What money to open honey store

What money to open honey store

what makes money? If you are thinking about the problem, then you may wish to consider a honey stores, the investment cost of the project is low, lucrative, is a very good investment. The following small series for you to analyze what is the advantage of opening honey stores.

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How to choose the appropriate ice cream franchise chain

ice cream to join a large number of chain brands, how to choose a suitable investment in their own brand? A lot of new businesses are troubled by this problem, if you want to know the answer, then look at the small series together, we dig more business skills for you.

prepared to invest to see what the ice cream market before the brand in the local market, or whether it has no development value, so as to know their investment direction where? The next step is to look at the brand, the brand is suitable for them, should pay attention to the brand products, because the product is the core benefits, mainly mature and personality products. Second, the price of the product, the reasonable price is to make the dealer to get the best profit is an important factor. Then, is the ice cream franchise brand management capabilities. read more

Sell these things for Christmas

Christmas is a good holiday, at the same time, there are a lot of people are celebrating Christmas, Christmas is coming once a year, a lot of people are waiting patiently for the holidays, but also some people already started planning to sell what?

1, the clothing is not too cold, but Christmas hats and wide applicable people, young people and children to wear more, therefore, try to choose the new hat into, not too many similar goods.

2, like inflatable goods sell well, especially children and young people. In addition to ordinary balloon, Santa Claus, Christmas Sleigh, Christmas tree, Christmas hats, animal shaped balloons and inflatable hammers, these are the sales. read more

Online education is a New Oriental opportunity or challenge

The development of

online education, like the emergence of new things, is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for the traditional training industry, for the training giant, if properly handled, the opportunity will be greater than the challenge. Here we take the New Oriental as an example to talk about the advantages of the development of traditional training giant online education.

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Three psychological problems that must be faced in the process of starting an undertaking

success is not just a good choice to start a good project, but also have good ideas and entrepreneurial thinking. So a successful entrepreneur to avoid those bad psychological problems? First, there is no psychological preparation, followed by no idea, the last is not low-key, these three psychological problems will be barriers to entrepreneurship! Let’s see the details!

one problem: not ready for

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The following factors should be taken into account when finding the best location for the store

some people say, "wine is not afraid of deep alley", but in today’s competitive market, this sentence is not suitable. Often listen to the entrepreneurs now say the shop to do business needs to consider three conditions: the first is the location; the second is the location; the third is also the location of the importance of site selection.

1. of the Regional District, is not suitable for the industry to operate. read more

Steamed bread legendary crazy earnings

do you know Bobby buns? Do you know the story of steamed bread? Now the market is the best sales of steamed bread is Bobby bread, has become popular in the world, has become a well-known franchise projects, you know why it has such a big influence? This is to start from its founder, the following to understand the story of the rich bread.

Small business
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Wu Yajun the richest man in mainland China

every successful person, they will set a principle of doing things for yourself, in your later years, whether it is brilliant or dull, they will strictly abide by the principle of doing things on their own, which achieved success in numerous, China mainland’s richest woman: Wu runner up is so, she always stick with the dream, low-key work!

2012 Forbes global rich list released, the founder of Longhu real estate, Chongqing, to 39 billion 60 million yuan in the wealth of the Chinese mainland to defend the richest woman again in the world’s richest woman ". read more