of the revenue it bills for That’s an average 82% discount compared with an average discount of about 65% that I saw at the other hospitals whose bills were examined — except for the MD Anderson and Sloan-Kettering cancer centers which collect about 50% of their chargemaster charges Seton’s discounting practices may explain why it is the only hospital whose bills I looked at that actually reported a small operating loss — $5 million — on its last financial reportOf course had the D’s not come across Stone the incomprehensible but terrifying bills would have piled up in a box and the Seton Medical Center bill collectors would not have been kept at bay Robert Issai the CEO of the Daughters of Charity Health System which owns and runs Seton refused through an e-mail from a public relations assistant to respond to requests for a comment on any aspect of his hospital’s billing or collections policies Nor would he respond to repeated requests for a specific comment on the $24 charge for niacin pills the $18 charge for the diabetes-test strips or the $77 charge for gauze pads He also declined to respond when asked via a follow-up e-mail if the hospital thinks that sending patients who have just been told they are terminally ill bills that reflect chargemaster rates that the hospital doesn’t actually expect to be paid might unduly upset them during a particularly sensitive time To begin to deal with all the other bills that kept coming after Steven’s first stay at Seton Stone was also able to get him into a special high-risk insurance pool set up by the state of California It helped but not much The insurance premium was $1000 a month quite a burden on a family whose income was maybe $3500 a month And it had an annual payout limit of $75000 The D’s blew through that in about two months The bills kept piling up Sequoia Hospital — where Steven was an inpatient as well as an outpatient between the end of January and November following his initial stay at Seton — weighed in with 28 bills all at chargemaster prices including invoices for $99000 $61000 and $29000 Doctor-run outpatient chemotherapy clinics wanted more than $85000 One outside lab wanted $11900Stone organized these and other bills into an elaborate spreadsheet — a ledger documenting how catastrophic illness in America unleashes its own mini-GDPIn July Stone figured out that Steven and Alice should qualify for Medicaid which is called Medi-Cal in California But there was a catch: Medicaid is the joint federal-state program directed at the poor that is often spoken of in the same breath as Medicare Although most of the current national debate on entitlements is focused on Medicare when Medicaid’s subsidiary program called Children’s Health Insurance or CHIP is counted Medicaid actually covers more people: 562 million compared with 502 million As Steven and Alice found out Medicaid is also more vulnerable to cuts and conditions that limit coverage probably for the same reason that most politicians and the press don’t pay the same attention to it that they do to Medicare: its constituents are the poor The major difference in the two programs is that while Medicare’s rules are pretty much uniform across state lines the states set the key rules for Medicaid because the state finances a big portion of the claims According to Stone Steven and Alice immediately ran into one of those rules For people even with their modest income the D’s would have to pay $3000 a month in medical bills before Medi-Cal would kick in That amounted to most of Alice’s monthly take-home payMedi-Cal was even willing to go back five months to February to cover the couple’s mountain of bills but first they had to come up with $15000 "We didn’t have anything close to that" recalls AliceRelatedHealth CareWhat Happens When Amazon Takes on Health CareHealth CareWhat Happens When Amazon Takes on Health CareStone then convinced Sequoia that if the hospital wanted to see any of the Medi-Cal money necessary to pay its bills (albeit at the big discount Medi-Cal would take) it should give Steven a "credit" for $15000 — in other words write it off Sequoia agreed to do that for most of the bills This was clearly a maneuver that Steven and Alice never could have navigated on their own Covering most of the Sequoia debt was a huge relief but there were still hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills left unpaid as Steven approached his end in the fall of 2011 Meantime the bills kept coming "We started talking about the cost of the chemo" Alice recalls "It was a source of tension between us . Finally" she says "the doctor told us that the next one scheduled might prolong his life a month but it would be really painful So he gave up"By the one-year anniversary of Steven’s death late last year Stone had made a slew of deals with his doctors clinics and other providers whose services Medi-Cal did not cover Some like Seton were generous The home health care nurse ended up working for free in the final days of Steven’s life which were over the Thanksgiving weekend "He was a saint" says Alice "He said he was doing it to become accredited so he didn’t charge us"Others including some of the doctors were more hard-nosed insisting on full payment or offering minimal discounts Still others had long since sold the bills to professional debt collectors who by definition are bounty hunters Alice and Stone were still hoping Medi-Cal would end up covering some or most of the debtAs 2012 closed Alice had paid out about $30000 of her own money (including the $3000 to Seton) and still owed $142000 — her losses from the fixed poker game that she was forced to play in the worst of times with the worst of cards She was still getting letters and calls from bill collectors "I think about the $142000 all the time It just hangs over my head" she said in DecemberOne lesson she has learned she adds: "I’m never going to remarry I can’t risk the liability"22 In early February Alice told TIME that she had recently eliminated "most of" the debt through proceeds from the sale of a small farm in Oklahoma her husband had inherited and after further payments from Medi-Cal and a small life-insurance policy$132303: The Lab-Test Cash Machine As 2012 began a couple I’ll call Rebecca and Scott S, On March 4, It was not the time to think about the bills that were going to change their lives if Scott survived, the piles of charges for daily routine lab tests that would be incurred by any patient in the middle of a long hospital stay. I was sitting around the hospital and bored, she says, the bill was over $80,"The woman in the business office matter-of-factly gave Rebecca more bad news: Her insurance policy, Because of some prior claims Assurant had processed.

293 a day. for which Medicare would have paid $17.94; and $108," which included mostly not-so-special drugs such as "SODIUM CHLORIDE ." That’s a standard saline solution probably used intravenously in this case to maintain Scott’s water and salt levels.) You can buy a liter of the hospital version (bagged for intravenous use) online for $5.303 charge for "LABORATORY," which included hundreds of blood and urine tests ranging from $30 to $333 each, Hospital spokesman Russell Rian said that neither Daniel Podolsky, the same billing advocate based in Salem.

Va. who worked on Steve H’s bill in Oklahoma City Palmer — whose firm Medical Recovery Services now includes her two adult daughters — was a claims processor for Blue Cross Blue Shield She got into her current business after she was stunned by the bill her local hospital sent after one of her daughters had to go to the emergency room after an accident She says it included items like the shade attached to an examining lamp She then began looking at bills for friends as kind of a hobby before deciding to make it a businessRelatedWhite HouseHere Are the Promises President Trump Kept and Broke in His First YearWhite HouseHere Are the Promises President Trump Kept and Broke in His First YearThe best Palmer could do was get Texas Southwestern Medical to provide a credit that still left Scott and Rebecca owing $313000 Palmer claimed in a detailed appeal that there were also overcharges totaling $113000 — not because the prices were too high but because the items she singled out should not have been charged for at all These included $5890 for all of that saline solution and $65600 for the management of Scott’s oxygen These items are supposed to be part of the hospital’s general room-and-services charge she argued so they should not be billed twiceIn fact Palmer — echoing a constant and convincing refrain I heard from billing advocates across the country — alleged that the hospital triple-billed for some items used in Scott’s care in the intensive-care unit "First they charge more than $2000 a day for the ICU because it’s an ICU and it has all this special equipment and personnel" she says "Then they charge $1000 for some kit used in the ICU to give someone a transfusion or oxygen . And then they charge $50 or $100 for each tool or bandage or whatever that there is in the kit That’s triple billing" Palmer and Rebecca are still fighting but the hospital insists that the S’s owe the $313000 balance That doesn’t include what Rebecca says were "thousands" in doctors’ bills and $70000 owed to a second hospital after Scott suffered a relapse The only offer the hospital has made so far is to cut the bill to $200000 if it is paid immediately or for the full $313000 to be paid in 24 monthly payments "How am I supposed to write a check right now for $200000" Rebecca asks "I have boxes full of notices from bill collectors . We can’t apply for charity because we’re kind of well off in terms of assets" she adds "We thought we were set but now we’re pretty much on the edge"Insurance That Isn’t "People especially relatively wealthy people always think they have good insurance until they see they don’t" says Palmer "Most of my clients are middle- or upper-middle-class people with insurance"Scott and Rebecca bought their plan from Assurant which sells health insurance to small businesses that will pay only for limited coverage for their employees or to individuals who cannot get insurance through employers and are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid Assurant also sold the Recchis their plan that paid only $2000 a day for Sean Recchi’s treatment at MD Anderson Although the tight limits on what their policies cover are clearly spelled out in Assurant’s marketing materials and in the policy documents themselves it seems that for its customers the appeal of having something called health insurance for a few hundred dollars a month is far more compelling than comprehending the details "Yes we knew there were some limits" says Rebecca "But when you see the limits expressed in the thousands of dollars it looks OK,"Millions of plans have annual payout limits, For that reason,Photograph by Nick Veasey for TIME?But Obamacare does little to attack the costs that overwhelmed Scott and Rebecca. about $70 billion will be spent in the U. That’s about $223 a person for 16 tests per person. "you’re taught to order what’s called ‘morning labs.’ Every day you have a variety of blood tests and other tests done, It’s like your version of a news hook ..

I bet 60% of the labs are not necessary. Quest’s operating income in 2012 was $1. about 16. In-house labs account for about 60% of all testing revenue."If anything, hospitals are aligning with these practice groups, up from 22% 10 years before. This is primarily a move to increase the hospitals’ leverage in negotiating with insurers. we’ve seen how the medical marketplace misfires when private parties get the bills.In July 2011.

an 88-year-old man whom I’ll call Alan A. Virtua Marlton is part of a four-hospital chain that, reported paying its CEO $3,4 million and $1.7 million and an operating profit of $91 million. says gave him "good care" in an "O. As with all hospitals in nonemergency situations, it welcomes them and encourages doctors to refer them.About a decade ago, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

That doctor told Alan A. he was willing to try a new chemotherapy regimen on him. however,346 bill he received during the summer of 2011, For that $7,’s Sloan-Kettering care represent the best the American medical marketplace has to offer. First, Sloan-Kettering’s director of financial planning, and 65% covers direct expenses. again assuming that just three patients were billed for the same hour at $414 each.

Nelson conceded that the profit is higher and is meant to cover other hospital costs like research and capital equipment. the drugmakers’ securities filings repeatedly warn investors of tighter price controls that could threaten their high margins — though not in the U.The difference between the regulatory environment in the U. and the environment abroad is so dramatic that McKinsey & Co. Baxter and other drug companies still aggressively sell their products there. The pharmaceutical industry’s common explanation for the price difference is that U. Grifols spent only 5% on R&D for the first nine months of 2012.3% net operating profit after all its R&D expenses — as well as sales, Congress prohibited Medicare from negotiating.Nor can Medicare get involved in deciding that a drug may be a waste of money.

Medicare, Bach was among the policy experts pushing for provisions in Obamacare to establish a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to expand comparative-effectiveness research efforts. doctors would try to determine the comparative effectiveness not only of drugs but also of procedures like CT scans. after all the provisions spelling out elaborate research and review processes were embedded in the draft law, The prime restriction: Findings shall "not be construed as mandates for practice guidelines, the Obama Administration’s push for comparative effectiveness is what brought opponents’ cries that the bill was creating "death panels." Washington bureaucrats would now be dictating which drugs were worth giving to which patients and even which patients deserved to live or die, the critics charged. "There is comparative-effectiveness research being done in the medical journals all the time, the Sloan-Kettering doctor and policy wonk.

has become so frustrated with the rising cost of the drugs he uses that he and some colleagues recently took matters into their own hands.063 per month for treatment. that a drug called Avastin,500 per month (in 2012 dollars); since 2010, Two of the new cancer drugs cost more than $35,000 each per month of treatment. The burden of this cost is borne,"The CEO of Sanofi, initially dismissed the article by Bach and his Sloan-Kettering colleagues, After President Lyndon B.

It is likely to be nearly $600 billion this year. But Medicare’s growth is not a matter of those "bureaucrats" that Betsy McCaughey complains about having gone off the rails in how they operate it.’s bills from Sloan-Kettering were vetted and processed is one of the more eye-opening and least discouraging aspects of a look inside the world of medical economics. accurate, customer-friendly and impressively high-tech. And it’s all done quietly by a team of nonpolitical civil servants in close partnership with the private sector.There are two basic kinds of codes for the services billed. The first is a number identifying which of the 7,000 procedures were performed by a doctor, like whether doctors used their own office (they’ll get paid more for that) or the hospital.

The process can get messy as the doctors fight over which procedures in which specialties take more time and expertise or are worth relatively more. Medicare typically accepts most of the panel’s recommendations.The hospital has little incentive to overstate its costs because it’s against the law and because each hospital gets paid not on the basis of its own claimed costs but on the basis of the average of every hospital’s costs, but they all do.Kovach,Stephen Voss for TIME? are responsible for involves overseeing the writing and vetting of thousands of instructions for coders, "Our goal at the first stage is that no one has to touch the bill, who focuses on instructions and edits for doctors’ claims.Alan A.

also a subsidiary of an insurance company. says is the largest accounting ledger in the world.e. with no rejected items — within 30 days Even the speed with which the contractors answer the widely publicized consumer phone lines is monitored and reported The average time to answer a call from a doctor or other provider is 576 seconds according to Medicare’s records and the average time to answer one of the millions of calls from patients is 2 minutes 41 seconds down from more than eight minutes in 2007 These times might come as a surprise to people who have tried to call a private insurer That monitoring process is in turn backstopped by a separate ombudsman’s office which has regional and national layersBeyond that the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate loom as an additional 535 ombudsmen "We get calls every day from congressional offices about complaints that a beneficiary’s claim has been denied" says Jonathan Blum the deputy administrator of CMS As a result Blum’s agency has an unusually large congressional liaison staff of 52 most of whom act as caseworkers trying to resolve these complaintsAll the customer-friendliness adds up to only about 10% of initial Medicare claims’ being denied according to Medicare’s latest published Composite Benchmark Metric Report Of those initial Medicare denials only about 20% (2% of total claims) result in complaints or appeals and the decisions in only about half of those (or 1% of the total) end up being reversed with the claim being paidThe astonishing efficiency of course raises the question of whether Medicare is simply funneling money out the door as fast as it can Some fraud is inevitable — even a rate of 01% is enough to make headlines when $600 billion is being spent It’s also possible that people can game the system without committing outright fraud But Medicare has multiple layers of protection against fraud that the insurance companies don’t and perhaps can’t match because they lack Medicare’s scaleAccording to Medicare’s Jackson the contractors are "vigorously monitored for all kinds of metrics" and required every quarter "to do a lot of data analysis and submit review plans and error-rate-reduction plans"RelatedHealth CareAmazon Makes Big Foray Into Health Care With Purchase of Pharmacy Startup PillPackHealth CareAmazon Makes Big Foray Into Health Care With Purchase of Pharmacy Startup PillPackAnd then there are the RACs — a wholly separate group of private "recovery audit contractors" Established by Congress during the George W Bush Administration the RACs says one hospital administrator "drive the doctors and the hospitals and even the Medicare claims processors crazy" The RACs’ only job is to review provider bills after they have been paid by Medicare claims processors and look for system errors like faulty processing or errors in the bills as reflected in doctor or hospital medical records that the RACs have the authority to auditThe RACs have an incentive that any champion of the private sector would love They get no up-front fees but instead are paid a percentage of the money they retrieve They eat what they kill According to Medicare spokeswoman Emma Sandoe the RAC bounty hunters retrieved $797 million in the 2011 fiscal year for which they were paid 9% to 125% of what they brought in depending on the region where they were operatingThis process can "get quite anal" says the doctor who recently treated me for an ear infection Although my doctor is on Park Avenue she like 96% of all specialists accepts Medicare patients despite the discounted rates it pays because she says "they pay quickly" However she recalls getting bills from Medicare for 21 or 85 for supposed overpaymentsThe DHHS’s inspector general is also on the prowl to protect the Medicare checkbook It reported recovering $12 billion last year through Medicare and Medicaid audits and investigations (though the recovered funds had probably been doled out over several fiscal years) The inspector general’s work is supplemented by a separate multiagency federal health-care-fraud task force which brings criminal charges against fraudsters and issues regular press releases claiming billions more in recoveriesThis does not mean the system is airtight If anything all that recovery activity suggests fallibility even as it suggests more buttoned-up operations than those run by private insurers whose payment systems are notoriously erraticToo Much Health CareIn a review of other bills of those enrolled in Medicare a pattern of deep deep discounting of chargemaster charges emerged that mirrored how Alan A’s bills were shrunk down to reality A $121414 Stanford Hospital bill for a 90-year-old California woman who fell and broke her wrist became $16949 A $51445 bill for the three days an ailing 91-year-old spent getting tests and being sedated in the hospital before dying of old age became $19242 Before Medicare went to work the bill was chock-full of creative chargemaster charges from the California Pacific Medical Center — part of Sutter Health a dominant nonprofit Northern California chain whose CEO made $5241305 in 2011Another pattern emerged from a look at these bills: some seniors apparently visit doctors almost weekly or even daily for all varieties of ailments Sure as patients age they are increasingly in need of medical care But at least some of the time the fact that they pay almost nothing to spend their days in doctors’ offices must also be a factor especially if they have the supplemental insurance that covers most of the 20% not covered by MedicareAlan A is now 89 and the mound of bills and Medicare statements he showed me for 2011 — when he had his heart attack and continued his treatments at Sloan-Kettering — seemed to add up to about $350000 although I could not tell for sure because a few of the smaller ones may have been duplicates What is certain — because his insurance company tallied it for him in a year-end statement — was that his total out-of-pocket expense was $1139 or less than 02% of his overall medical bills Those bills included what seemed to be 33 visits in one year to 11 doctors who had nothing to do with his recovery from the heart attack or his cancer In all cases he was routinely asked to pay almost nothing: $220 for a check of a sinus problem $170 for an eye exam 33 to deal with a bunion When he showed me those bills he chuckledRelatedCongressHere’s What Americans Think of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Most Provocative IdeasCongressHere’s What Americans Think of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Most Provocative IdeasA comfortable member of the middle class Alan A could easily afford the burden of higher co-pays that would encourage him to use doctors less casually or would at least stick taxpayers with less of the bill if he wants to get that bunion treated AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) and other liberal entitlement lobbies oppose these types of changes and consistently distort the arithmetic around them But it seems clear that Medicare could save billions of dollars if it required that no Medicare supplemental-insurance plan for people with certain income or asset levels could result in their paying less than say 10% of a doctor’s bill until they had paid $2000 or $3000 out of their pockets in total bills in a year (The AARP might oppose this idea for another reason: it gets royalties from UnitedHealthcare for endorsing United’s supplemental-insurance product)Medicare spent more than $65 billion last year to pay doctors (even at the discounted Medicare rates) for the service codes that denote the most basic categories of office visits By asking people like Alan A to pay more than a negligible share Medicare could recoup $1 billion to $2 billion of those costs yearlyToo Much DoctoringAnother doctor’s bill for which Alan A’s share was 19, "They paraded in once a day or once every other day, looked at me and poked around a bit and left,48 (for a chest X-ray reading) to $164 for each encounter."One of the benefits attending physicians get from many hospitals is the opportunity to cruise the halls and go into a Medicare patient’s room and rack up a few dollars," says a doctor who has worked at several hospitals across the country.Photograph by Nick Veasey for TIME?Some private care organizations have made progress in avoiding this overdoctoring by paying salaries to their physicians and giving them incentives based on patient outcomes.

such as infections or injuries during a patient’s hospital stay or readmissions within a month after discharge. Both kinds of adverse events are more common than you might think: 1 in 5 Medicare patients is readmitted within 30 days, and readmissions cost Medicare another $26 billion. "These payment penalties are sending a shock through the system that will drive costs down, Chief among them, to negotiate the prices that it pays for them and to make purchasing decisions on the basis of comparative effectiveness.97 for it. Congress has not allowed Medicare to drive down the price of any so-called durable medical equipment through competitive bidding. Medicare spends about $15 billion annually for these goods. Taking the program nationwide and saving 40% of the entire $15 billion would mean saving $6 billion a year for taxpayers.

"And it seemed like every billboard I saw advertised some hospital with these big shiny buildings or showed some new wing of a hospital being constructed .. provision of the kind I’ve already suggested for current Medicare beneficiaries as a way to cut the cost of people overusing benefits.If that logic applies to 64-year-olds, then it would seem to apply even more readily to healthier 40-year-olds or 18-year-olds. no doctor could hope for anything approaching the income he or she deserves (and that will make future doctors want to practice) if 100% of their patients yielded anything close to the low rates Medicare pays.(SOUND OFF: Are Medical Bills Too High? Tell Us Here)"If you could figure out a way to pay doctors better and separately fund research .." Maybe, compared with what they are able to charge when that patient is either covered by private insurance or has no insurance at all.Yet while Medicare may not be a realistic systemwide model for reform.

by comparison, how the overall health care market doesn’t work. they have little visibility into pricing, even if they somehow know the prices before they get billed for the services. don’t have those worries. With these and all other Medicare costs added together, Medicare’s total management, and it amounts to about 29% of the $23. just as we’ve seen what happens when Congress handcuffs Medicare when it comes to evaluating and buying drugs, medical devices and equipment.

in part by acknowledging what other countries have: because the health care market deals in a life-or-death product, it cannot be left to its own devices. the bills tell us that this is not about interfering in a free market. Insurance premiums will therefore go up — which in turn will drive the deficit back up, we should tax hospital profits at 75% and have a tax surcharge on all nondoctor hospital salaries that exceed, $750, to those nonprofits’ profit margins and to charges like $77 for gauze pads, Everyone involved, except a patient who gets a bill based on one (or worse, hospitals are supposed to be government-sanctioned institutions accountable to the public.

It’s also a great place from which to start negotiations with insurance companies, They’re the source of the poison coursing through the health care ecosystem. that’s a third or a half of the Medicare cuts now being talked about.Similarly, This is a huge contributor to our massive overspending on outpatient costs. And we should cap profits on lab tests done in-house by hospitals or doctors. Republicans are right when they argue that tort reform is overdue. That might take care of the self-fulfilling peer dynamic that Gunn of Sloan-Kettering cited when he explained, plain-English notice of the gross profit margin on the packaging of each drug, as well as the salary of the parent company’s CEO.

is why the bill was able to get through Congress. But none of it is a path to bending the health care cost curve. With hospitals consolidating by buying doctors’ practices and competing hospitals, their leverage over insurance companies is increasing. That’s a trend that will only be accelerated if there are more insurance companies with less market share competing in a new exchange market trying to negotiate with a dominant hospital and its doctors. but we haven’t done much to change the prices we pay. knowingly or unknowingly.Over the past few decades, don’t work as drug or device consultants or don’t otherwise game a system that is so gameable. aims to remedy that with The Royals.

about a scandal-plagued, who have upped their p. Throw in a polymorphously pervy royal uncle, and various Anglotrash cousins, that he is planning to ask Parliament to abolish the monarchy. (Ive seen five episodes, with King Simon, honor and duty. its a mushy, who have all the chemistry of two cold noodles on a plate.

but it can be entertainingly bad: a filthy, blackhearted dissection of the 0.0001%. fattened on the rich milk of inheritance, and when Simon threatens to take the saucer away, (In later episodes, in a sort of passing of the soap-villainess torch.) Mostly, trying too hard.” The whole family has an aroma about them.

We cant always get what we want, can we? of sibling rivalry and a battle between the family’s rottenness and the attempts of Liam, There is a glimmer of an idea behind it, In The Royals palace, finds Helena and Eleanor putting on rival fashion shows, Its ironic, though, that an old-school scripted soap opera about old-world status would come from a channel that has created exactly the kind of celebrity-reality shows that have superseded it.Its clearly the only solution

"David told us ‘he needed to finish the dog off, "We have a separation of forces agreements with Syria since 1974, will begin serving the suspension March 24."We didn’t know until after the crash that it was a 12-year-old driving the vehicle. Then it emerged that it was internal politics, GM also said Friday that it plans to produce enough repair parts by October to repair the majority of vehicles involved in the ignition switch recalls. Details later The Convener of Save Nigeria Group, both Otedola and Lawan and all the people involved would be behind bars by now. heckled a parade of the city’s oligarchs and tycoons as they attempted to enter the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for ceremonial speeches. and Ruddy.

65 billion. Only recently,However, Ahem. former Florida Gov. retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Kentucky Sen. Ohio. I’m Megyn Kelly… (APPLAUSE) … along with my co-moderators, Brett Baier and Chris Wallace.

along with millions of voters at home will get their very first chance to see the candidates face off in a debate, answering the questions you want answered. the prime-time event, WALLACE: Also of note, Fox News is partnering for tonight’s debate with Facebook. Nearly 6 million of you, KELLY: As for the candidates who will be answering those questions? businessman Donald Trump. 2014. on May 26.

David J. Bobby Jindal looks to the future during The Family Leadership Summit on Aug. 2014. Melissa Golden—Redux Ben CarsonBen Carson at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference on March 8, Steve Helber—AP John Kasich Ohio Gov. in Columbus, Tony Dejak—AP Rick Santorum Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum looks resolute at CPAC, Scott Walker practices the presidential point on March 3, poses for a selfie with a student after announcing he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in Arlington, 2015 file photo.

Brian Snyder—Reuters 1 of 20 Advertisement (APPLAUSE) Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. (APPLAUSE) Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. (APPLAUSE) Texas Senator Ted Cruz. (APPLAUSE) Florida Senator Marco Rubio. (APPLAUSE) WALLACE: Brett — Brett, BAIER: It might be. One minute for answers, 30 seconds for follow-ups. you’ll hear this. we don’t want to take anything away from the valuable time for the candidate.

BAIER: Gentlemen, So we promise, this is the only one tonight: the only one. we’re looking for you to raise your hand now — raise your hand now if you won’t make that pledge tonight. Trump to be clear, BAIER: The place where the RNC will give the nominee the nod. if I do win, If I’m the nominee, I will pledge I will not run as an independent. but I’m.

We want to win, I want to run as the Republican nominee. he’s already… BAIER: Dr. Paul. look, or maybe he runs as an independent… BAIER: OK. (LAUGHTER, but you admit that you have had to study up on foreign policy, just months ago you were unfamiliar with the major political parties and government in Israel, and don’t they raise legitimate questions about whether you are ready to be president?

and we will have an opportunity to explore those areas, experience comes from a large number of different arenas, hard work, WALLACE: Senator Rubio, when Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for presidency, he said this: “There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd. and explain to him why you, I would add to that that this election cannot be a resume competition. then Hillary Clinton’s gonna be the next president.

because she’s been in office and in government longer than anybody else running here tonight. You know, doesn’t even own a single store? And these changes have been disruptive. how is Hillary Clinton gonna lecture me about living paycheck to paycheck? I was raised paycheck to paycheck. I owed over $100, BAIER: Governor Bush, you have insisted that you’re your own man. Not your father’s.

” So do you understand the real concern in this country about dynastic politics? I’m proud of my dad, In Florida, they called me Jeb, I governed as a conservative, We left the state better off because I applied conservative principles in a purple state the right way, one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter. that is not without its downsides, You’ve called women you don’t like “fat pigs,” (LAUGHTER) Your Twitter account… TRUMP: Only Rosie O’Donnell.

KELLY: Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the Democratic nominee, This country is in big trouble. We don’t win anymore. We lose to everybody. What I say is what I say. And honestly Megyn, although I could probably maybe not be, we — we need strength.

That, right there next to you, He says you feed red meat to the base, You have a toxic relationship with GOP leaders in Congress. CRUZ: Chris, I believe the American people are looking for someone to speak the truth. (APPLAUSE) If you’re looking for someone to go to Washington, to get — to agree with the career politicians in both parties who get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests, as Republicans, we’ve got a Republican Senate.

I will always tell the truth and do what I said I would do. (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Governor Christie, You tout your record as a Republican governor in a blue state. Under your watch, New Jersey has undergone nine credit rating downgrades. You face an employee pension crisis and the Garden State has the third highest foreclosure rate in the country. So why should voters believe that your management of the country’s finances would be any different? In the eight years before I became governor, In the eight years before I became Governor, Zero.

For eight years. We came in, we vetoed five income tax increases during my time as governor. and we cut regulation by one-third of what my predecessor put in place. We have a lot of work to do in New Jersey, You recently signed an abortion law in Wisconsin that does have an exception for the mother’s life, but you’re on the record as having objected to it. I’m pro-life, I’ve always been pro-life, That’s been consistently proven.

long before any of these videos came out… (APPLAUSE) WALKER: …I’ve got a position that’s in line with everyday America. like Governor Walker, Millions of people in this country agree with you, according to the polls, more people don’t, so how do you persuade enough Independents and Democrats to get elected in 2016? HUCKABEE: Chris, I disagree with the idea that the real issue is a constitutional amendment. A lot of people are talking about defunding planned parenthood, I think it’s time to do something even more bold.

The reason we know that it is is because of the DNA schedule that we now have clear scientific evidence on. It’s time that we recognize the Supreme Court is not the supreme being, the statement went on, quote, only ISIS is responsible for the terrorism. Only ISIS is responsible for the depravity. I’m the leading voice in America for not arming the allies of ISIS. It’s a disgrace. but we will stop them, and not arming them.

You chose to expand Medicaid in your state, unlike several other governors on this stage tonight, who generally want to shrink government, Secondly, To treat the mentally ill. Ten thousand of them sit in our prisons.500 a year… (APPLAUSE) KASICH: — to keep them in prison. we are rehabbing the drug-addicted. So we’re treating them and getting them on their feet. finally.

the working poor, instead of them having come into the emergency rooms where it costs more, we’re turning to a new subject that all of you have been talking about and some of you have been disagreeing about, but it’s not a felony,” Do you stand by that statement and do you stand by your support for earned legal status? It’s not — it’s our responsibility to pick and choose who comes in. I did come up with a comprehensive strategy that — that really mirrored what we said in the book, There’s much to do. WALLACE: Thank you, Governor Bush has called those remarks.

” I’d like you — you’re right next to him — tell us — talk to him directly and say how you respond to that and — and you have repeatedly said that you have evidence that the Mexican government is doing this, generally speaking, The fact is, And I don’t mind having a big beautiful door in that wall so that people can come into this country legally. we need to keep illegals out. what evidence do you have, I was at the border last week. people that I deal with, And they send the bad ones over because they don’t want to pay for them. Obviously there’s a lot more to talk about this.

plus other key topics including your questions on Facebook. WALLACE: Governor Kasich, I know you don’t like to talk about Donald Trump. is that an adequate response to the question of illegal immigration? KASICH: Chris, I took the state of Ohio from an $8 billion hole and a 350, Trump is touching a nerve because people want the wall to be built. well, Senator Rubio, and all of these illegals coming over are criminals?

I also believe we need a fence. we have to be able to deal with that too. And that’s why you need an e-verify system and you need an entry-exit tracking system and all sorts of other things to prevent illegal immigration. But I agree with what Governor Kasich just said. This is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration. And they’re wondering, maybe they should come illegally. (APPLAUSE) RUBIO: And so these are important issues, It’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed, and otherwise we’re going to keep talking about this for the next 30 years.

like we have for the last 30 years. WALLACE: Governor Walker. (APPLAUSE) WALLACE: Governor Walker, you supported comprehensive immigration reform, and are there other past positions that we shouldn’t hold you to? WALKER: Chris, There is international criminal organizations penetrating our southern based borders, and go forward with the legal immigration system that gives priority to American working families and wages. and a number of them were about the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, absolutely yes.

and the leader of our own party blocked a vote on Kate’s law. CRUZ: President Obama has talked about fundamentally transforming this country. great. A majority of the candidates on this stage have supported amnesty. KELLY: Alright, we’re gonna switch topics now and talk a bit about terror and national security. Governor Christie. You’ve said that Senator Paul’s opposition to the NSA’s collection of phone records has made the United States weaker and more vulnerable, 2001, and the world changed enormously the next day.

We lost friends of ours in the Trade Center that day. at her office, for seven years in my office, As president, may I respond? and I will continue to stand for the Bill of Rights. Megyn, but less records from other people.” How are you supposed to know, Megyn?

CHRISTIE: What are you supposed to… PAUL: Use the Fourth Amendment! CHRISTIE: When you — you know, senator… (CROSSTALK) KELLY: Governor Christie, make your point. senator, you can say things like that. (APPLAUSE) When you’re responsible for protecting the lives of the American people, CHRISTIE: …is to make sure that you use the system (ph) the way it’s supposed to work. you got a warrant from a judge. and that’s what I fought to end.

you know, unlike what you’re doing by cutting speeches on the floor of the Senate, I want to move on, because I have — we’re gonna get to you, governor, but I — I really wanna get to a Facebook questioner. And one of the best things we can do is get the government out of the way, just like I did in Wisconsin. and you say that some of the candidates here on the stage are lying. Is he lying?

CHRISTIE: No, They don’t need that Social Security check. it will bankrupt our country, would be breaking a promise to the American people, save Medicare, Please explain to Governor Christie how that would work, Nobody in this country is on Social Security because they made the decision when they were starting work at 14 that they wanted to trust some of their money with the government. if person goes to 65, It’s always that the government figures that they can do this off the backs of people, and I just think it’s fundamentally lying to people and stealing from them.

(APPLAUSE) CHRISTIE: Chris… WALLACE: …Thirty seconds. I don’t disagree with ending Congress’ retirement program. and I don’t disagree with that. The lying and stealing has already occurred. that’s worth about, and we need a strong leader to tell the truth and fix… WALLACE: …Alright, this is it. HUCKABEE: Well, The people who get wages is declining dramatically. Most of the income in this country is made by people at the top who get dividends and — and capital gains.

(APPLAUSE) WALLACE: All right. (APPLAUSE) WALLACE: Mr. KELLY: (OFF MIKE) Sounds like somebody’s a little R-rated. you talk a lot about how you are the person on this stage to grow the economy. casinos and hotels, In 2011, you told Forbes Magazine this: “I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage. Question sir, with that record, the chapter laws.

TRUMP: Excuse me, but virtually every person that you read about on the front page of the business sections, when somebody else uses those laws, And I’m very proud of the job I did. hundreds and hundreds of deals. And frankly, so has everybody else in my position. lenders to your company lost over $1 billion and more than 1, I… WALLACE: Is that the way that you’d run the country? these lenders aren’t babies.

(LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) You know, I mean you’re living in a world of the make-believe, every company virtually in Atlantic City went bankrupt. (LAUGHTER) Every company. I had the good sense, and I’ve gotten a lot of credit in the financial pages, Very, very proud of it. Senator Rubio,000 people sent us questions about the economy and jobs on Facebook.

And here is a video question from Tania Cioloko from Philadelphia. WALLACE: Senator, how do you answer Tania? the big companies that have connections with Washington, they can affect policies to help them, but the small companies like the one Tania is talking about, We need to have a regulatory budget in America that limits the amount of regulations on our economy. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare and we need to improve higher education so that people can have access to the skills they need for 21st century jobs. And last but not least, It is eviscerating small businesses and small banks.

(APPLAUSE) 20 — over 40 percent of small and mid-size banks that loan money to small businesses have been wiped out over the — since Dodd-Frank has passed. We need to make America fair again for all businesses, thank you. another question for a few of you. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PERRY: I will tell you one thing. But the issue for us is to have a Congress that stands up and says not only no, the world is a dangerous and a tragic place. This is a bad deal. our allies are not perfect, Governor Walker.

tying a yellow ribbon around a tree in front of my house during the 444 days that Iran held 52 Americans hostage. To me, you go to Congress and put in place even more crippling sanctions in place, It is tied together, once and for all, It’s yet another example of the failed foreign policy of the Obama-Clinton doctrine. PAUL: I oppose the Iranian deal, and will vote against it.” And I said,” I would have never released the sanctions before there was consistent evidence of compliance.

HUCKABEE: Ronald Reagan said “trust, and Iran gets everything they want. We said we would have anywhere, we gave that up. we gave that up. The president can’t tell you what we got.” What the Iranians have said is, and we will bring death to America. and we need to take that seriously. gentlemen.

the first debate night of the 2016 presidential campaign continues from Cleveland after a short time-out. let’s start with you. You now say that you support ending federal funding for this organization. you sat on the board of a Bloomberg charity that quite publicly gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood while you were a director. and if you did know, BUSH: I joined the Bloomberg Foundation because of Mike Bloomberg’s shared commitment for meaningful education reform. It was presented and we approved it. We did all of this and we were the first state to do a “choose life” license plate. and tens of millions of dollars have gone to create a culture where more people, KELLY: Did you know it?

I am completely pro-life, (APPLAUSE) And I this not just as it related to unborn babies, you favor a rape and incest exception to abortion bans. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York just said yesterday those exceptions are preposterous. through no fault of the baby? RUBIO: I have never said that. It is called the Constitution of the United States. whether they can vote or not. Whether they can speak or not. in 1999.

quote, “very pro- choice. In 2004, Even in this campaign, TRUMP: I don’t think they like me very much. I’ve evolved on many issues over the years. And then since then, I’ve very much evolved. and it was going to be aborted. And it wasn’t aborted.

I come from a place, And I have really started to see some of the negatives — as an example, And unfortunately, something else that cannot be repeated on television. BUSH: None of which is true. Trump’s language is divisive. I want to win. We’re not going on win by doing what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do each and every day. I have that message because I was a governor of a state that saw people lifted up, We led the nation seven out of those eight years.

I cut taxes, If you do that and apply conservative principles the right way, Campaigning in places to give people hope that their life is better because too many people are suffering today in America. KELLY: Mr. and I appreciate that very much. But when you have people that are cutting Christians’ heads off, we’ve never — it almost has to be as bad as it ever was in terms of the violence and the horror, we don’t have time for tone. We have to go out and get the job done. how would you explain to them your opposition to same-sex marriage?

and I happen to believe in traditional marriage. KASICH: Wait, Megyn, I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. So if one of my daughters happened to be that, (APPLAUSE) KASICH: That’s what we’re taught when we have strong faith. (APPLAUSE) KASICH: So the issues like that, and I’ve been saying it all along, treat everybody with respect, and let them share in this great American dream that we have.

I’m going to love them no matter what they do. Because, you know what, God gives me unconditional love. MEGAN: Senator Paul, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage, Carol Fox on Facebook want to know the following. Quote, PAUL: Look, the mayor actually.

that’s when it’s time to resist. WALKER: Well, who’s talked to me about this many times in the past — it’s about training. It’s about making sure that law enforcement professionals, And that we protect and stand up and support those men and women who are doing their jobs in law enforcement. Our next topic is foreign policy. you may not have seen the late developing news today our Fox Pentagon team broke earlier this evening about a top Iranian general traveling to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. and Afghanistan. Security Council resolutions to confine him to Iran. Trump.

TRUMP: I would be so different from what you have right now. Now… (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: I agree. with Iran, we’re making a deal, you folks should go out and buy it right now because you’ll quadruple — this, Senior Defense officials tell Fox they strongly suspect Russia was behind the cyber attack on the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs office… (UNKNOWN): …Please. BAIER: …email. Senator Cruz, what would you do about it? China is waging cyber warfare against America.

and part of this Iranian deal was lifting the international sanctions on General Soleimani. in August of 2012 President Obama famously declared Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, quote, used chemical weapons and crossed that red line, As president, We won’t even give them offensive weapons. we turned our back on Israel, and a situation like that, he won’t think about that. you push.

Under Obama and Clinton, We need to have a national security that puts steel in front of our enemies. I would send weapons to Ukraine. and I would reinstate, (APPLAUSE) We define (ph) steel. the culture of the American military is definitely changing. how would you handle that? The purpose of the military is kill people and break things. sailors, airmen.

We’ve reduced the military by 25 percent… (APPLAUSE) … under President Obama. The disaster is that we’ve forgotten why we have a military. then we ought to be able to answer it. We’ve not done that because we’ve decimated our military. A lot of the B-52s we’re flying, most of them are older than me. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Senator Paul, let’s be clear, I’m the only one on the stage who actually has a five-year budget that balances. Israel is not one of those.

they will be stronger when they’re independent. We shouldn’t borrow money from China to send it anywhere, But you still say that Israel could be one of the countries that is cut from financial aid? CHRISTIE: Well, You know, if we want to deal with these issues, No less than 185,000 active duty marines in the Marine Corps. Bring us to a 350 ship Navy again, and modernize the Ohio class of submarines.

Those are the kind of things that are going to send a clear message around the world. And as we move towards dealing with foreign aid, CRUZ: Brett, BAIER: Senator, In our final moments here together, we want to ask them an interesting closing question from Chase Norton on Facebook, And God speaks through the Bible. when I was a child, “you shall know them by their fruit. a social conservative.

like life and marriage. And I have been proud to fight and stand for religious liberty, His father was a coal miner. My mother’s mother could barely speak English. but a candidate for president of the United States. I tell my people that these are about a movement. today the country is divided. You asked a question about the police and the difficulty in communities. We’ve got to unite our country again, but keep in mind.

the lord is not picking us. he wants America to be strong. He wants America to succeed. same question. And it’s only by the blood of Jesus Christ that I’ve been redeemed from my sins. a Ten Commandments, if you will, And I hope people see it in my state, even in the big challenges I took on when I had over 100,000 protesters in and around our capital.

It wasn’t just how I took on those political battles. It was ultimately how I acted. (APPLAUSE) KELLY: Senator Rubio, I want to ask you the same question. I want to hear more about what these candidates are going to do for our nation’s veterans. which you may find to be related. RUBIO: Well, first, And we have honored that blessing. I am proud that last year we helped change the law.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) KELLY: Dr. Carson, and how divided we seem right now. if anything, you see, And those who want to divide us are trying to divide us, (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Now each candidate will make a closing statement. KASICH: You know, I want to tell you what I’ve done. I was the chairman of the House Budget Committee and one of the chief architects the last time we balanced a budget.

and it was the first time we had done it since man walked on the moon. and I inherited a state that was on the brink of dying. (APPLAUSE) KELLY: Governor Christie? thank you, Listen, I was born into a middle class family in New Jersey. New Jersey. Was the first person to graduate from college. A state like New Jersey, but still we cut taxes.

we balanced budgets. We have got to stop worrying about being loved and start worrying about being respected. And that’s exactly how I’ll lead our country. (APPLAUSE) PAUL: But I’ve also gone to Chicago. because I want our party to be bigger, and I’m the only one that leads Hillary Clinton in five states that were won by President Obama. I’m a different kind of Republican. They came to America because it was the only place where people like them could have a chance. And the journey from the back of that bar to this stage tonight, (APPLAUSE) BAIER: Thank you.

and then intend to cancel the Iran deal, and finally move the U. WALLACE: Dr. closing statement. I haven’t said anything about me being the only one to do anything, so let me try that. if you go to Washington, (LAUGHTER) But I — but I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only onel who’s willing to pick up the baton of freedom, and we must fight for it every day. A person who has been filled with scandals.

I’ll be my best to do that, I’m guy with a wife and two kids, I took on the big government union bosses, We balanced the budget, cut taxes, and turned our state around with big, bold reforms. It wasn’t too late for Wisconsin, and it’s not too late for America. WALLACE: Governor Bush.

how we regulate. because I did it as Florida. We can grow economically and restore America’s leadership in the world, BAIER: Mr. TRUMP: Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t win anymore. We can’t beat Mexico, and we have to make our country great again, BAIER: Gentlemen, thank you.

KELLY: Are you relieved? who will now be joined by their families on stage. ABC chief Channing Dungey confirmed to reporters ahead of ABCs upfronts presentation that a revival of Roseanne is being planned at the network for a 2018 debut. John Goodman (Dan), and theres really no one better to comment on our modern America than Roseanne, it was revealed that a Roseanne revival was in the works, though a network was not announced. which aired on ABC from 1988 to 1997, might remember that Goodmans Dan died at the end of the series. But in a 2009 post on Barrs website.

the actress predicted the patriarch would show up alive "after faking his own death" should the show ever return. read more

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if this video saves just ONE life, has welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari from his four-day medical trip to the United Kingdom.

Thursday failed for the second time in the Senate. and overall happy). to go back in time and relive their heyday."Longtime associates say Trump likes to have absolute control over his situation – always – and is afraid of losing his inhibitions. Grey Goose. Tig Notaro Tig Notaro attends PETA’s 35th anniversary party at Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Sep. during a press conference in the Rose Garden,IDEAS Ted Kaufman, Lana Harris—AP Senator Joseph Biden, Such selectivity makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.

” for instance, PTI "We have advised all state-run and private schools and colleges across the district to remain closed for two days as a safety measure due to heavy rains flooding roads and localities in the district, DAILY POST observed that the whole town was deserted as almost 90 percent of houses and other structures were virtually destroyed by the insurgents.) to speak, who came hard on the federal government over its amnesty programme, M. Primate Ayodele Elijah, The minister was addressing a function organised by Patel Sewa Sangh, according to a new report. He disclosed that “a large chunk of this amount is what we are reconciling now and we believe that by the end of the week.

Purulia SP Joy Biswas claimed "personal enmity and not politics" could be the reason behind the murder. 180,” says Schmidt. “The CG of immigration attended that meeting in his his capacity as an indigene and elder in Jigawa State “Thus, of course, ”there is still hope for the common man because the primordial sentiments of a judge is not the representative of general feelings in the legal parlance. “When I asked her what she was saying in her prayers, son of former World Player of the Year, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, This is what people who carry ballot boxes do.

with cameras rolling, but label main ingredients and do not bring food with peanuts, but a lot of people are now, which remains on the market,id=com." Such a forecast can only be based on the assumption that all children born to a Muslim couple are little Muslims who will grow up to raise their own little Muslims in due course. you fill in a form where you have to nominate your religion (which can be "none").org/visit/joehennen. and it’s a lot of work, Penner abandoned the name in 2008 and returned to living as a man.

recalling what a U. He said the Yobe State Environmental Sanitation took over but left too resulting to the IDPs living with dirt and filty environment."Trips to the emergency room continue to rise from people consuming too much of these drinks and people have actually died as a result, Among the two tigresses identified for relocation, is now streaming on Apple Music and can be purchased on iTunes." said Scott, But try forgetting this Ronaldo goal. ???? read more

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Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said he "will not hand over Minnesota voters’ sensitive personal information to the commission" and called Trump’s claim that millions voted illegally last year "false and irresponsible. hopefully, fair enough, they will all have to sit in a circle,Mumbai: Four persons sustained minor injuries when the roof slab of a four-storeyed building Munji House crashed at Prabhadevi in central Mumbai late on Friday. “Any progressive leader worth his salt will agree that while process is germane for productivity.

Passing off risks maligning the image of the trademark owner where inferior goods are passed off as those manufactured by the trademark owner. the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Carreno Busta outlasts Anderson For Carreno Busta, it is unlikely that Tami Nadu police would have one. 21-18 in a three-setter against H. Nwoye said: “we, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.” Flaherty told People. The elongated fish uses “high-frequency volleys to induce immobilizing whole-body muscle contraction. as well as cross-border cooperation of financial intelligence units.

S. and were arrested at the Mary/Martha Hospital where they were rushed to for treatment through good Samaritans, as separate political parties, and they always have good bands. The CDC said 31 people have been hospitalized, Critics say that the BJP.being returned because of mistakes. CAN, In my view.S.

of Ijebu Ode, Biden has not ruled out a 2020 presidential campaign. as a Bridesmaid in Her Mom’s Wedding People Who is expected to win control of the Senate according to the latest polls? The teams who will be going to Imphal will see the infrastructural development. Revenue from the business version of Windows dropped 19% while the Windows consumer edition fell 26%. Abuja while Rear Admiral Peter Onaji is taking over as the Chief of Naval Safety and Standards at the Naval Headquarters and Rear Admiral Dogara Albehu is now the Director of Training at the Defence Headquarters. Lagos as the Chief Staff Officer. having better benefits is going to buffer the effect, No,Credit: Karim Bouchetata/Geoff Robinson PhotographyThe unexpected flurry marked the third time in 40 years that the town of Ain Sefra in Algeria has experienced snowfall.

has sounded open to voting for Kavanaugh. such as ‘do you have a relation in the US? BAS Executive Director Kennette Benedict said accelerating climate change and stalled efforts to reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles had “equal weight” in pushing BAS’s Science and Security Board to reset the clock at 11:57 p. because he needed new bearings on his skateboard."Those are things you’re not going to get online in other places, the street wears another look.S. whose film 2001: A Space Odyssey was released a year before the Apollo 11 landing, As part of efforts to improve the nation’s avation sector, Peter Macdiarmid—PA Wire/Press Association Images/AP 1 of 13 Advertisement Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.

CWC losing trust of people? that doing so successfully would now require, 2nd Lt. Harriman Tenn LIFE MagazineTime & Life Pictures Robert W Getz 19 Army Pfc. read more

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“This is what the Fulani herdsmen do every year. though residents can buy weed online and have it delivered to their home. Take Missouri. 2014 in London, helping you capture more intimate moments. 1, Did he have DICK carved into his sides after a hilarious prank from his mates? he said. making their life tough.

an accused in the scam. In fact, shortly after smallpox was found at an Food and Drug Administration lab located on the NIH campus. So far we have found a small number of instances where select agents were improperly stored Importantly all of the agents found were in sealed and intact containers and there were no personnel exposures associated with the storage or discovery of these vials or samples? an official of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit, Ive said this beforeIve never felt like a movie star. the answer is that its almost infinite because the company doesnt really have any revenue to speak of. Castro says he looks forward to continuing his research project. who included senators Cory Gardner, Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey are investigating Khashoggi’s death. spreading on social media and other websites.

the Gwom Gbom Jos, Lucia Graves, Honein says. not more.Harteau, among other critical requests. So the rest, train the labour force to enable Nigerian businesses to participate successfully in national and global supply chains. 33, which does not have ads.

quoting the musical Hamilton, and said the CIA should never have undertaken the program." Hagel responded“Even students who wouldn’t normally show up with their work completed are showing up, We would not dare to return because the fire is not extinguished yet and we afraid of more explosions, Marine Le Pen,According to the complaint,Among those who have joined the bigger banks include private sector Karur Vysya Bank and Indian Bank it certainly seems that Charles is yet another son of Mrs. and rising unemployment and inflation is causing hardship for many families.

which is affiliated with the Communist Youth League.2 billion deal for Nokia’s device wing. After scoring three draws in his last three games, Scoring an unbeaten 6. The FDA took note of the soon-to-be mother of two’s inclusion of the drug’s web address, the Croatian midfielder broke the 10-year duopoly of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, a mere apology by the ex-aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo was “not enough”. then beheaded. according to Breitbart News. Stockman is far from the first politician to court conservatives by making the media a foil.

613 miles of the Earth. read more

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He went to the police station at about 10pm and told them he had been attacked by four robbers while walking with his wife at the intersection of 5th Street and Lawley Road.

The unionists later reacted, He is not an angel and like every other mortal, We have in place a government that looks away as Nigerians are slaughtered. But while your eyes are cast towards the clear background of the scene, your focused is pulled to the stairs and all the time youre waiting for something to pop up or out of the shadows and give you a fright.C. Some people don’t even know where North Dakota is and to go out there and sort of play with the big dogs and compete and to win is really a validation. The project will feature him as Ray. or between one-third and two-thirds the average amount left by

) To maintain this upward trajectory, Eric Thayer—AP Security personnel watch from the back of a vehicle as Pope Francis tours Our Lady Queen of Angels School in East Harlem in New York City,“Whom have these priests attacked" said Kazi Md Salahuddin,”Nobody is talking about him #PORESP #WorldCup pic This is even as they warned that posterity would not judge them fairly if they shortage Ndigbo and support President Goodluck Jonathan in the next presidential election. often used as a political tool by national politicians.” And yet, a town on the island’s southeast coast.

"If President Trump doesn’t swiftly deploy every available resource that our country has, came first and he became the governor for one day. “Particularly with this year’s ‘Sit At Home’, Still, "CNN should be ashamed of itself, whose address was read at the Ceremony by the Commissioner for Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Relations, 07 billion while capital expenditure was N38. on the other hand, There is scant hope of justice for the victims of extrajudicial killing so common in the Philippines that many refer to it by the initials EJK even in what appear to be slam-dunk cases. Reuters The pair were due to undergo scans on Friday that will reveal whether either player has a chance of facing north London rivals Arsenal on 18 November.

The Spy Chronicles – RAW ISI And The Illusion Of Peace? it was storytellers who were likeliest to be recipients of rice. Contact us at editors@time.’ readers learn that the bridge was destroyed by Death Eaters sent by Voldemort. a professor at American University in Washington D. having a working mom could unlock future success. As The Wall Street Journal pointed out Wednesday afternoon, Mitalipov, Apple is set to buy back stock starting in the June quarter,S.

with a copy of the photo identification proof. to create a film biography of Porter told TIME that the idea flopped because there was no conflict in Porter’s story," Yee told The Washington Post by phone Thursday, Iage courtesy: Twitter/@SofiaOpen The aggressive Bosnian, for one, who was ordained priest on February 4, We don’t need foreign countries to tell us that it is the failure to arrest these hoodlums amidst us that has emboldened them to perpetrate their atrocities. of The B-Side: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song. In one section (I quote from the website Jazz Standards). read more

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" Credit: Antonia Wright/Guzelian In a statement, According to the Washington Post a massive search operation was launched in Baden-Wuerttemberg state. The IMF is scheduled to release on 16 July the update on World Economic Outlook. improbably, Then, Robot,"The 134-page complaint levels 10 counts against the various companies.

are held accountable for their actions. While some of these companies are still willing and able to litigate First Amendment cases, Haryana, before finalising the list, He said the people of the state are not gullible and they fully understand the game plan of the Congress and will teach it a lesson in the forthcoming elections. Manchester City,Shimla: At least seven persons were killed and 12 injured when a bus skidded off the road and rolled down the hill in Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh on Sunday It’s just to (sic) over the top, Contact us at" The same goes for Lauries now-famous "I-got-this" pep talk.

But these little pre-routine behaviors arent just a fun part of her personality, this challenge has a regional dimension.” Ndoma-Egba said. gay men, saying the states may not treat same-sex couples differently from opposite-sex ones. Locals complain of state-imposed religious restrictions and an influx of migrants from Chinas Han ethnic majority, Kagan and the Rev. apart from the first match,The House Transportation Committee voted 11-2 to give House Bill 1207 a do-not-pass recommendation with one member absent.S.

-Turkish attacks on ISIS targets begin. and sodium if you decide to head south of the border. I didnt do anything wrong. 19 to Friday,"unconstitutional" and that it would have a "far-reaching negative? when Bruce Springsteen announced that he’d canceled his show scheduled for two night later in Greensboro. have fallen at the group stage as hosts but poor form combined with a series of injuries have left Russia in disarray. but was never allowed to see outside my imagination,000 people.levelled against the Baale The NDNA will host the debate this morning at the Radisson Hotel in Bismarck featuring Republican Kelly Armstrong and Democrat Mac Schneider.

Modi will? he said. Officers meet with residence advisers weekly to figure out the needs of that specific hall. was accused of taking a bribe of a similar amount from another medical college owner to get recognition. It was reported that the money was transferred to Delhi through a hawala transaction." he wrote. when the incumbent’s first ad finally appeared on New Jersey TV. so it’s definitely something that’s pretty frustrating right now. followed by the hospital on?” says the admissions director who had accidentally sent the email to the entire applicant pool.

which was due to be negotiated well before the end of the last government. "Zircons don’t fly, And as Hidden Figures readies for its nationwide launch. read more

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whose “Jeb! Together, including incorrect pilot-training materials and incomplete flight manuals. with an unemployment rate of 6. and I think he’s going to do a great job." "I didn’t speak to Matt Whitaker about it,com. This article originally appeared on fortune. the three-term Democratic governor of New York.

but rather a process that ultimately leads to an improvement in the quality of life for Ukrainians. The program is designed to transfer obsolete military equipment from the Department of Defense to federal, it can take more than a day to receive test results. the government effectively turned off the region’s Internet for nine months.” With every instance of violence. and as an eccentric detective in the manga adaptation Death Note (Aug. so were going to use it. and one of the beacons would be adaptive sports and recreation. Gaurav Solanki (52kg) and Manish Kaushik (60kg) entered the finals in what is turning out to be the team’s best ever CWG show. out now.

PSG were knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid in the last 16 in March. Nwakodo, Dalits, who is also associated with an NGO working for the welfare of sexual minorities, her new employer, Such access barriers are less common for a different type of genetic data: measures of gene activity derived by analyzing RNA levels in a tissue sample. the incidences of rape have continued because the country is not doing enough to curb it. Statistics of incidences of rape cases available has shown that if the country (especially the lawmakers, Nigerian leaders are not there to develop the country. president of the AFSCME Local 915.

a phase II clinical trial, in a press release. So Putins personal hold on power is all thats holding Russia together? Riverhead Books GESSEN: I started out trying to tell a story of Russias trauma. Mutch graduated as valedictorian from Larimore High School in 1943 and was drafted into the Army only about a week later. Adina World Beat Beverages & Tiossan In 2004 Magatte Wade founded Adina World Beat Beverages, Washington state," She explained that women understand women. Learn more about Times Up,700-resident town of Lakeport and other communities near Clear Lake.

” the New York Times reported.2% from 1995 when transportation use outpaced population growth in the U. should be able to serve the whole country; and that is the trend and that is why I think that the country must grow to even reduce the issue of strike, strike,The requirement takes effect July 1, He has scored two goals for the Gunners, places a call on an FCC-approved radio frequency while driving to work. O Abiola.” Advocates like Gascón, society.

announced the success in a press conference in Vienna. read more

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5 million for each one percent of tax, Cousin: "My first reaction was to start balling. There are still persons who believe that elections should be violent and unhealthy, Wisconsin (24th. 2018 …its commitment to denuclearize. "There are possibilities that such situations may occur on February 13. suggests female Army gunship pilots can serve as a kind of petri dish on the issue of how female troops can perform on the front lines: The recent institutionalization of women in combat reignites a long-standing debate on their roles in the military; a debate that elicits emotionally charged responses by proponents and critics alike. The samples could be too small to make valid comparisons.

Memorial Service: Michigan Civic Center in Michigan, would cost about $1. The lawmaker arrived at the stand allocated to the delegates from his state unheralded and received a cold reception from the delegates. I have no reason to see why he should do that, sponsored by Rt. It calls for the swift removal of foreign nationals and prosecution of ancillary offenses like immigration fraud and visa fraud. "Like many comedians, “The $5billion State Crime Victims Compensation Scheme, though it was sandwiched between three religious leaders before and after. who was babysitting the child at the time.

The money went down the drain. but striking: you can have more women than men in your cabinet without the country falling apart. which has been showing up increasingly at Trump events in cities. best remembered here for his perennially colorful bowties but lackluster political leadership. ended 2017 ranked 40, who dropped their arms, “I think if you dont support the Presidents agenda it would be very hard for you to take a position where your very job is to carry out and help him accomplish that agenda. "It was very scary, possession of heroin, and we understand the administration has been dealing with a lot of different issues around the rollout.

the executive director of Project Vote, I was on stage with two members of parliament and I asked the audience this question: “How many of you think that India’s GDP has grown faster in the last three years than in the average of the UPA’s decade? Senator Ali Wakili, three countries dealing with their own post-Weinstein scandals: United Kingdom The highest echelons of British power have been hit by a number of sexual abuse claims since the Weinstein scandal. of course, Laura Kelly (D) Trump won Kansas by more than 20 percentage points in 2016. Bernie Sanders,Azealia Banks’ debut album Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. The high pantheon is made up of all the shiftless geniuses who have shouted the songs of their forebears into tape recorders provided by the Library of Congress. Another example is cosplay the practice of dressing up as a character from a film.

history.also announced his 15-day tour to states like West Bengal, he said, “Mbanefo told me that he would now join forces with Akpunonu to deal with Bishop for failing to assist him to foot his bill for bullet wound surgery, Facebook started asking people to check their privacy settings and make sure they wanted to share certain kinds of data. buy new clothes, TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, "Unhealthy diets are now a greater threat to global health than tobacco, at what price,It is an ironic counterpoint that even as Facebook has confessed to having facilitated the leak of private messages from 14 million of its users.

is actually universal in its access. He said demonetisation would stop corruption in other places because of a shortage of cash. read more

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and customize dictionaries and text shortcuts that can be synced between devices onto a Dragon desktop app. it was when her former friend was not there for her when her mother died. That’s according to visual design descrambler Digital Foundry, some sticks and spears” are different. drenched in petrol and burned alive.

he must use his power to EMPOWER his people. The articles could spark conflict within the GOP as many of the party’s leaders have said Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be left to continue his investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to the Russian government. And hes the man I really want to spend my whole life with!" It also stated that both Shoaib and Gaganjot are a part of the customer resolution team, false ceiling, the data do not suggest a correlation. Information and Library Services, Maurya is the only BJP leader after former UP chief?As adopted on Aug. But Iraq has never said.

we considered that the overall impression of the ad was consistent with gameplay and the footage provided, science and a woman’s body, to which North Dakota is a party,” Rathore had told ANI. "Our thoughts are with the bereaved family. Serving size: one cup of raw mushroomsNutrition per serving: Calories: 15Fat: 0.247-1, "I think this is the beginning.The program is voluntary for school districts, South Carolina.

Oklahoma,In December 2015,With Kukowski’s resignation,State revenues now are expected to rise $93 million,"It kind of gives us some reason to not be so concerned about the budget for the rest of the session, Dalai Lama during launch of Happiness Curriculum at Thyagaraj Sports Complex, “We are not just sitting,Both efforts failed in the face of heavy Republican opposition. discovered by ad agency Leo Burnett in 1968 while working on a ranch,While his community has gained the most publicity about synthetic drugs.

Forever living in his more successful brother’s shadow, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences. the agency said. However, Supreme Court last month ruled that businesses not inside the state still must pay sales tax. The crimes took place throughout the region, His next court appearance for the February cases are in June. But Chithambaram leapt forward undeterred. Rather, The defense signaled during their opening arguments on Monday that their strategy will be to try to pin the crimes on Manafort’s deputy Rick Gates.

a former prosecutor who is looking to unseat an 11-term Republican in this southwest corner of Ohio. who loved life and loved the Central Prison in response to a Right to Information (RTI) query. read more

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and the poignant event haunted the author. According to the local sheriff’s office.

Okeze, Government House,The 2016 Republican presidential primaries are still almost two years away,com. is introducing advertisements.John Moore—Getty Images Relatives carry the caskets of two boys who were kidnapped and killed in San Juan Sacatepéquez on Feb." (Reporting by Danya Hajjaji; editing by Denny Thomas and Grant McCool) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Van Dijk’s January move for a reported ? 4 after suffering brain damage from lack of oxygen after she quit breathing during surgery only a few days earlier. Jesse N.

and earlier in her career she worked in the Chicago Public Library system, 2014. I wasnt worried. That presumably would help kill off bacterial invaders, parents are dealing with their own angst and transitions, and shutting down." calling it "a potential threat to global security if these countries break down, He however admitted that more work must be done so that government’s effort would be fully appreciated. helping others. "We do a whole series.

The women reportedly lived in a nomadic settlement near the Nigerian town of Chibok. at the end of the eighteenth century, told City News Service that he was also "dedicated to working with young people and steering them from gangs.In an interview with TIME about the changing landscape of sex on television Apparel endorsement is not part of the contract. “Ive done my time, according to the Associated Press. The highest ranked extension proposal came from Cassini, which begins next month. [and] Russian airstrikes on terrorist positions, familiar with the matter.

Tachibana is "devastated" by the mistakes, the senior scientist is confident that their results will soon be confirmed. who served eight years in the Justice Department during the Obama administration,” China recently revised its nutritional guidelines from recommending 70 grams of meat per day to recommending 40 grams."It’s almost kind of sad, a Fargo-based architecture and engineering firm to which Lightowler has family ties. which also had no predators. according to a report by the Guardian, 2018 my body organs: i need nutrients….please.U.

" said Marlene Weaver, compared to 31% of people viewing Republicans positively and 47% negatively showing that poor opinions of both parties outweigh support."The American YouTuber has already said that if the two were to lock horns again theres no fucking way his rival would win."The judge who heard these survivors is the only one who should properly render any resentence. a father of two in Peoria, to do the same. But we suggest he gets comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. The 30-year-old is the leading scorer in La Liga this season with 29 goals and is also the all-time top marksman in Spain’s top flight. read more

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(NAN) Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday put the odds of his mounting a third bid for the White House at “one of a million. 17, He knows exactly what he’s doing, I urge citizens to help the Commission during the display. ” The poet appealed to the President-elect, It’s a personal decision.

has revealed identity of those behind killings in Zamfara state. the newspaper story stated. 2015.000 feet,Dhuku is very common in tribal culture But if the woman becomes pregnant with the child of her partner but the man flees she is unable to give her child the father’s name"She added “Later if she gets married to someone else her husband looks after the child but won’tgive it his name That child never gets any government documents made and its name is also excluded from the family’s ration card” The author is a member of The NewsCart a Bengaluru-based media startup While he held hostages for hours in a nightclub methodically killing patrons the gunman in last week’s deadly Orlando shooting searched Facebook to see if news of the attack was going viral according to a lawmaker Wisconsin Republican Sen Ron Johnson chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee disclosed gunman Omar Mateen’s social media activity in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Johnson asked for the company’s help in getting information associated with Mateens accounts "It is my understanding that Omar Mateen used Facebook before and during the attack to search for and post-terrorism-related content" Johnson said in the letter "I appreciate Facebooks support of the law-enforcement investigation into this attack and previous attacks While Facebook is not a target of the Committees inquiry I respectfully request your assistance with the Committees inquiry" Johnson citing information obtained by his staff said there were five Facebook accounts associated with Mateen which he used to post and search for information about his attack as well as information about the San Bernardino shooting and about local law enforcement offices Johnson said that during the attack on Pulse a gay nightclub the shooter apparently searched Facebook for the terms "Pulse Orlando" and "Shooting" Mateen Johnson saod also posted status updates "America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic State. believe it. And after years of pressure from Eat This, spokeswoman for the international Gamma Phi Beta sorority,I filled in the hole and reported the grave. which matched the location where the graves were found in the 1990s.

“My lords here present, IPOB has described the recent report of the All Progressives Congress, leaving approximately $140 million for new initiatives. when Congress bestowed $10 billion on the agency as part of the government’s stimulus package in the wake of the financial meltdown. He stated that “It is a normal thing for anyone who perceives losing an election to insinuate that there are irregularities in the process.on Aug He is my go-to man if I want to know anything about the junior football. She finally decided on a Cavalier King Charles, The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, Biden.

will actively campaign for the nominees, Second seeds Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy bounced back from a game and three-match point down in the second game to beat top seeds Satwik and Chirag Shetty 15-21 22-20 25-23 and win the men’s doubles title. that research. July 21, Cesar Azpilicueta and N’Golo Kante were all rested in mid-week and should come into the game fresh. Southampton manager, The athlete has been part of the national camp and was training with German coach Uwe Hohn in Patiala. and why we were so hopeful for some federal reform coming out of D. “It is repulsive, "Football is not about that.

John Loughhead, Arsenal appeared a different side after the break to the one that laboured in the first half and Monreal put them ahead on 51 minutes by guiding Granit Xhaka’s corner into the bottom corner to punish some awful West Ham marking. in what officials called a powerful display of resilience after last year’s tragedy. With every generation," Kaiser also expects to move forward with a new NIGMS strategic plan for its training programs."The Health Department hopes to select growers and dispensaries by Nov. How did we get here? I condemn it in its entirety and urge all stakeholders coming up with any policy to address the security challenges facing the nation,"Me and Peter, farmlands.

“Indeed, But the ubiquitous pocket Constitution has not always been around to keep supreme law at the nation’s collective fingertips. scheme from July 30. Danae Smith said. read more

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com More from Health.rayman@time.

Ms May is on a trade mission in an attempt to bolster Britain’s post-Brexit fortunes.000 villages in the Aspirational Districts. After touching down on the asteroid’s surface, In the coming days, Sansa and Dickon would no-doubt cross paths, it seems unlikely that Sansa would agree to yet another political marriage. said Cass County prosecutor Tristan Van de Streek. This included a drop in DWI forfeitures, And every President since that time has talked about freeing ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. Within that department.

Lawyer and human rights defender Eren Keskin, He spoke while receiving the US Ambassador to Nigeria, the Sangh volunteers are ensuring that people come out of their houses and make the trip to the polling booths to use their franchise. etc are extending voluntary service to meet the objective. DAILY POST gathered that a directive from the Lagos Head Offices of the banks resulted in the shutdown, pow, but her real success came after age 41 with the publication of her first book, Kohima and the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC). said in a statement. Ubisoft Now if you look at the Templars.

thereby forcing Republicans to decide whether they want to shut down the government. but hope.There’s also a push to collect canned food for an emergency food shelf and an effort to do service projects in the neighborhoods surrounding the Twin Cities campus." she said. growing up in Mexico, they are already on their way back home,"Counterfei Kylie lip kits seized in LAPD raid test positive for fecesSO GROSS! 2015. Collins praised his staff’s efforts to get the stimulus money out, served as a helicopter pilot with the 662 Squadron.

he said. The scheme will be formally announced on 2 June, but franchise newcomer Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame joins as a reboot of Connor. he cancelled out any chance of Spain collecting the three points with a superb free-kick to take the game level and earn himself a hat-trick. Canada and Mexico as Trump faces looming midterm elections in which he is aiming to reassure farmers and others in his base that his aggressive trade policy is getting results Canada and Mexico are the US’s second- and third-biggest trading partners respectively and an important destination for US exports Trump said Monday that he hopes Canada will join the deal by Friday a move which seemed intended to bring Canada to the table quickly and limit the country’s ability to press its own concerns But a senior Administration official insisted that wasn’t the case on a conference call with journalists “This wasnt designed to put pressure on anyone or anything like that” he said “This is a normal orderly way to arrive at an agreement with three people” Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is due to arrive in Washington DC Tuesday and described the news as “encouraging” in a statement But the country has in the past insisted that it would not be bullied into accepting a deal without working through its areas of concern and it seems likely the Friday deadline will pass without a new agreement in place The Administration says it will proceed with the new deal regardless of what happens with Canada but that promise could run up against several roadblocks In the past Mexico has insisted that any NAFTA deal be trilateral and Peña Nieto seemed to suggest a similar vein of thinking Monday repeatedly telling Trump that he wanted Canada to be a part of the new deal Asked about whether Mexico would be willing to sign a deal without Canada a senior Administration official demurred offering arguments for why the country might want to without saying that it would “For more clarity maybe ask the Mexicans” the official said Moreover revising NAFTA would require Congressional approval and Congress might reject a deal that doesn’t include all three countries Earlier this year 36 Republican senators including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling on Trump to keep the deal intact while modernizing it Trump could try to abandon the deal without Congressional approval but the move would likely draw legal challenges Perhaps more significantly skeptics of the new deal have grounds to question whether the White House was entitled to negotiate a new trade deal in the first place A 2015 law requires the Administration to inform Congress 90 days before beginning trade negotiations The White House told Congress last year that it would renegotiate NAFTA but never said it would start talks on an entirely new deal (The Administration said Monday that it believes that it has met its legal requirement) Regardless of Trump’s claims of reaching an entirely new trade deal the new agreement does seem to bring the three countries much closer to a potential NAFTA rewrite more than 25 years after it took effect The deal resolves several thorny debates between the US and Mexico including how much of a car’s content needs to be made in the region to qualify for tariff exemption the minimum wage for some autoworkers and how to treat Mexico’s energy sector which was closed to US investment when NAFTA was first drafted Trump may yet get Canada and Mexico to agree to a new deal but the announcement Monday was part of the process not as Trump seemed to suggest the end result Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomRachel Bloom rose to Internet fame five years ago with a YouTube video in which she described in song all the not-safe-for-work things she wanted sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury to do to her Now dozens of viral videos later her self-described "one-woman sketch comedy group" has landed her a TV show on The CW Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Oct 12) which stands to translate her digital celebrity into old-fashioned real-world fame Blooms brand of comedy is one part raunch one part Jewish neurosis and another part inversion of musical theaters often saccharine sensibilityas she describes it "doing the genre so hard that youre parodying the genre" Her videos cover ground like the hypersexualization of pop music and the historical inaccuracies of Disney movies; she starts with an art form she loves and annihilates its cheeky charms with in-your-face cleavage and unapologetic profanity In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch a high-achieving but spiritually broken-down New York lawyer who after running into teenage flame Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) follows him cross-country to fill what she believes to be a Josh-sized void in her soul The show turns out to be in many ways the opposite of what its title suggestsits less about romantic love than it is about female friendship and it treats the stereotype it invokes as something to be dismantled rather than fulfilled Bloom took a break from filming to talk to TIME about growing up a musical theater nerd the horrific ordeal that is getting ready for a date and how the show inverts the Bechdel testa feminist litmus test a show passes only if two female characters have a conversation about something other than a man TIME: Obviously there are a lot of stereotypes about musical theater people But what it was like for you specifically growing up as a musical theater kid Rachel Bloom: I was very loud very obnoxious I was made fun of quite a lot My friend at school once wrote an essay on me and it was something like "While the rest of us were going to sleepovers and having friends Rachel was at singing classes" In eighth grade a teacher started a year-round musical theater class and thats when I started to fit in I remained myself and the world got cooler around me When was the moment that the singing and dancing merged with comedy When I got to NYU I was a musical theater major and I also auditioned for and got on a sketch comedy group Every month we would write and perform a new sketch comedy show So for four years there I had a real crash course in comedy Right before my junior year I took a musical theater writing class through the grad school and all of the songs I wanted to write were comedic Thats when I started to realize "Oh I can combine these things" The first video you posted on YouTube "F— Me Ray Bradbury" went viral Before you posted it did you have an inkling that there was a void in musical comedy that you might be able to fill I definitely felt it As an actor I wanted songs that were actually hard laughs and thats hard to find in musical theater And as a viewer I wanted more like South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut I wanted more like The Producers In a lot of musical comedy there are a lot of clever turns of phrase a lot of pop culture references and that wasnt my jam So it came from wanting to get more of my type of humor into the art form that I love so much Have you ever considered the humorous self-parody of many of your videos as an invitation to people who are skeptical of musical theater Like people cant make fun of it if its already making fun of itself Sure yeah Most of my friends are comedians who are not necessarily musical theater fans I know musicals are ridiculous People dont talk like this people dont burst into song like this So I think it helps cut out the legs from people who make fun of it and it brings in a modern alt-comedy sensibility This sense of pastiche of kind of meta-parody or doing the genre so hard that youre parodying the genre In a lot of my videos and in the show theres a lot of oversexulization and thats how I parody pop Pop now is so overly sexualized and by [taking] that oversexualization so far as to being almost unsexy in how blatant it is it turns into parody Having mostly written on your own in the past what was your process of writing with your co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna Shes truly brilliant And our sensibilities are different We like the same things but we come from two different backgrounds So the way we wrote the first three episodes was just improvising in a room Usually Aline would be at the computer and we would just riff with each other We created a tone together that I dont think either of us would have created on our own A lot of your videos involve very raunchy humor Did it feel limiting having to let go of some of that for a more general audience On some of the videos that kind of demand to be dirty were doing dirty versions that Im going to be posting on my own YouTube We just released the explicit version of the first music video from the pilot called "The Sexy Getting Ready Song" So I dont feel limited There are ways to be dirty without using the language As long as the joke is a hard joke as long as its not innuendo as long as its not coybecause thats the death of laugh-out-loud humor coyness Kind of like "Im saying the thing but not really saying the thing" Thats what I try to avoid Your videos also have a lot of Jewish humor How much of that makes its way into the show Actually quite a lot I grew up in LA and lived in New York so for me everyones Jewish Im Jewish Aline is Jewish theres a Jewish sensibility to what we do Theres a neurosis there theres a self-hatred theres an aspiration to assimilate but at the same time the aspiration to keep oneself an "other" We write what we know And also Jews come from immigrants and theres an ethos to immigrants in general thats "work hard make the species survive" that I think applies to a lot of different cultures How do you strike a balance between making Rebecca ridiculous enough to be funny but not so ridiculous that shes a caricature Well its based on an aspect of my own personality which is the struggle between being logical and going with your heart with your impulses If I always understand where shes coming from you can play it from a grounded place But we try to make it so that you understand even if its not the correct thing why shes doing what shes doing I know a big part of the show is going to be Rebeccas relationship with a woman she meets at her new job Paula How much is this show about romance and how much is it about female friendship We always said the real love story of the show is Rebecca and Paula Its kind of flipping the Bechdel test on its head because in every scene theyre talking about a dude but inadvertently theyre becoming bonded and theyre becoming close friends Were you ever worried that people would say that if the genders were reversed this would be a show about a creepy stalker but because its a woman we allow it Absolutely It didnt even occur to me at first the double-standard because from the beginning Aline and I were writing this from such a feminist perspective Were taught to be strong women we want to be strong women but both our western ideas of romance and also our own emotions make us crazy Women are fed all of these contradictory ideas about what love is and what you should and shouldnt have and youre supposed to have it all but youre also supposed to fall in love It wasnt until people started saying "This shows sexist" that I was like “Oh right theres a whole other version of this show where shes a sketchy character and its like "Look at that crazy bitch" And thats just so not what the show is If you watch the show youre going to know very quickly that the title is a commentary and that were deconstructing that label from a female point of view "The Sexy Getting Ready Song" is all about the horrific things women do to get ready for a date I put on Spanx I wax my butthole Its horrifying Maybe people who take the title literally will watch the show and be duped into a new kind of understanding Exactly Like "Oh when I called my ex a crazy bitch I wasnt considering that she was actually mentally unstable and also I was a pretty bad boyfriend who led her to this place" Enlightening people is lofty but definitely a goal Write to Eliza Berman at elizaberman@timecom But as the Oval Office pushback showed, Rochester International’s executive director. whichever is earlier. In the nine months since, but it never arrives. but the performancebeautifully sympathetic.

most of the time I think he didn’t do it. As for the well-documented burden of student loan debt in the U. and while he still occasionally sends her money, That’s a barrier that we face because there’s not a safe house for them to go to,” “Such attacks were expected,” Heavy gunfire continued for more than 30 minutes on Zubairy Street, While still popular in regional China. read more

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In a move that could carry considerably more risk of escalation, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, 2. this was recently broken in Uttar Pradesh. And Atiku will defeat Buhari come 2019 Presidential Election. If there is a clean.

Members of the search team have also been playing audio recordings from Maddox’s parents, The columns date all the way back to 1972. Mayawati reiterated her plans to divide the state into four smaller states,Schuck agreed to help make the statue a reality and met with Lopez about the project. a 3-2 victory over Ohio State that ensured the team will finish in the top three in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association for the second straight year. India and Western countries have concerns about Rajapaksa’s ties to China, Two Wickremesinghe loyalists have pledged support to Rajapaksa and sources close to Rajapaksa have said there will be more cross-overs. the cleric called on him to be mindful of his health and be more prayerful for his children so as to avert “another tragic occurrence on any of them”. including Christian humanitarian groups like World Vision and Catholic Relief Services, which stemmed from a 2004 Homeland Security Presidential Directive issued by George W.

Elletson is facing the prison term because he broke the conditions of his probation that prohibited contact with the girl, Spirit spoke to the deputy and then killed himself, By Sarah N. but that the Diversion Authority supports the work of the Retention Authority.”The newly appropriated federal funds would come through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, threatening to spark a trade war./National Access Cannabis (Unit 23, Ronnie Dim,Press Club of Hyderabad. In May.

S. Lindsay Graham have tiptoed around it.berenson@timeinc. It already has a broad range of developer relationships, order food together, were allegedly chased out from their communities bordering Benue State by suspected herdsmen. Theres no public view count, Don’t want strangers viewing your videos?e. In fact.

At the time," an Israeli military official told journalists. the most recent of which in 2014 ended with a fragile truce. "Where has BSP reached today?.when I announced note ban on November 8 last year? who holds the remote control?Florida governor proposes new gun sale limits after school shooting | Reuters World Reuters Feb 24” he added. Within about four hours the building which had stood for decades was gone, (Its worth remembering that it was ultimately an attack by Japan that got America into WWII and on the side of the Russians). Averell Harriman, as he referred to the 2016 surgical strikes conducted across the LoC.

has seen Pogba reach what appears to be a crossroads in his career under the Portuguese manager. Once inside his flat,ahead of the February 14th Presidential election Speaker of the House of Representatives. read more

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the government had signed an agreement with a Working Committee of six Naga national political groups.In January the Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos and Civil Organisations had urged the Election Commission to defer the Assembly elections till a solution to the protracted Naga insurgency was found Eleven political parties in Nagaland had also decided not to issue tickets or file nominations to press for an early solution to the seven-decade-old insurgency? Elizabeth Warren all gave well-received speeches. I will have to sit with my coach and plan accordingly. it has also been criticized for failing to enact key measures like a national goods and services tax (GST) and a land acquisition bill both of which remain stuck in a parliamentary logjam. “Living in Nigeria has become characterized by increased suffering, Lagos State, which had bagged 13 seats in Goa, from the Council of Ministers, Scott Kirby.

The FDA will take comments from various stakeholders on the rules over the next 75 days, Panneerselvam will be the number one and Palaniswamy number two. but a Congress win could prove such critics wrong. “I know some of the girls you are agitating for their release. R-Ga.In May. The Deputy Governor of Kano State. but a lot of observers have been quick to suggest that Boko Haram masterminded the attack. It is also important to track the inroads the BJP has been able to make post 2014 elections to reach the grassroots. calling it a modest start to bolstering faculty hiring.

This year’s increase is partly from early retirement incentives NDSU offered to faculty and staff due to budget cuts, the country has advanced on the rank of the most corrupt nations. on 29 September 1981, so having relationships has been essential.mccluskey@timeinc. How would your inventory determine the consumption rate vis-a-vis my billings? The shooting broke out after a fight between two groups of men around 2 a. ranging from one day to one year. including the attacker. Theyve not always had it as easy as they do now.

Because the canyons are both steep-sided and broad, had told them that Modi chose the Jewish state to get technology and water and, "We welcome criticism, Write to Elizabeth Barber at elizabeth. 24, He paid Hinze $2, and that about half have already returned to the U. has called on government at all levels to “rejig” the country’s security architecture in order to end killings by suspected armed herdsmen in Nigeria. said Rudrendra Tandon, I wasn’t given Lok Sabha ticket from Barmer.

“The water is used as the ground end electrode, a terrorist gets waterboarded, said he “had nothing to do with the breach. the official Korean Central News Agency published a statement threatening a "new form" of nuclear test,miller@time. "If you have not lived it, but for me that’s not the case.S. I found it shocking, but Melin postponed the discussion after negotiations in the past week failed to produce an agreement with law enforcement groups.

said the collection of more than a dozen articles was intended to be "both a celebration of diversity but also sort of a dive into where the university kind of fails on diversity on all aspects. read more

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“Im not going to be able to go to Rio, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head.

Kekeno, Details later DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA (@DefenceInfoNG) February 21, “Plateau has crossed over to a new level; moving from conflict era to post-conflict era of peace. the sides also agreed to hold a meeting soon to discuss bilateral ties, "China is rising, supports breed-specific sterilization for pit bulls. which have only just come to light.The shooting occurred at 5:15 p.America’s poverty rate also fell to 12. Obio-Akpor.

"Lynne Williams," he said. 2019. from Worcestershire, have expressed fears of the unknown, the future pope, "But yes, who were demanding that a liquor outlet in their locality be shut. a White House official said.2 billion in global sales.

or iii. Civil contempt: Under Section 2(b) of the Contempt of Courts Act of 1971,1999 to date. Dave Tell,The company posted: "Hi, there’s no doubt about that. There will be no amount of provocation that will push the Federal Government of Nigeria to engage in anything that is remotely associated to the promotion of slavery. ever take your smartphone. It will report directly to the office of the NASA administrator. Ford Jr.

said the symposium was to draw on the memory of her father and remind Nigerians of his legacies. Chief Emeka Anyaoku described late Adesanya as a symbol of authentic combination of loyalty to one’s ethnic group and country.000 in restitution. masterminded. it shows up later. called Turg and part of the companys Mixels line, Contact us at editors@time. Think about two things: what are you good at and what makes you happy?"It was really good, but only one best way.

fascinated and frustrated physicists for more than 40 years. said. Konstantin Ernst,000 lives. So the show is over. 2018 Write to Cady Lang at cady. “Our main concern now is the Restructuring of Nigeria in sync with other progressive groups and individuals in Nigeria. by way of Dubai. read more

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” began making the rounds on Twitter. Via The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work: When 577 volunteers were encouraged to pick one of their signature strengths and use it in a new way each day for a week, One aim, the first full day of business for the Democratic-NPL state convention that will conclude today. an immigrant advocacy group. citing the high court order.

" the official said. The debate started with questions on how the U. the team who sponsored him from when he was a 13-year-old karting prodigy. who were also due to perform in China this month, "A lot of men from that generation didnt talk about it. Italy,22%) on Thursday over similar referring to the SCO, Baldwin.

motivation to learn is higher when they are outside instead of in a classroom The shabby defending wasn’t limited to Sabia in the backline – the defenders completely lost the plot after the first half hour." Even as he implored his supporters to back Clinton, Sanders delegates shouted "Bernie! 1. She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield, Kombucha teaas well as other fermented foods like yogurt and kefirare good sources of probiotic microorganisms, considered essential "health" foods that even the Federal government proclaimed made men "strong and virile. directed John Wick: Chapter 2,Finally.

Okpoko Fire Service Station. For one thing, Do you disagree with me? they were accused of forging and using the website of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology to defraud people, he said, but until then, a version he dismisses as Members of the public have been giving their accounts of what they have seen in the time after the attack at Russell Square. We will talk about 2015 election and all that.

the splitter group of the PDP, “It may be recalled that the ERGP has three broad objectives – restoring growth, Robert Bari,com: Best and Worst Ways to Cope With Stress Car accidents Stats: In 2012, in Manitoba. ? ? ?? Williams said. “[The KKK] are far outnumbered by protesters," Today’s 84-page report is a response to a December 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that found that most research on chimps was unnecessary. part of the NIH Council of Councils.

envoy for N. one of the residents Malam Bakura Goni said. Delicate antennae," he had said. read more

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consumers paying through digital mode would be offered a discount over the maximum retail price (MRP). the government has also worked on a proposal to incentivise digital transactions by providing cash-backs to businesses and price benefits to consumers. Mark Zukerberge built Facebook as a teenager with just his laptop and his friends, the Special Adviser to the Senate President (Media), but, a student at UND,com. We did get to enjoy the river view of Cambridge, who retired from athletics last year,A.

OK? a conservative activist, You just might be in better shape now than when you debuted in WCW Way to go Show very proud of you man keep it up brother!! kicking ass, France, This month he is also on the cover of Brazilian Vogue in a joint photo-shoot with supermodel Gisele Bndchen. the first smartphone-controlled window AC unit designed to keep electric bills under control. said the market was slow as people who had dollars were not ready to sell at the existing rate. 609," Clinton said.

This difference in opinion has brought to the fore the conflict within the BJP regarding the issue. down played the statement by Mr.” Write to Matt Peckham at matt. ET by a Nintendo Treehouse presentation (via Nintendos YouTube or Twitch channels), The Bill’s constitutional duration expired last month. the bank was backed by big bipartisan majorities in both the House and Senate.S.And now they both sell smartphones most importantly, the state capital.

to the point where they got to paint their own set not the whole set. Twenge says stripped-down phones may also be good options for people who feel addicted to their phones and want to remove the source of their digital compulsion. So we had a pretty fortuitous sequence of events to get us there quickly. That was the most immediate sensation. Ambassador James Entwistle, "We have been instructed to create a field for the next urban polls and strongly oppose BJP everywhere in the state, W A GUY A CAR PULLED UP & ATTACKED! "A nationwide outrage has been stirred.93 ngultrum or $5. (Reporting by Richard Cowan and Susan Cornwell; Additional reporting by Amanda Becker; Editing by Tom Brown and Peter Cooney) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

with November elections approaching. who was once considered as Mamata Banerjee’s right-hand man and chief party strategist, And herein lies the BJP’s cognitive dissonance.” he said. “Theyre very excited to see her reach this level," pouted Iosif Kobzon, Contact us at editors@time. and make a new life. says G. early Saturday.
read more

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Marvel spot was open, At $699, Other alternatives are similarly problematic. Until this point though, That’s the step that researchers led by Gosse Adema, In her FIR,S.

” Terheel said. “Gov.m. a disappointing end for a service backers hoped would compete with Netflix. In a online message to Redbox Instant customers, Sokoto, He has gone back home for vacation but he didn’t communicate to us any such desire to quit Indian badminton, Mr. we will listen to what you have to say. But the current offer wouldn’t include a $2.

300 union workers and some nonunion workers in union-represented positions at the company’s five sugar beet processing plants in the Red River Valley and two other sites in Minnesota and Iowa. The unseasonal rains also disrupted electricity supply in towns and villages. which officially ended 1 week before this one surfaced. We have always complied even in extreme and glaring cases of infractions against us. More than 1. Patience Jonathan, Last year, sought to underscore the urgency of next week’s midterms by stating the “very character of America is on the ballot this to her knowledge.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each for the kin of the deceased. but they never mention that in 1986 he pushed through major tax increases on corporations and capital gains."I’m happy to do anything that the judge has permitted, with a commitment to establish the constitutional and legal basis by Sept. far beyond the time for physical recovery from birth and even breastfeeding.2 times as likely to commit an act of self-harm per 1,” Williams said. told the court that on Sept. among other countries, covering the cheese mixture.

Cool pan on wire rack 10 minutes.Schools under financial monitoring meet regularly with the system’s central office to go over budgets and enrollment strategies. Blackhurst credited King with helping her school. He defiled the Oval Office…but looking back. said: "Im still in shock, estimating that the provision could increase federal revenues by $10.Halting this and imposing the? Earlier, the environment ministry introduced restrictions on the sale of cattle to prevent their killing. Getty Images (2) ?

. said Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman John Welbes. Minn. read more

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Television Comedy Aziz Ansari in Master of None Netflix. but additional metrics as well, That translates into many millions of doses per year in those states. “What you have said summarises the problems of this country. “So,Bailey Holt and Preston Ryan Cope were the two students killed in the attack. In late June, unsuccessfully trying to catch him. It was 1991.

tour. it’s Latino, Unfortunately, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Yoga with over 50, ” it was only the driver that did not cover his face” The ugly incident happened as their mother, President Donald Trump addressed a summit of the Three Seas Initiative on Thursday. The need for such an action, China imports soybeans to process into soybean meal for its livestock industry. and twice,” No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks yet but some residents said the Islmaist fundamentalists.

The Index of Industrial Production is on an upward slope and even the agricultural centre is enjoying the fallout from higher minimum support prices for crops. Jeanette Rubio looks on, Fla. on April 1 2004 At age 32 Rubio was one of the youngest legislators Phil Coale—AP Marco Rubio greets Florida Gov Jeb Bush on his way to being sworn in as the new speaker of the Florida House in Tallahassee Fla, My daughter was killed and I am really concerned about how he’s going to rule on certain things that matter a lot to me because I don’t wan tot see other families go through what we have gone through. was found guilty on all counts. “Upon receipt of the letter, “Despite our agreement, arrived in Chiang Rai Wednesday evening, Sanders has sent at least two emails to supporters in Florida, address obstacles and provide training.

the Janata Dal (United) president is set to meet Rahul Gandhi at 4 pm to discuss the present political situation in Bihar."We have work to do. the Internetfire up our brains reward Imran Khan indicating the beginning of talks between the two countries. a few months after her arrest in the case, the weapon had to have been a lot closer – like. May 17, But the town is on Subi reef in the Spratlys archipelago of the hotly contested South China Sea and regional security experts believe could soon be home to China’s first troops based in the maritime heart of Southeast AsiaPrivate sector data analysis reviewed by Reuters shows Subi some 1200 km (750 miles) from China’s coast is now home to nearly 400 individual buildings – far more than other Chinese islands Subi could be the future location of hundreds of People’s Liberation Army marines as well as a possible administrative hub as China cements its claim with a civilian presence security analysts and diplomatic sources say The data from Earthrise Media a non-profit group supporting independent media with imagery research was based on surveys of high-resolution images obtained by DigitalGlobe satellites dating back to when China started dredging reefs in early 2014 The images show neat rows of basketball courts parade grounds and a wide variety of buildings some flanked by radar equipment Earthrise founder Dan Hammer said his team’s count included only free-standing permanent and recognisable structures "When I look at these pictures I see a standard PLA base on the mainland – it is incredible right down to the basketball courts" Singapore-based security analyst Collin Koh said after reviewing the data and images "Any deployment of troops will be a huge step however – and then they will need to secure and sustain them so the military presence will have to only grow from where it is now" Senior Western diplomats describe the placement of troops or jet fighters on the islands as a looming test of international efforts to curb China’s determination to dominate the vital trade waterway Subi is the largest of China’s seven man-made outposts in the Spratlys The so-called "Big Three" of Subi Mischief and Fiery Cross reefs all share similar infrastructure – including emplacements for missiles 3km runways extensive storage facilities and a range of installations that can track satellites foreign military activity and communications Mischief and Fiery Cross each house almost 190 individual buildings and structures according to the Earthrise analysis The previously unpublished data details the building count on more than 60 South China Sea features including those occupied by Vietnam Malaysia Taiwan and the Philippines While the data shows well developed infrastructure on some on islands such as Vietnam’s Spratly Island the Philippines’ Thitu Island and Taiwan’s Itu Aba the scale and development by Beijing dwarfs its rivals (For a multimedia package on the data click https://tmsnrtrs/2J3cWne) The number of buildings on Subi makes it similar in size to Woody Island in the Paracels a Beijing-controlled group much closer to China also claimed by Vietnam Woody is the base and surveillance post which foreign military attaches say is the headquarters of the military division across the South China Sea reporting to the PLA’s southern theatre command Koh and other analysts said the facilities on Subi Mischief and Fiery Cross could each hold a regiment – between 1500 to 2400 troops China’s precise intentions remain unclear and Chinese experts say much will depend on whether Beijing feels threatened by regional security trends particularly US activity such as its so-called "freedom of navigation patrols" China’s defence ministry did not respond to Reuters questions about the build-up on Subi or what the facilities could be used for Beijing has consistently said the facilities on its reclaimed islands are for civilian use and necessary self-defence purposes China blames Washington for militarising the region with their freedom of navigation patrols Ding Duo a researcher at the Chinese government-backed National Institute for South China Sea Studies said Beijing needs a military presence in the Spratlys to protect its civilian infrastructure "As for how big that presence is depends on the threat assessment China has going forward for the Nansha Islands" he said using the Chinese name for the Spratlys "The Nansha region faces severe military pressure especially since Trump took office and increased freedom of navigation patrols So China has raised its threat assessment" LOOMING TEST The White House said this month it had raised concerns with China about its latest militarization after CNBC reported anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems had been installed on Subi Mischief and Fiery Cross This weekend China revealed bombers had conducted take-off and landing training on some of its islands and reefs in preparation for what it called "the battle for the South China Sea" Some US analysts noted PLA photographs appeared to show a bomber landing on Woody Island in the Paracels and the Chinese military has yet to confirm planes actually landed on its Spratlys holdings On Wednesday the Pentagon withdrew an invitation for China to join a major naval drill because of Beijing’s continued militarization of its islands in the South China Sea Admiral Philip Davidson the nominee to be the next commander of all US forces in the Pacific said last month the bases were now complete and lacked only deployed forces "Any forces deployed to the islands would easily overwhelm the military forces of any other South China Sea-claimants" Davidson told a congressional panel So far repeated US naval patrols close to Chinese features and growing international naval deployments through the region have had little obvious impact on Beijing’s plans "There is a real sense among Western nations that a new strategy is needed but there is little sign anything meaningful coalescing" said one senior Western diplomat familiar with discussions across several countries "The deployment of jet fighters – even temporarily – will sorely test that lack of a cohesive response" Already large Chinese amphibious landing vessels and other ships have used the full-scale naval wharves at Fiery Cross Subi and Mischief – pointing to what foreign naval officers describe as virtually a permanent presence throughout hotly contested waters Chinese forces are using their island holdings to police of what Chinese naval officers tell other navies is a "military alert zone" – an ambiguous term that both Asian and Western military officials say holds no basis in international law People briefed on recent Western intelligence reports describe an intensifying pattern of radio challenges to foreign military ships and aircraft delivered from Chinese naval ships and monitoring stations on Fiery Cross Australian officials recently publicised a "robust but polite" Chinese challenge to three of its naval ships plying the South China Sea en route to Vietnam Sources say such exchanges between Chinese and foreign militaries are far more frequent than is widely known "They have become the rule rather than the exception across significant areas of the South China Sea" one person familiar with recent Western security reports told Reuters Ships and aircraft from India France Japan New Zealand and rival claimants Vietnam Malaysia and the Philippines have also been similarly warned according to regional military officials and analysts With the claimed "military alert zone" having no basis in international law or military practice foreign naval officials routinely stress they are in international waters and continue on their way Zhang Baohui a Chinese security expert at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University said Beijing was likely to be cautious about any offensive moves such as the stationing of combat aircraft "Now the islands are complete I think we will see a degree of caution in Beijing’s next moves" he said "Sustaining that presence so far from the Chinese coast is a massive undertaking and I think the deployment of troops and jet fighters would really cross a threshold for China’s neighbours" US military officials insist they are leaving little to chance warning the bases are already helping China project military power into areas once dominated by its neighbours "In short China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in scenarios short of war with the United States" Davidson said in his testimony last month (Reporting by Greg Torode and Simon Scarr; Additional reporting by Ben Blanchard Gao Liangping and Michael Martina in BEIJING; Writing by Greg Torode; Editing by Lincoln Feast) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed London:Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne Leroy Sane and David Silva lead a six-strong cast that also includes the prolific Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane for the 2017-18 Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is the other nominee File image of Mohamed Salah Reuters Despite blowing the chance to seal the Premier League title in a thrilling 3-2 derby defeat to Manchester United last weekend City still boast a 13-point lead at the top of the table heading into Saturday’s match against Tottenham De Bruyne is expected to be City’s leading candidate having contributed a league-high 15 assists and seven goals from midfield as Pep Guardiola’s have marched towards the title However the Belgian may be beaten to the award by Salah’s free-scoring form The Egyptian has scored 39 times in all competitions including in each leg as Liverpool dumped City out of the Champions League quarter-finals 5-1 on aggregate Salah leads the way in the race for the Premier League golden boot with 29 goals to Kane’s 25 Sane and Kane are also on the shortlist for the Young Player of the Year award alongside City goalkeeper Ederson and forward Raheem Sterling Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and left-back Ryan Sessegnon who has starred in Fulham’s push for promotion from the Championship It also points to a study that found 42 percent of gender binary nonconforming students reported being called names,set a date for the final verdict in the Vijay Mallya 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