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New York’s Cooperative Extension System Appoints Assistant Director to Address Military Families, Veterans, and Disaster

first_imgToday’s Friday Field Notes features New York’s Cornell Cooperative Extension system and their efforts to bring more focused attention and leadership to the overlapping domains of military families, veterans, and disaster by creating a new leadership position. The new position indicates increasing recognition that extension is uniquely qualified and positioned to bring high-quality education and outreach to military service-members and their families, veterans, and members of the disaster prevention and response communities, and the communities they serve.One of the larger challenges for State Family Program Directors, Community Service representatives, Family Advocacy representatives, and others engaged in similar work is that though they may be aware of how Cooperative Extension can be a “force multiplier” in the family readiness mission, they just don’t have a point of contact that seems to be in parity with their positions or areas of responsibility. New York state is hoping to change that.Chris Watkins, Cornell Cooperative Extension  Director, recently announced the half time appointment of Keith Tidball as Assistant Director, Disaster Education, Military Families and Veterans. Tidball, a US Army National Guard veteran, is a senior extension associate in the Department of Natural Resources in CALS who has been conducting research and extension in the contexts of disaster and war for over a decade, and has been with cooperative extension since 2002.Dr. Keith G. Tidball, new Assistant Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension for Disaster Education, Military Families, and VeteransNew York State is home to nearly 900,000 Veterans. Seventy-two percent served during periods of combat. Approximately 88,000 New Yorkers served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Additionally, New York State is home to approximately 30,000 active duty military personnel as well as an additional 30,000 National Guard and Reserve personnel. New York has the 4th largest number of Veteran-owned small businesses in the country.New York hosts the largest military base in the northeast, Fort Drum, which is home to 18,000 Soldiers and another 18,000 military family members as well as just fewer than 4,000 civilian employees. New York is also home to the oldest service academy, the United States Military Academy at West Point which trains about 4,400 future Army officers annually. Outside of Fort Drum there are another 3,600 Active Duty military members in New York, while the New York Army and Air National Guard have a combined strength of 16,000 men and women. The federal reserve forces of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps reserves count another 14,500 New Yorkers among their ranks. Clearly there is a large population of military service members and their families to be served by Cornell Cooperative Extension.Beyond traditional combat and combat support roles, disaster management is often a role played by military and other first responders. Civilians, too, have roles to play in disaster. From business owners, farmers, home-owners, the young and the old, there are educational opportunities and roles for cooperative extension in all four phases of the disaster management cycle. Cooperative extension has specific expertise and experience in rural communities and among the agricultural and natural resources sectors, as well as significant expertise in youth, family, and community education and outreach.Regarding military families, Tidball will develop a comprehensive program targeted towards the nearly 40,000 service members and military families in New York State, building upon the work of Jefferson County Cooperative Extension and other associations, as well as extension faculty on campus. This military families program will benefit from close affiliation with the US Department of Defense/ US Department of Agriculture Military Extension Partnership, and will leverage existing relationships with the Military Families Learning Network, which serves military family service professionals through engaged online communities. Tidball will work towards a programmatic approach to increase and strengthen community capacity in support of military families, increase professional and workforce development opportunities for those working with military families, and expand and strengthen family, childcare and youth development programs focused on military families.Finally, addressing the growing Veteran population in New York, Tidball will provide coordination and support of existing programs within CCE, CALS, CHE, ILR and the College of Veterinary Medicine in support of New York’s nearly 900,000 veterans. Further, as Assistant Director he will seek to expand the scope and scale of extension education programming targeting veterans to meet the employment needs of disabled veterans with emphasis directed toward serving those who are economically or educationally disadvantaged, including homeless veterans, and veterans with barriers to employment.Asked about the new position with Cornell Cooperative Extension administration, Tidball said “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue and expand program areas within cooperative extension that are at the tip of the spear, as they say, the leading edge when it comes to putting knowledge to work in pursuit of economic vitality, ecological sustainability and social well-being. I look forward to working in these areas to continue to grow awareness of the power of cooperative extension, to make it ever more visible and viable, especially among those who need it most, when it’s needed most urgently.”last_img read more

After Effects Video Tutorial: Pencil Write-On Animation

first_img7Precompose the paper layer and add a fast blur. 1Create a new composition and create a new text layer with any words you want.  Create a write-on cursive animation in After Effects – great for explainer videos or title graphics.In this Premiumbeat exclusive video tutorial you’ll learn how to create an awesome cursive write-on effect using After Effects. The effect doesn’t look very difficult but it does utilize some upper level techniques. This tutorial covers:Toggling the transparency gridRoving keyframes and temporal lockStylizing graphite streaksThis tutorial is very different from most write-on tutorials in After Effects. Instead of using the built in write-on tool, we’ll use a shape layer mixed with rotational values.Prefer reading to watching? Check out the After Effects how-to below.Click images for larger view. 8Create a pencil on a single shape layer. 6 Add turbulent noise to simulate paper texture. 5 Make a new white solid and apply a grid effect to simulate paper. 11Set the rotation of the pencil to match a natural movement. Hold down ALT and click the rotation of the pencil creating an expression, type:x=2; y=“pick whip to the ‘follower’ position”[0]*.01;wiggle(x,y); 4Add a trim path to the shape layer and set two easy eased keyframes. 3Make a new null object and name it “follower”. Copy and paste the shape layer’s path into the position of the null object. 2Make a shape layer over the text layer with a light stroke. Draw over the word in a cursive manner. 10Pickwhip the position of the pencil to the position of the null object and add “value +” to the beginning of the pencil position expression. Set keyframes to simulate the pencil coming into the scene. 13 Set the text layer to multiply. 12Add a turbulent noise, noise HLS, tint, roughen edges, curves, and fast blur to the cursive shape layer. Stylize. 9 Move the anchor point to the tip of the pencil. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or if you have any quick tips for using expressions in After Effects please comment below!last_img read more

FCPX Video Tutorial: Exporting Still Frames

first_imgImage Courtesy of Larry JordanAlthough Apple and Adobe don’t have a ‘loving’ relationship with each other, it’s great to know that you can export Photoshop formats out of FCPX. Along with PSD’s you can also export many common image file types including TIFF, PNG, JPEG, IFF, and DPX.This video was first shared by the awesome guys out at MacBreak Studio. You can check out all 200+ FCP tutorials on the Pixel Corps YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!Know of any better ways to export still frames? Share in the comments below. In this video tutorial by MacBreak Studio, Steve and Mark show us how to export still frames in FCPX.One of the most used features in any non-linear editing platform is the ability to export a still frame. But instead of simply hitting command+shift+4 and drawing a box around your viewer, FCPX has a few built in options to help make the whole process a lot easier. In the following video by MacBreak Studio, Steve and Mark show us how to export still frames in FCPX. The video covers:Restoring DestinationAdding Still Image DestinationsRenaming ImagesSaving different files typesLarlast_img read more

The 4 Best Lenses for Shooting Wedding Videos

first_img85mmImage via The Digital PictureThe 85mm is great at capturing wedding footage in a journalistic style. The 85mm is one of the most popular lenses used for portraits. One of the best reasons to use the lens is the great low-light capabilities. It’s much easier to work at a distance and still get a nice clean image during dark wedding receptions.It’s fantastic during dances, and is the opposite of the 35mm. Instead of seeing the couple and the guests in the shot, the 85mm will blur out the background and give you a really nice image of just the couple. The bokeh it produces during the wedding reception is excellent. One of the downsides is the weight. You will get tired of carrying this thing around.Check out this breakdown from Adorama comparing 22 different 85mm lenses.70-200mmImage via The Digital PictureI feel like every wedding videographer will tell you that this is THE lens to have, but it’s really only good for ceremony. Your money will be better spent getting a nice 50mm. That said, if you shoot a lot of big weddings, the 70-200 is still essential. You’ll want to make sure you have a lens with image stabilization.This lens will help you hide in the back and go unnoticed by guests. You can easily capture some nice close-up shots as well as quickly zooming out to capture the whole bridal party.Check out this comparison between the Tamron 70-200, Sigma 70-200, and Canon 70-200mm lenses from Tony Northrup. 50mmImage via The Digital PictureThe 50mm lens is the go-to lens for photographers and videographers alike. This lens is incredibly versatile. To get the best composition and framing, all you have to do is take a few steps forward or backwards. The 50mm is great for capturing all those candid moments of the bridal party goofing off and laughing. It’s not as wide as the 35mm, which can be beneficial if you are working in tight spaces — like small hotel rooms.At the wedding venue, the 50mm can capture great details like table tops, the cake, toasts, seating cards, and everything in between. Where the 35mm was great at capturing the couple and everyone celebrating behind them, the 50mm will allow you to draw more focus on the couple.This video from Digital Rev aims to narrow down the best 50mm by showing off several brands of glass. Bonus – Specialty LensesThe following lenses aren’t the best for every wedding or videographer. However, they are great for very specific reasons.14mmIf you’ll be flying your camera on a Steadicam or Glidecam, the 14mm is a great lens simply because you won’t have to keep adjusting the focus. Most 14mm lenses have a hyperfocal distance of three feet, so you can get pretty close or be back a bit and not have to focus.100mmIf you are planning to get footage of the wedding rings or some dress details, a 100mm macro is the way to go. You’ll capture some great little details, but that’s pretty much the only thing you can use this lens for. It will sit in your camera bag the rest of the day.What are your go-to lenses for shooting weddings? Share your kit in the comments below!center_img Shooting a wedding, but not sure what camera gear you need? Take a look at four of the best lens options for capturing the whole wedding day.Top image via ShutterstockWhen shooting a wedding, you will want a few different lenses to work with. In fact, if you’re carrying your lenses with you, it may be best to swap lenses during the day. Lenses that work great for ceremonies may not work at all during the reception.During the wedding day, you will want to get plenty of intricate details. This includes big things like exteriors of the hotel, church, or venue, down to little things like rings and cufflinks. Now, there isn’t one magic lens that will capture all of these things equally, so here are the four lenses you’ll need to capture the whole wedding day.35mmImage via The Digital PictureThe 35mm is a wide-angle lens that’s perfect for shooting the entire wedding day. Its compact size also helps everyone on camera act like themselves. They tend not to be very intimidated by this lens. Before the ceremony, you can use this lens to capture the entire room while the bridal party is getting ready. It’s great for capturing a lot of action happening at once.During the ceremony, this lens is great at setting a feel for the vows. It really helps set the scene, allowing you to focus on the storytelling. At the reception, this lens is wonderful for capturing the bridal party entrances. Not only do you see each couple walking in, you get some great footage of everyone in the background cheering them on. The same goes for the first dance and parent dances. Having the crowd smiling and crying in the background can really take the footage to another level.Here’s a comparison between the Canon 35mm, Zeiss 35mm, Cooke 40mm, and the new XEEN 35mm from cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC.last_img read more

Finding Perfect Music Is Easier and Faster with PremiumBeat

first_imgThe new features available at PremiumBeat take music search and music discovery to new heights. Check out the newest tools and enhancements that make your search for that perfect track a breeze.Over the last several months, the PremiumBeat team has been hard at work making your experience with our site more pleasant. We knocked on multiple doors, called tons of numbers, and sent thousands of emails asking videographers, filmmakers, and podcasters what they’d improve in music search and music discovery.Afterward, we put together a list, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. Now we’re proud to walk you through all the great enhancements and additions we’ve brought to PremiumBeat.Let’s take a look.Impressive HomepageLet’s start with the new homepage. We combined all the most important parts in the dynamic tabs, so you don’t have to scroll. The Browse view helps you find the tracks that our musicians curate for you. You’ll also see the trending tracks and the newest additions to our music library. Don’t like our selections? There is always the “View All” button that makes thousands of tracks immediately available.The Collections view gives you that personal touch from our music editors. These are the music collections we argued about, agreed on, and then argued about some more. They’re the best we have to offer, so enjoy the ultra-curated tunes in this view.Already know the genre and the mood you need for your project? Then turn to the Genres and Moods views, and get what you need with a single click.PRO-free MusicWe know that sometimes you need music cleared of all rights whatsoever. For this, we’ve created a unique PRO-free music collection. This music collection includes thousands of tracks composed by artists who aren’t affiliated with performance rights organizations (PROs). In other words, this music is perfect for projects that end up on television, film, or radio.If, say, you’re in Germany, this music is GEMA-free. The same is valid for all other countries.Now it’s easy to find PRO-free music on PremiumBeat. Use the PRO-free filter in the Advanced filter section on the search page.We’ve also marked PRO-free tracks as such on their respective pages. Keep an eye out for them on music track pages.Working with PRO OrganizationsIf the music you picked is not marked as PRO-free, and you plan to use it in a feature film or on TV or radio, you’ll need to go through these additional easy steps. Have a look — we’ve explained how to report the music you’ve used in your projects in easy-to-follow guidelines.New Search RefinementsWe’d like you to focus on the creative part of your project, like spending your time figuring out new approaches to your edits in your NLE. With that in mind, we realize how important it is to find the right music track quickly. Our team looked at the most-requested refinements and added them to the site’s search. Now you can refine your music search results to get to that ideal track in no time.We added a whole family of Advanced Filters.Start with the Editor’s Pick filter. Explore our music team’s curated favorites. We put hours into these playlists, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.You probably know that all PremiumBeat music tracks come with shorts and loops. A vast majority of our tracks also include stems. You can now filter all tracks and listen only to the tracks with Stems, with Short versions, and/or with Loops.If you don’t know what those terms mean, here’s a quick rundown:Music Stems are audio files split into several music elements. Stems offer more editing control over the audio.Shorts are shortened versions of a music track.Loops are short sections of a music track edited to repeat continuously.If your project needs instrumental music, we have you covered with the new Instrumental Only advanced filter. It takes you just a click to exclude vocals from your search results. Give it a try!Advanced Music Search TechniquesNow that you’ve made it all the way here, how about a treat?Whether you’re new to PremiumBeat or you’ve been using the music library for quite a while, you’ve probably set up a number of music playlists. Scrolling through them all may be time-consuming. To make your life easier, you can search all your carefully selected playlists. Just use the search field in the playlist area of your PremiumBeat account. Search by the playlist name, the name of the track, or the artist’s name.We also added Instruments in our search prompts. Give those prompts one extra second to show up when you type in the search field.Here is another search secret you didn’t know about: you can now search by the preview file name.We know how it works: you download the preview comp, put it in your project, and pass a bunch of versions to your client for approval. It takes the client days, weeks, or maybe months to get back to you. With the approved version in hand, you need to license the track. Just throw the file’s name in the search field, and you’ll get to the track’s page in no time.Our search pages now feature multiple pages for easier navigation. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to click through to each new page in your search results. Just use the keyboard shortcuts to browse through music.The Left/Right and Up/Down keys help you go through tracks and move from page to page when you reach the bottom of your search results. The Keyboard Shortcuts are true time savers!While browsing the site and listening to various music tracks, you’ll notice that the music player is there with you. We’ve made sure it’s present while you navigate from page to page. You can always pause the music.More Features ComingFinding the perfect music track isn’t easy; we know it can be time-consuming. But we designed all these enhancements to make your experience on our site truly better.With new music going up on the PremiumBeat library every day, our team is committed to helping you find the perfect track for your creative needs as efficiently as possible. And we’re planning to add even more useful tools.So stick around. We’ll be right back!All the above enhancements and updates can be already found on for more details about adding music to your projects? Check out these useful articles.The Complete Video Editor’s Guide to Working with MusicHow Video Editors Can Increase Production Value Using Song StemsAudio Tips: How to Remove Vocals in a Song Using StemsWAV vs. MP3: Why You Need Hi-Res Audio for Your VideoCreative Ways You Can Use Music Loops in Your Videoslast_img read more

If You Want a Message to Stick, Repeat Yourself

first_imgThe first time you deliver a message to your prospective client or dream client, you should not expect that message to resonate and drive them to take action, regardless of how compelling your case may be. This is true even if you have real influence, and even if you are positioned as a trusted advisor.That first salvo, the first time you say something, barely creates awareness. Your dream client may need time for the message to resonate and before they start to notice evidence, signs, and symptoms that what you are saying is true. Awareness doesn’t happen all at once; it develops over time, and with repetition and variations on the theme.The second time you deliver that same message, it may carry more weight. Because you are continuing to make the case, it proves that you are serious about the change you are recommending. Even if your dream client doesn’t like the idea of change, your consistency and your persistence garners more attention. Your determination gets you heard.To attempt a real change initiative by messaging someone once or twice is not a serious enough attempt for you to expect your dream client abandon what they are doing and shift directions.The third time you recommend the same change, while continuing to point to the mounting evidence that you are correct, providing proof that you are not the only one who recognizes these trends. You explain, again, how what you suggest will improve the results for your dream client. As you do this, you may start developing some real traction around the idea. Maybe you will get your dream client to see your vision on the fourth attempt. Or perhaps the fifth.Too many people place much too much stock in attempting to make a case so compelling and so overwhelming that they can immediately get to “yes” in a single try. If you want a message to resonate and compel action, keep repeating it.last_img read more

You Need More Activity

first_imgSales organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to determine exactly what makes a top performer. They want to know this because they want to make sure that their sales team is full of them.One sales organization that I know surveyed their top performers to create a model for the rest of their sales force. The company that did this work monitored the type of work the top producers did, how often they did it, and lined those findings up against their sales results. Then, they used the model created by looking at their top performers to establish the behaviors and key performance indicators for the rest of their sales force.This project failed miserably. It didn’t result in improved behaviors or improved results. In fact, things got a little worse.Bad Questions, Bad AnswersWhen you ask a bad question, you often get a bad answer.One of the best things you can do when trying to produce better results is to ask the best possible question available to you. The organization that did this work asked the question, “What do the people who produce the most revenue do each day?” They also asked the question, “How do they do this work?”A better question would have been, “How are the people who are creating and winning the most opportunities spend their time, and how are they achieving these results?” This question would have yielded a very different set of findings.The best performers in this particular company had inherited the largest clients the company had acquired when the salespeople who won them had left the company. They were not creating new opportunities with new clients, they were simply taking orders from existing clients, and they were doing it well. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the sales organization’s problem.Activity and EffectivenessActivity and effectiveness are two very different things. You can be very active and produce poor results because you are not effective enough. You can be very effective and still not do well because you are not taking nearly enough action.The interesting thing to note about high performers is that they tend to also have higher levels of activity than their peers. In some cases, they may be far more effective than their peers, but more often than not, their stronger work ethic produces greater results because they take greater activity.You should never stop trying to improve your effectiveness. But if your results aren’t what you want them to be now, look first to activity. It’s likely you’ll more often find the answer there.last_img read more

11 Ways You Give Up Control of the Sales Conversation

first_imgIn The Lost Art of Closing, I wrote about the ten commitments you need in a typical B2B sale. In that book, I identified two rules to acquire these commitments, the first of which is that you must trade enough value to create an imbalance in your client’s favor (they gain from the meeting, even if they never buy from you). The second rule is that you need to control the process (the sales conversation).Here are eleven ways you give up control.Not knowing that it is your responsibility to control the process: It is easy to lose control of the process when you don’t know it is your responsibility to manage it in the first place. Improvement here starts with awareness. There are some who believe that buyer should—or does—control the process, and that you should be subservient, waiting for them to direct you. This is wrong, and it will cause limit your ability to win and serve your clients.Not creating enough value in a meeting to earn the next: If you don’t show up prepared, with an agenda, with insights and ideas, and with good questions, you are not going to generate enough value to earn the right to another meeting. Your client is going to decide whether the next meeting makes sense, and that judgment is shaped by how you perform.Leaving a meeting without a meeting: You should never leave a meeting without another meeting. If you do, you are going to find yourself chasing your prospective client for the next meeting, first over voicemail, then over email (two mediums which make it easy for your client to avoid you). Book the next meeting before you end each meeting.Accepting a non-commitment: A non-commitment sounds like this: “We’ll reach out to you in the next couple weeks.” Maybe they mean it. Alternatively, perhaps they’re just nice so that they can get rid of you. One thing is certain, there is no next meeting on their calendar, and there is nothing on yours. You accepted a non-commitment, and you are back to chasing.Making a commitment instead of gaining one: You may have established a few critical follow-up tasks from your meeting. You owe your prospect an email with some additional information. The commitment that you made is not a commitment for the client, and they are in no way obligated to open, read, or respond to your mail. A commitment was made, but your client didn’t make it.Avoiding conflict over next steps: Your client may not want to do what they need to do next. They may not want to bring in other parties. They may not want to commit to a meeting with your operations team. They may not want to let your legal team hash out an indemnification clause with their legal team. When these commitments are necessary, avoiding the difficult conversation to gain the commitment can levy a hefty penalty of your conflict-aversion of your lack of diplomacy.Failing to trade enough value for the commitment you want: If you can’t tell your client precisely what they gain from the meeting you are trying to schedule, they are right to refuse it. They need to know how they benefit from agreeing to the meeting. No value, no commitment.Allowing clients to determine what comes next when it is the wrong decision: Sometimes a client will tell you something that sounds positive, like “Go ahead and get us a proposal and pricing.” But if you haven’t done the work to be able to provide what they are asking for, you have to do what is right instead of what seems easy.Not knowing what commitment you need: It’s possible that you don’t know what commitment you need. Because the sales conversation is nonlinear, it is easy to find yourself outside of your sales process and in a place where turn-by-turn directions are not available. Even if you have to guess, and even if you are wrong, you need a commitment that moves the opportunity forward.Failing to identify the next best commitment: Sometimes the commitment you need is difficult to gain. If you don’t have a backup commitment, something you can ask for that, while not being optimal, still moves your forward. Something is almost always better than nothing.Not asking: If you don’t ask for the commitment you need, you are not going to acquire that commitment. Ask!last_img read more

MP bypolls: Two firing incidents reported in Ater seat

first_imgFiring incidents were reported from at least two places after Congress and BJP workers clashed during the bypoll in Madhya Pradesh’s Ater assembly seat on Sunday.The State Electoral Office dismissed reports of booth capturing. Two more Special Armed Forces (SAF) companies (nearly 200 personnel) have been pressed into service at Ater, where 34% polling was recorded by 1 PM.In Bandhavgarh (Umaria), another assembly segment where polling is underway on Sunday, voter turnout was 37 % by 1 PM.“The firing incidents were reported from two places.The security personnel fired in the air at Sankri village booth to avoid a clash between the BJP and Congress workers.“Another incident of firing was reported near booth number 172 (Goarkala),” State Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh Salina Singh told reporters at a press conference.“The incident of firing took place one kilometre away from booth number 172 and as of now more details of this incident are awaited,” said Ms. Singh.She denied any booth-capturing in Ater and Bandhavgarh.“There was no booth capturing incident reported from Ater and Bandhavgarh. All the booths in Ater were declared sensitive. We have talked to the state DGP. After these incidents, we have called two additional SAF companies from Morena to strengthen the security arrangements,” she added.When asked about allegations of Congress that gun shots were fired at its candidate in Ater Hemant Katare at Sankri village booth, Ms. Singh said that there was a dispute between booth agents of Congress and BJP.“The Congress candidate stayed for a long time inside the booth. This deteriorated the situation resulting in a clash between the polling agents. Police had to fire in the air to control the situation. Some vehicles were also damaged during this clash,” she added.Ms. Singh said that both the Congress and BJP candidates were provided additional security.The State Electoral Officer also informed that six police officials were transferred late Saturday night on a complaint of Congress.She said that EVMs and voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) machines were changed at five places in Ater and three places at Bandhavgarh during the mock poll.“One voter had complaint about VVPAT at one place in Ater but his complaint was found to be untrue,” she added.In Ater, the Congress has fielded Hemant Katare, son of former Leader of Opposition Satyadev Katare, whose death necessitated the by-poll.From BJP, former MLA Arvind Singh Bhadoria is contesting the byelection.The by-election in Bandhavgarh seat was necessitated after its MLA Gyan Singh was elected to the Lok Sabha in November last year.The main contest in Bandhavgarh (ST) seat is between BJP’s Shivnarayan Singh, son of Gyan Singh, and Savitri Singh of Congress.The counting of votes will take place on April 13.last_img read more

Swaran Salaria is BJP’s candidate from Gurdaspur

first_imgThe Bharatiya Janta Party on Thursday announced Swaran Singh Salaria as its candidate from the Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency, which fell vacant after the demise of actor-turned-politician Vinod Khanna in April this year.The BJP central election committee picked Mr. Salaria for the by-election to the parliamentary constituency of Gurdaspur, said party central election committee secretary Jagat Prakash Nadda in a release.Nominations filedMr. Salaria is a businessman from Chauhana village of Bhoa Assembly constituency. Meanwhile four candidates on Thursday filed their nominations for the Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency by-poll, to be held on October 11.An official spokesperson said those who filed nominations include Aam Aadmi Party candidate Suresh Kahjuria and his covering candidate Taripata Kumari, besides Rajinder Singh of Hindustan Shakti Saina and Santosh Kumari of Megh Deshm Party.The spokesperson said the last date for filing of nominations is September 22. So far, five candidates have filed their nominations for by-poll. The counting of votes and result will be declared on October 15.last_img read more

BHU Chief Proctor resigns, taking “moral responsibility” for lathi charge on students

first_imgChief Proctor of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) O.N. Singh resigned late on Tuesday, taking “moral responsibility” for the lathi charge on students demanding justice for a colleague who was molested on the campus.The incidents on the campus over the last few days has raised questions on the safety of women students in one of Asia’s largest residential campuses. Several students (many of them girls), journalists and policemen were injured as the police lathi-charged the protestors, some of whom also allegedly indulged in arson, on Saturday night.Mr. Singh’s resignation was accepted by Vice Chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi, a varsity spokesperson said.Steps for better security on the campusMeanwhile, even as the Varanasi Divisional Commissioner held the BHU administration guilty of not being sensitive during the incident and failing to take timely action, the varsity announced a number of steps for better security on the campus.Also Read We want lights on campus, not locks, say BHU students  The BHU is spread over a sprawling 1,360 acres.Vehicular movement around hostels will now be restricted and better lighting will be provided at night. CCTV cameras will be installed at sensitive places within the campus and a mechanism for checking of vehicles will also be implemented.Women guards will soon be deployed in girls’ hostels while a committee will be formed at the hostel level to provide suggestions to the administration on the safety demands and other necessary issues faced by those staying in the hostels. A dedicated helpline number will also be started, the BHU said.Molestation unfortunate, says VC Terming the molestation of a fine arts student, which led to the protests, “unfortunate and extremely painful,” Mr. Tripathi said the culprits in the case were being identified and strict action would be taken against them.”She is like my daughter as well as that of the university,” Mr. Tripathi said.last_img read more

Six Sangli cops suspended for beating suspect to death

first_imgSix policemen have been suspended for allegedly beating to death a 26-year-old man arrested for robbery. Sub-inspector Yuvraj Kamte and five other staff members of the Sangli city police station have been taken into custody, Vishwas Nangre-Patil, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kolhapur range, said on Wednesday.The deceased, Aniket Ashok Kothale, had been remanded in police custody for three days. Kothale and his accomplice Amol Bhandare had been arrested by the Sangli police for robbing an engineer, Santosh Gaikwad, of ₹2,000 and his mobile phone. The incident occurred on Sunday morning when Mr. Gaikwad was waiting at the Sangli depot for a bus to Nandani village in Shirol taluk. Brutally beatenOn Monday night, the accused were brought out of their cell and taken to an interrogation room. Kothale was allegedly tied upside down to a ceiling fan and repeatedly beaten by Mr. Kamte and his staff. He was also subjected to water torture. Kothade is believed to have succumbed during the interrogation in front of a horrified Mr. Bhandare.Mr. Nangre-Patil said, “Mr. Kamte and his team then attempted to burn Kothale’s body on Tuesday morning. The first attempt was unsuccessful, so they tried to do so again with petrol. Mr. Kamte then attempted to furnish false information to Dr. Dipali Kale, the deputy superintendent of police, saying that both accused had fled to Karnataka.”Mr. Kamte, constables Anil Lad, Arun Tone, Suraj Mulla and Rahul Shingte, and another staffer were immediately suspended and arrested as soon as the incident came to light.Mr. Nangre-Patil said the case would be handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for further investigation.last_img read more

A.P. Shah: we live in an age of propaganda and half-truths

first_imgCriticising the culture of unnecessary secrecy pervading government and bureaucratic circles, former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Ajit Prakash Shah on Saturday said that the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression was under attack.“We live in an age of propaganda, proactive false information and half-truths. The media coverage, or rather black-out, of certain press conferences, and distorting headlines with a pro-government bias is an attempt to spread disinformation. Unless ordinary citizens demand accountability from the government, there will be no change in the situation,” Justice Shah said during the inaugural lecture of the Moneylife Foundation’s Pune RTI Centre.He said it was only the existence of the Right to Information (RTI) Act that had helped put a check on corruption and expose major loopholes in the Aadhaar project and the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.He said the Aadhaar Act further compounded problems. “While the RTI Act regulates the citizen’s right to information regarding third-party public authorities, the Aadhaar Act is concerned with the right to access information about oneself. Shockingly, the proviso to Section 28(5) of the Act makes clear that Aadhaar number holders do not have the right to access core biometric information about themselves. This means that while the State has access to my fingerprint and iris scan in their Central Identity Database Repository, the individual is prohibited from accessing his information,” said Justice Shah.According to him, a ‘popular’ government cannot deny its public access to information and scrutiny of its records.Justice Shah expressed concern that the Whistle Blower’s Protection Act and Lokpal had not been put in operation despite the law being approved more than three years ago in Parliament. The government had instead moved an amendment Bill in May 2015 to severely dilute it, he said.“While there is a perceived air of incorruptibility around the current Prime Minister, that itself is no reason to discard or dilute existing laws promoting proactive oversight and audit of government actions, especially since the problem of corruption and opacity in the functioning of the lower levels of government remain,” he said.last_img read more

No fresh violence reported in Shillong

first_imgA week after clashes broke out between local Khasi people and Sikh community members, life in Shillong is gradually returning to normalcy with no fresh violence reported from anywhere in the city prompting authorities to relax the daytime curfew. The capital of Meghalaya was gripped by violence since May 29 following an altercation between Sikh residents in the city’s Punjabi Lane area and Khasi drivers of State-run buses. More than 10 people, including policemen and CRPF personnel, were injured in the clashes. As in past two days, curfew was relaxed for nine hours in the 14 “vulnerable areas” from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. today. Authorities will decide on further relaxation of curfew, Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills, P.S. Dkhar said.last_img read more

Pandal collapses during PM’s rally in Midnapore, 22 injured

first_imgAt least 22 people were injured when a part of the pandal collapsed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Midnapore town in Paschim Medinipur district on MondayThe incident took place during the Prime Minister’s nearly hour-long speech. Local party workers said that some people, who climbed atop the steel frame of the pandal, were injured as it collapsed.Heavy rain had apparently weakened the structure. There are no reports of any casualties as yet.Later, Mr. Modi visited the injured in the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital.last_img read more

Pro-quota agitation turns hostile, Marathwada restive

first_imgRoad traffic was disrupted, schools remained shut in some cities, while Internet services were suspended in Pune district during the state-wide bandh called on Thursday by Maratha outfits in support of their demand for reservation. Despite coordinators of the Maratha Kranti Morcha exhorting demonstrators to adhere to a ‘code of conduct’, there were reports of violence in parts of Pune and in the Marathwada region.A mob vandalised a section of the Pune District Collectorate while traffic along the Mumbai-Pune expressway was held up for several hours during the day as protesters staged demonstrations at the Urse toll plaza.The police also resorted to lathi-charge and lobbed tear gas shells to disperse a mob of nearly 1,000 in the city’s Chandni Chowk area, after they had blocked the Katraj-Dehu Road bypass for several hours, leading to snarls along the Pune-Bengaluru highway.“An aggressive mob of youngsters, aged 18-25 years, stormed the Collectorate premises demanding immediate reservation. Till then, the sit-in agitation [held by the Sakal Maratha Samaj] outside the building had ended without incident,” said Pune District Collector Naval Kishore Ram.The mob reportedly attempted to prevent television media personnel trying to cover the incident.Shantaram Kunjir, one of the Morcha coordinators in Pune, said those who vandalised the security cabin of the Collectorate were not part of their demonstration.In Aurangabad’s Waluj MIDC area, mobs torched a couple of private vehicles and a police van, compelling security personnel to resort to lathi-charge and lob tear-gas shells in the air. In Latur, stones were pelted on the car of Congress legislator Trimbak Bhise. He was also, jeered at and shoved about till he was compelled to beat a hasty retreat.Buses damaged Incidents of stone pelting on State Transport buses were reported from Nashik. According to authorities, the windows of some private vehicles were smashed after a sit-in agitation at Nashik’s Dongre Vasti Gruh Maidan suddenly turned violent. An irate mob heckled and shoved former legislator Manikrao Kokate when heattempted to join the agitation.In Hingoli district, there were reports of a mob torching a mini-school bus, while agitators, along with their livestock, staged roadblocks in some areas in Parbhani district.Schools, colleges shut Along with Pune and Ahmednagar districts, schools, colleges, varsities remained shut in a number of districts in the Marathwada region including Aurangabad, Jalna, Nanded and Beed.As a prudential measure, district authorities suspended internet services in seven taluks in Pune including Baramati, Shirur, Junnar and Daund for the better part of the day. Likewise, there was a clampdown on internet services in Sangli, Solapur and Kolhapur districts in western Maharashtra as well.In Chakan MIDC, which witnessed a bout of violence last week, drones were deployed to as a precautionary measure. Most IT companies in the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Pune’s Hinjewadi area remained closed.Pro-quota agitators staged a sit-in outside the Baramati residence of Maratha strongman and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief, Sharad Pawar. NCP leader Ajit Pawar later joined the demonstration and raised pro-reservation slogans.The Mumbai-Pune expressway witnessed markedly reduced vehicular movement while the traffic all but came to a standstill along the Pune-Ahmednagar road.Roadblocks were also erected at a number of points in Malegaon in Nashik district.last_img read more

10 dead, 3 injured in Shimla road accident

first_imgTen people, including four women, died and three others were injured after a vehicle veered off a road in Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla district Saturday, a police official said. The accident happened at Snail, three km from Kuddu on Tiyuni Road. The three injured, including a child, have been admitted to Rohru hospital, Shimla Superintendent of Police Omapati Jamwal said. A police team led by Jubbal Station House Officer and Swara police post in-charge is at the accident site, he added. More details awaited.last_img read more

Kejriwal hard-sells Delhi work to Haryana voters

first_imgAam Aadmi Party national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday hit out at successive governments in Haryana, saying that even after 52 years of inception of the State, the people are deprived of basic amenities as most of the roads, schools and hospitals are all in a pitiable condition.“In Haryana people are now looking forward to the Aam Aadmi Party being in government as they are fed up of all other political parties. All parties — be it the Congress, Indian National Lok Dal or the BJP — have let down the people of Haryana,” he said at a press conference here.Mr. Kejriwal said people in Haryana have seen the work of the AAP in Delhi and are optimistic that when voted to power it will work for their betterment. “We will go to the people of Haryana with our achievements in Delhi in the field of schools, hospitals, electricity, water, employment and issues pertaining to farmers and soldiers,” he added.Mohalla Clinic“I invite Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to visit a Mohalla Clinic of his choice in Delhi. I’ll be there on the border to receive him whenever he decided to come,” said Mr. Kejriwal.The Delhi CM said that while the Congress in Haryana is ridden by factionalism, the INLD is down with family infighting and the ruling BJP has failed to perform.last_img read more

Drug peddlers hand in glove with police: HC

first_imgA report by the Meghalaya High Court has suggested that illicit drugs were openly being sold in Shillong, as the peddlers connive with the State police. It also stated that students of prominent schools and colleges in the city were involved in the trade, some as traffickers and others as consumers.The HC had taken up the case based on a PIL filed by Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairperson Meena Kharkongor. Some of the schoolchildren, as young as 11 or 12, get involved in the trade, said the report, which has not been made public. “Police are not taking any action and they are in hand in hand with the peddlers,” it said.last_img read more

Surprise from the heart of Texas

first_imgA small, spine-covered plant long mistaken for similar species is a new type of flowering plant, researchers report. The prickly, weedlike plant has been dubbed Solanum cordicitum, which is derived from the Latin for “from the heart”—a wry nod to the fact that all three known specimens of the apparently rare species were discovered near the small town of Valentine, Texas. The plant grows to about 35 centimeters high, has white flowers, and is an annual, meaning it blooms once, then dies. Unlike S. cordicitum, closely related species are perennials sporting yellow flowers that are smaller and sit atop shorter stalks, the researchers report online today in the Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. The new species was discovered as part of a 5-year, $4.36 million study funded by the National Science Foundation to inventory all 1500 or so species in the Solanum genus—a diverse group that includes poisonous plants commonly known as nightshades as well as agriculturally important crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants.last_img read more